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Please make sure you have followed the naming convention for your files:

Naming the: Assignment File

    1. Save and name a clean copy of your Assignment as follows:
      1. CourseID-Assignment_SLO (being assessed)

Example:         ENG101_002 -Assignment_SLO_C1_C2_C3

Note:  If you have more than one assignment being assessed in one course, please identify the SLO that is being assessed in each specific assignment.

Example:         ENG101_002-Assignment_SLO_C1


Naming the: Student’s Artifact File

    1. Save and name the student’s artifact file as follows:

Example:        Random#_CourseID_Student_Name_(SLO to be Assessed)

Note:  If you have more than one SLO being assessed on one students submission, please identify all SLOs being assessed.

Example:         CC678246_CMST101_002_Erica_Norse_A1-C1_C2_C3

                              WC678246_ENG101_ 001_Erick_Norse_C1-C2-C3W


  1. Click on Submit Assignment in the upper right hand side of the screen.  It will open a new window for you to upload your files.
      • Click on choose file and search your computer to find the files you need
      • Click on the file and click open.  This adds the file to a list.
  2. To add another file click “ Add Another File” and the go through steps 1 and 2 to upload all assignment files and all student files.

  3. Click Submit Assignment after you have added all the necessary files

You do have until the Wednesday after Final Grades are due so you can upload assignments early and then upload student work as you receive it or wait and do it all at one time.