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Box 1

3 December 1888 - 2 August 1875 - Very brittle, book in poor condition without cover boards. Contains 373 records of temporary vault interment. Records list the name of the deceased, the date the remains were placed in the vault, and the date they were removed for permanent burial. The records are arranged by date.

Box 2

5 October 1903 - 30 December 1930 - Interment book arranged by burial date. The records list the name of the deceased, the grave location, if the deceased was white or black, and if the grave is large or small. A label affixed to the front cover denotes the volume as "Book #5 Interments".

Box 3

ca. 1840 - ca. 1930 - Ledger book in very poor condition. Contains grave listings and lot numbers arranged in roughly alphabetical order by last name.

Box 4

ca. 1845 - ca. 1930 - Ledger book in poor condition containing lot purchases arranged in roughly alphabetical order.

ca. 1880 - ca. 1922 - Ledger book in very poor condition. The cover is stamped "colored interments" in gold lettering. The interments are arranged by rows, with 27 rows in all.

Box 5

ca. 1860 - ca. 1935 - Ledger book in very poor condition containing interment records in order by row, section and lot number. Unoccupied gravesites are listed as vacant. Many of the dates are incomplete due to the loss of crumbling page edges.

Box 6

n.d. - Ledger book in very poor condition containing records of lot sales. Owners of lots and lot sizes and locations are arranged by cemetery section. No dates are provided, though many sales are noted as paid with the deed given to the owner.

Box 7

Folder 1

Loose pages with lot sales records. Random dates can be seen in the top left corners. Sheets in very brittle condition, and a set of photocopies is included.

Folder 2

28 January 1908 - 14 January 1930 - Ledger book of interment listings including a row designated as colored. Listed by rows and arranged in chronological order.

Folder 3

ca. 1845 - ca. 1905 - Dated book of interments in roughly alphabetical order initially, but completed in chronological order. Some are designated as colored interments.

Folder 4

Handwritten notes on Linden Grove interments that are in no discernible order. Some documents contain names and dates with the Linden Grove Cemetery letterhead.

Folder 5

Miscellaneous loose pages with Linden Grove interments. Some pages are dated, but are in no discernible order.

Folder 6

ca. 1880 - ca. 1900 - Softbound ledger book in very poor condition containing an alphabetical listing of interments. Burial dates and grave locations are given.

Folder 7

1860-1910 - Loose pages from a ledger book of interments. The burials are listed in roughly chronological order.

Box 8

Folder 8

1912-1924 - Interment records for each year handwritten in twelve volumes of blank books provided by the State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Folder 9

1860-1920 - Various loose pages from ledger books.

Folder 10

1870-1940 - Various loose records.

Folder 11

Folder with sheet music and lyrics for "A Song Remembered". 8 Pages

Folder 12

Loose correspondence found in the front of the ledger book in Box 2.

Folder 13

Various typed and handwritten correspondence regarding Margaret Hartman and genealogical research in Linden Grove Cemetery records.

Folder 14

31 May 1954 - News clipping from the Kentucky Times-Star titled, "Soldier of Revolution Honored" and on the reverse the article reads, "Cemetery is scene of neglect." Authors unknown.

Box 9

Folder 15

Two typed listings of gravestone markers in no particular order. Names, family members (relations), dates and any epitaphs are listed. The first set of listings is numbered 1-60 and the second set is numbered 61-105.

Folder 16

Several copies of the Plat of Linden Grove Cemetery (map), including a transparency.

Folder 17

Brown plastic bound book of tombstones in Linden Grove Cemetery. Typed black pages, inner page reads, "Given to the Filson Club by the Historical Committee of the Society of Colonial Dames in America in Kentucky, December 1940."

Folder 18

Various typed and handwritten correspondence between Vance Trimble and William Trimble regarding a newspaper article to be written in the Kentucky Post and Times-Star. Several typed pages including permission for the Christopher Gist Historical Society to clean up Linden Grove Cemetery. Folder includes some miscellaneous Gist Society papers.

Folder 19

Various legal correspondence.