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Director of Research Foundation Accounting/ Grant Administration Barb Smith
(859) 572-6456 Setup/maintain grant master data in SAP, approve all Budget Entries, Journal Entries, PR Retros, invoices/financial reports, meet with PI’s, sub recipient monitoring,, F&A, tuition, SAP grant enhancements ,  grant close out
Grants & Contracts Manager       Prepare federal cash draws and federal financial reports, foundation and agency subgrants, Stream Corridor, RFDN 990, NSF Survey, RFDN QTRLY reports, NKU RCF QTRLY reports, SEFA; Review/approve purchase requisitions, travel, recode request, interdepartmental bills
Senior Grant Accountant Robert Hartbarger (859) 572-5614 Review procard transactions, review, prepare invoices/financial reports, SAP entry of journal entries and budget entries, credit balance report, maintain invoice/reporting calendar, deferred revenue, monitor accounts receivable
Senior Analyst, Budget & HR Integration Khloe Geiger (859) 572-1978

Grant payroll review/reconciliations, review grant PAR’s, set up release/reassigned time, prepare payroll retros/corrections, campus based programs, grant training, time & effort tracking, set up cost overrides