HireNKU: new and improved!

HireNKU was upgraded to a new platform in June 2018.  You'll see changes to the look and functionality of the system.  Here are a few of the enhancements:

  • New, updated look
  • Easier to use
  • Mobile-friendly for phones and tablets
  • Enhanced on-campus interviewing features for pre-select candidates
  • More search options for candidate profiles
    • Includes clubs, honors, leadership
    • Add skills, languages, certifications
    • Customized communication preferences

Tips for Posting Positions:

Name your position carefully. This is what will entice students to click on your opening. If it’s a co-op or internship, state this in the title (such as Marketing Co-op).

Repost monthly (for ongoing hiring). When students view job postings, the jobs appear in order of deadline date (students can choose to sort by post date, A-Z, etc.)  If you are always/frequently hiring for a particular position, we recommend posting for 30-45 days at a time, then re-posting.

Choose related majors. Students frequently search by major. The more majors you choose, the more students will see your position. Liberal arts and humanities majors should not be overlooked when targeting a student demographic.

Select classifications (junior, senior, etc.)  Most users choose junior and senior classifications, however, sophomores may be a good fit for your entry-level positions to grow into higher-level skill sets.  Most sophomores would qualify to earn co-op/internship credit.

Choose degree level, if desired.  Degrees are often a forgotten category; NKU does have associate and graduate degrees.

Determine your screening options. Indicate whether these selections should screen candidates (people who do not qualify will not be able to apply) or simply indicate your preferences (any candidate may apply).  Screening is best used for positions requiring a GPA minimum or a specific major such as Nursing.


Tips for Finding Qualified Candidates

Beyond posting your positions and waiting for students to apply, HireNKU allows you to search for qualified candidates and contact them directly.  Access to the Student Search feature is provided to employers on a limited basis - contact Career Services for more information.

Search by major: The best way to search resumes is by related major.  You will generate more results if you select more majors, for example, a Human Resources Internship might interest students in multiple majors: Human Resource Management, General Business, Communication, Organizational Leadership, and Psychology, to name a few.

Too many resumes? 
Additional search criteria will narrow your search:

  • GPA (minimum)
  • Classification (sophomore, junior, etc.)
  • Graduation date (not recommended if searching for current students as the field is often empty)
  • Work authorization (F-1 Student Visa, US Citizen, etc.) To learn more, click here.
  • Leadership experiences
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • And much more!


All positions and contact requests are reviewed by the Career Services staff.

For questions, contact us at careerservices@nku.edu or (859) 572-5680.