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Below you will find a list of all citation violations that are issued by our department, as well as the campus police. Violations that are marked with a (CV) can receive a courtesy void once per semester as long as the citation recipient has a current permit.

Citations that are not paid within ten (10) business days of issuance will receive a $16.00 late fee. Citations can be appealed in the Parking Portal as long as they are not in late status, but a failed appeal will add a $3.50 fee.

If a vehicle parks in a reserved spot or has three or more citations in late status, it will be subject to immobilization. Once a vehicle is immobilized, the boot will not be removed until the balance is paid in full.

A hold is placed on a student’s account once they have an outstanding balance with NKU Parking Services of $100.00 or more. Once a hold is placed on your account, it will NOT be released until the entire balance is paid in full.


Violation Type Base Price
No Parking Permit (CV) $45.00
Expired Permit (CV) $45.00
Nonpayment of Garage Fees (CV) $20.25
Improper Display of Permit $0.00 - Warning
20 Minute Zone $45.00
Parked in Aisleway $45.00
Parked in Grass / Sidewalk / Shoulder $45.00
Using Two Stalls $45.00
Improper Driving $50.00
Out of Zone $55.00
Parked in Fire Lane
No Parking Zone $55.00
Parked in Service Area
Parked in Loading Zone $55.00
Unauthorized Use of Permit $70.00
Immobilizer Fee $96.00
Parked in Reserved Spot $106.00
Damaged Boot $90.00
Parked in Handicap Spot $186.00
Defaced / Altered / Reproduced Permit
Removal of Boot $239.00