General Education - MISSION  

The General Education Program at Northern Kentucky University guides students to become independent learners, innovative thinkers, and responsible citizens. The program gives students a foundation of values, knowledge, and skills that will empower them to discover their personal potential, communicate effectively, work in diverse communities, and solve problems in a global society. Courses in the program will invite students to expand the life-long practice of asking questions, seeking new points of view, applying principles of reason, adjusting ideas in relation to new situations, and taking reflective action.

Foundation of Knowledge (FOK)

Through Foundation of Knowledge (FOK) our students are beginning the journey to understand, value and embrace the multicultural tapestry that is Foundation of Knowledge and to define themselves as distinctive NKU Graduates who:

  • Thinks Critically
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Reasons Scientifically
  • Frames Philosophically
  • Express Artistically




Summer 2018, we had 50 faculty volunteers attend the General Education Assessment - Summer Scoring Workshop. 

  • Over 1300 artifacts were collected from both fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters.
  • There was a session for calibration of the rubrics to the artifacts.
  • Each faculty scored anywhere from 25-75 artifacts over the course of the day.