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Co-op/Internship Videos

Watch short videos for quick advice on seeking a co-op/internship and tips for success in the position. BE SURE TO ALSO READ INFORMATION BELOW.


Overview of Co-ops and Internships

Co-ops and internships are opportunities that combine learning with work and offer a unique experience for career exploration.  The essential component is that as you are working, you have structure and intentional objectives to learn about a career field.  These positions may be full- or part-time and short- or long-term.  Some employers have formal internship programs while others only offer internships/co-ops on an informal basis.  If you are already working in your field of study, you may be able to turn your current position into a co-op or internship.  Undergraduate and graduate students may pursue co-ops and internships.

Differences between a co-op and internship

  • co-op is a paid work experience, related to the student’s major (or minor), with academic credit earned.  The student enters into an agreement among the employer, a specific faculty member in the academic department, and Career Services staff. Co-op credit is initiated through Career Services.
  • An internship is a curricular work experience which may or may not be paid and may or may not be for academic credit.  Internship credit is arranged through the academic departments. NOTE: Not all departments grant internship credit.

Why pursue a co-op/internship?

People in an interview
  • Explore potential careers
  • Learn how to conduct a job search
  • Build work-related skills
  • Experience a “3-month interview” because you and the employer will be evaluating each other for good fit, skills and opportunities, etc.
  • Network with people in your field
  • Become more marketable for your future job search
  • Earn 300-level academic credit, typically, which counts toward your total required hours for graduation
  • Visit University Co-ops & Internships for additional information.  



Contact Career Services at or 859-572-5680.



What students are saying:

"I think that interning has made everything I learned in classes a lot easier to understand. It's easier to put things together when you see it in person."

"I think that my co-op opportunity was a very important part of my learning experience at Northern Kentucky University. The co-op opportunity has helped me gain experience in the construction industry. I feel confident that I have more knowledge to better prepare myself for full-time employment as a project manager."

"This was a great experience and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it and to be a part of this organization."


What employers are saying:

"[Our co-op student] has exceeded our expectations as a co-op especially considering that this was her first real-world work experience in her chosen field of study. She always presents herself in a professional manner and she is always on time. She is able to adapt to changes in deadlines and scope of tasks given to her quickly. I look forward to working with her this summer full time so that I can challenge her with more complex projects and give her complete ownership of processes that she currently participates in, but cannot own completely due to her part-time availability. She is a great addition to our team!"

"[This student] has been a trusted and valuable member of our financial services team. His work ethic, energy, and willingness to participate in any task has made him a sought after resource in our department. We look forward to having more of his time over the upcoming summer. If he continues to hone his skills within the financial disciplines of accounting and finance he will have a successful future in business."