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NKU is currently transitioning from HireNKU to Handshake!

Beginning in May, Handshake will replace HireNKU.  In the meantime, HireNKU is the best place to get started when you are interested in recruiting NKU students and alumni as it is a centralized resource for all students to access.   

Postings will be reviewed before becoming available to students.  You will receive an email notification once your position is posted, usually within three business days.  If we need any additional information or clarification, we will communicate with you primarily by email.

Click the HireNKU image for the Employer Login link.

If you have ever recruited on campus, attended a career fair, etc. we may have created an account for you.  To check for an account, enter your company/organization email address and click "Find My Account" (in the dark grey box under the login boxes).  If an account exists connected to your email address, you will receive a new password via email.

  • If you are creating a new account, follow the "1stTime User?" link to Create an Account (under the login boxes).
  • You can now begin posting your available positions!
  • New accounts have limited access; you will receive an email notification once your account has been reviewed and approved (or if we need any additional information.)
  • Note: Each recruiter/representative within the company needs to have his/her own account, so you will need to register using your unique business e-mail address.

Limited access is granted by default so contact Career Services if you
wish to be granted additional access.