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Does your department or office sponsor fee-based conferences, workshops, or seminars to the public for which advance registration is required?

Would you like enhanced professionalism and streamlined processing in your management of events?

Do you wish to offer online registration and payment to participants?

NKU Connect provides university sponsors of public events and activities the advantage of a range of support services for revenue-generating events to save your department resources and increase the professionalism of your event.

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NKU Connect Services and Fees

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Founders Hall 201
Phone: (859) 572-5600
Fax: (859) 572-5174  


NKU Connect Center provides the following services:

Internet Registration

Streamline your registration process with our secure online system. Participants register and pay online. Registrants immediately receive an e-mail acknowledging their registration, followed shortly thereafter by an e-mail confirmation of the processed registration.

Online Payment Processing

Our system accepts payment via credit card during the online registration. With SSL encryption, your attendees need not worry about the security of their credit card accounts.

Customer Service

Participants contacting NKU Connect by phone, e-mail or in person, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., reach a live person for assistance with questions and to register. Registrants may also visit NKU Connections online anytime for event detail and to register.


Strict financial oversight is maintained by reconciling event revenue and expenditures, with a performance report prepared upon completion of the event. Monetary close-out includes invoicing and initial collections, with monies deposited to department accounts through Student Account Services.

Registration Database

Registrations for attendees, guests, speakers and staff are processed via phone, Internet or mail with receipts and acknowledgements issued to attending participants without delay. Regular reports provide an accurate account of registration, class count, cancellations, outstanding invoices, etc.


Promote your event to the public through NKU Connections, the university's online schedule of public events. The monthly NKU Connections and Accelerate Newsletters are distributed via email by subscription. A special NKU Connections Educators Edition is also electronically published to Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati educators three times annually.

Program Evaluation

NKU Connect administers online questionnaires to participants and provides program sponsors with online access to the evaluation reports.

Measurement of
Promotional Effectiveness

Reports provide an accurate account of the effectiveness of targeted mailings. Program organizers can track registrants by promotional code and create more targeted mailings by analyzing the rate of return broken down by state or zip. Reports show the registration fees resulting from an individual or series of mailings and the number of registrations compared to the number of materials distributed. Measurements allow department sponsors to see the return on their investment for each dollar spent on a particular type of promotion.

Registration Table

For events with same-day registration, NKU Connect staff will ensure that registration procedures on the day of the event run smoothly. A 6'x2' registration banner with NKU logo is available.

Event Materials

We provide registration lists, sign-in sheets and name badges.


With revenue sharing co-sponsorship of an event we handle instructor recruitment and compensation, as well as manage event preparation and start-up to include the purchasing of texts and materials, reproduction of materials and manuals and setup of venue.

Support Services Fee

The NKU Connect Service Center provides NKU departments with multi-level support for department sponsored events. The support services fee is based on the level of service required for a particular event.