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Tips for posting an internship/co-op position:

  • Develop a clear job description including sufficient training for a new professional in your field and business.
  • Consider the timing; many students want the internship to overlap with the semester if possible (January-May, May-August, August-December). Click here for the university's calendar.
  • Determine the hours per week needed for the student to be successful.  At NKU, internships/co-ops can be full- or part-time.
  • Select any majors you think may be related to the opportunity.
    • For example, if you hire an intern who writes newsletters, updates your website, and manages social media, you could get students from various majors: marketing, communication, general business, organizational leadership, English, psychology, and more!
    • Click here for a full list of NKU majors.
  • Plan for the supervisor to meet with the student regularly to provide ongoing communication, training, and feedback.
  • Review the Cincinnati Region Internship Toolkit, developed by the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3).