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NKU Students, Staff, and Faculty will use their NKU credentials to log in, and then can update their vehicle information and order a standard permit. After completing the order, your permit will be available for pickup at the Parking Services office in the Welcome Center.

Visitor Permits

Please visit our Visitor Parking page for information on where to park and purchasing printable permits for using the surface lots.

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deductions

If you are a current Faculty/Staff member and do not plan to renew your permit, it is your responsibility to contact Human Resources ( to stop any further payroll deductions from occurring.


Student Parking Rates

Permit Rate
Semester Only
Full Academic Year (Fall-Summer) $256.00
Summer 2020 $63.00


Faculty/Staff Parking Rates

Permit Type
Base Price Pay Periods per Year Deduction per Pay Period
Full-Time Monthly $355 12 $29.58
Full-Time Monthly $355 10 $35.50
Full-Time Biweekly $355 26 $13.65
Part-Time Monthly $195
12 $16.25
Part-Time Biweekly $195 26
Temp Staff (Not Eligible for Payroll Deduction) $195    
Reserved Monthly $750
Reserved Monthly $750 10 $75.10
Reserved Biweekly $750 26 $28.88
Part-Time Faculty
(Teaching 9 hrs. or less)
$74 Fall & Spring $37