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A student at Northern Kentucky University shall not: 

  1. Engage in any conduct involving academic deceit, dishonesty, or misrepresentation. 
  2. Give, receive, or use unauthorized or prohibited information, resources, or assistance on an examination, assignment, or graduation requirement. 
  3. Commit plagiarism on any examination, assignment or graduation requirement (including those involving use of the web, internet or other electronic resources). 
  4. Write, take, research, develop, prepare, or create an examination, assignment, or graduation requirement for another student, in whole or in part. 
  5. Submit an examination, assignment, or graduation requirement written, taken, researched, developed, prepared, or created by another person, in whole or in part. 
  6. Submit an examination, assignment, or graduation requirement that the student has or will submit for credit in another course, without express approval from the professors in each of the courses. 
  7. Prevent or interfere with the use by other students of any library, laboratory, studio, field, or other course-related resource. 
  8. Damage or impair any library, laboratory, studio, field, or other course-related resources or another student's completed assignments.

NKU’s Student Honor Code

A student who violates one of the previous slide’s provisions will be identified to the Department Chair, Program Director, Academic Dean, and Dean of Students.  

a. For the first violation, any one or a combination of the

    i.    Faculty imposed sanction(s) as outlined in the course syllabus;      

    ii.   An oral admonition or reprimand; 

    iii.  A written admonition or reprimand; 

     iv.  A reduction in the grade or a grade of "F" in the course, examination, or assignment 

    v.  Expulsion from the course. 

    vi. Academic Departmental Procedure

b. For multiple violations of the above provisions, where suspension or expulsion from the University may be warranted, the case will be referred to the Dean of Students Office. 

Student Honor Code: Cheating & Plagiarism 

The information below is taken directly from the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

A course instructor who has sufficient information to believe that a student has violated the Honor Code shall notify the student within five (5) working days from the date of discovery of the alleged violation unless extenuating circumstances apply. 

The instructor may take action as described above and shall report the incident and sanctions in writing within five (5) working days to the student, Department Chair or Program Director, and Academic Dean or Vice Provost.

An instructor is not required to report the incident or take any action if, in his/her professional judgment, the student's conduct should be dealt with outside the Honor Code as an academic or administrative matter, and the conduct is so dealt with promptly. 

Chase College of Law Honor Code

The Chase College of Law Honor Code can be found here: 

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