Instructions for completing the signature authorization form below:

(1)    The date when the form was filled out
(2)    The complete name of the Agency
(3)    The Agency Account Number (2980xxxxx)(Assigned by Office of the Comptroller)
(4)    The signature of the person who will sign the Parked Vendor Invoices along with their title, campus phone, address, and email address. (This person is usually the agency treasurer or president.)
(5)    An additional person who may also sign the Requests for Checks
(6)    The signature of the Faculty Sponsor along with their campus phone, address, and email address.

This form must be on file in the Office of the Comptroller before any requests for checks will be approved. If there is a change of officers or advisors, a new signature authorization form must be completed.

Any questions regarding this form may be addressed to ext. 5261.

TO:     A/P Specialist                                                   Date:               (1)_______________

RE:     (2)______________________                        Account #:      (3)_______________


I/We certify that the signature(s) shown below is/are authorized to approve expenditures for the organization.


Student organizations are required to have a faculty sponsor signature on file.


Organization Administrator:

Signature                           (4)____________________________________

Title                                     ______________________________________

Campus Phone/Address           ______________________________________

Email Address                         ______________________________________


Organization Administrator:

Signature                           (5)____________________________________

Title                                      ______________________________________

Campus Phone/Address           ______________________________________

Email Address                          ______________________________________


Faculty Sponsor:

Signature                                  (6)_____________________________________

Title                                          Faculty Sponsor __________________________

Campus Phone/Address           __________________________________________

Email Address                          _________________________________________


Forms can be returned to the Accounts Payable Office in AC 612, or faxed to x6471.