Director of Research Foundation Accounting/ Grant Administration Barb Smith
(859) 572-6456 smithba@nku.edu

Setup/maintain grant master data in SAP, approve all Budget Entries, Journal Entries, PR Retros, invoices/financial reports, meet with PI’s, sub recipient monitoring, F&A, tuition, SAP grant enhancements, grant close out


Grants & Contracts Manager Lisa Burson (859) 572-7619 bursonl@nku.edu Prepare federal cash draws and federal financial reports, foundation subgrants, Stream Corridor, RFDN 990, NSF survey, RFDN quarterly reports, NKU RCF quarterly reports
Senior Grant Accountant Robert Hartbarger (859) 572-5614 hartbarger1@nku.edu Review/approve purchase requisitions, travel & credit card transactions, review recode request, prepare invoices/financial reports, SAP entry of journal entries and budget entries, credit balance report, maintain invoice/reporting calendar, deferred revenue, monitor accounts receivable, review/approve interdepartmental bills 
Senior Analyst, Budget & HR Integration       Grant payroll review/reconciliations, review grant PAR’s, set up release/reassigned time, prepare payroll retros/corrections, campus based programs, grant training, time & effort tracking