• Determine whether you are taking a department-based internship/co-op (examples: ACC 396, CIT 396, CMGT 301, MIN 396, PRE 396) or the campus-wide co-op (CEP 300, CEP 600).  Select the semester that corresponds to both the timeframe of your experience and the course you wish to take.
  • Have your supervisor's name, title, address, phone and email address available.
  • Get a copy of the job description from your files (or from your employer).  If you cannot locate a copy, type a paragraph or two to describe the position.
  • Create three student learning objectives (major- or minor-related educational goals) for this position. You will discuss them with your supervisor and your faculty coordinator prior to completing the online form. Be prepared to…
    • Describe the educational goal:
    • Describe how you plan to accomplish this goal:
    • Describe how and when the goal will be evaluated:
  • Once you begin the Co-op/Internship form, you must complete it; the system does not allow you to save for editing at a later time.


Sign up for Co-op/Internship Credit via HireNKU:


  1. Log in to HireNKU.  Visit and click “Current Students” to sign in with your NKU username and password.
  2. Once logged in, scroll down to the Register for Co-op/Internship Credit box and click Add Co-op
  3. From the pop-up window, select the appropriate semester and college for the co-op/internship and click Save.  Currently, only students in the Colleges of Business and Informatics are using the HireNKU Co-op/Internship form. NOTE: Arts and Sciences students seeking co-op credit (not internship credit) also use this form.
  4. Indicate the position you wish to use for the co-op/internship:
    • If you applied for the position via HireNKU, select it from the list of your applications, then click Select/Continue.
    • If the job is not listed, click Add New Job.
      • Follow the instructions on the screen to find your company/organization.
      • Select the appropriate contact person from the company’s list of contacts. If not found, your supervisor will be added as a contact.
  5. Complete the application form in its entirety.
  6. E-sign with your initials and click Save. You can check the status of your co-op/internship application at any time by clicking View My Co-op Records on the Register for Co-op/Internship Credit box.


You are responsible for ensuring that all information is filled out correctly so that the approval process is completed in a timely way. It is key to remain in good communication.


Next Steps:


Once the application has been received, your co-op/internship manager will initiate the workflow. This will generate a system email (from to your supervisor for his/her approval.  Once approved, the system will automatically send an email to your faculty coordinator, requesting approval.  Once approved by both parties, your co-op/internship manager will communicate with you about the next steps.