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Below you will find a list of all citation violations that are issued by our department, as well as the campus police. Violations that are marked with a (CV) can receive a courtesy void once per semester as long as the citation recipient has a current permit.

Citations that are not paid within ten (10) business days of issuance will receive a $10 late fee. Citations can be appealed in the Parking Portal as long as they are not in late status, but a failed appeal will add a $2.50 fee.

If a vehicle parks in a reserved spot or has three or more citations in late status, it will be subject to immobilization. Once a vehicle is immobilized, the boot will not be removed until the balance is paid in full.

Violation Type Base Price
No Parking Permit (CV) $40.00
Expired Permit (CV) $40.00
Nonpayment of Garage Fees (CV) $18.75
Improper Display of Permit $0.00 - Warning
20 Minute Zone $40.00
Parked in Aisleway $40.00
Parked in Grass / Sidewalk / Shoulder $40.00
Using Two Stalls $40.00
Improper Driving $50.00
Out of Zone $55.00
Parked in Fire Lane
No Parking Zone $55.00
Parked in Service Area
Parked in Loading Zone $55.00
Unauthorized Use of Permit $65.00
Immobilizer Fee $70.00
Parked in Reserved Spot $90.00
Damaged Boot $90.00
Parked in Handicap Spot $160.00
Defaced / Altered / Reproduced Permit
Removal of Boot $225.00

Parking Citation Write-Off Procedure - Non-Faculty/Staff/Student

I. Policy Statement

The Department of Parking Services, in association with the Office of the Comptroller, will use internal and external methods to recover outstanding balances for issued parking citations. Once a balance, citations(s,) have aged beyond two (2) fiscal years they will be deemed uncollectable. Upon being deemed uncollectable, they will be written-off by the Office of Parking Services.

This procedure does not apply to citations issued to NKU Faculty/Staff/Students. These accounts write-offs are handled separately.

II. Authorization

The authorization to write-off accounts receivable balances are as follows:

  1. Accounts, beyond two (2) fiscal years old, will be recommended for write-off by the “Director of Parking Services” with final approval from the “Director of Business Operations and Auxiliary Services.

  2. Any other classification of write-off will be considered extraordinary and require the following approval process:

  • Recommended – Director of Parking Services

  • Reviewed and Endorsed – Director of Business Operations

  • Reviewed and Endorsed – University Comptroller

  • Reviewed/Final Approval – Chief Financial Officer

III. Bankruptcy Discharge

As required by US Bankruptcy Code, when NKU becomes aware that it is a named creditor in a bankruptcy action filed by a patron, NKU will cease all enforcement efforts against the patron for unpaid parking citations for as long as the bankruptcy action is pending. Upon notification of discharge of bankruptcy, the patron’s unpaid parking citations will be written-off through the course of the fiscal year by the Director of Business Operations and Auxiliary Services. Documentation of bankruptcy filing and discharge will be maintained in the Parking Services business office.