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Purchase a Permit

NKU Students, Staff, and Faculty will use their NKU credentials to log in, and then can update their vehicle information and order a standard permit. 

Fall Permit Sales

Fall permits are available for sale July 5th. We are encouraging everyone to purchase your parking permit online through the use of a computer or smartphone. All new fall permits ordered online can be picked up in the office or mailed. Choosing to order your permit online will save you time. If you order online before September 2, 2022 your permit can be mailed out to you. Permits ordered for pick-up can be picked up from the Parking Office immediately after they are ordered, please have your receipt ready at pick-up. Please follow the link to order your parking permit now:

Order Permit

Students who ordered a permit and are waiting on delivery will not be cited for "No Parking Permit" through September 10th. If you have not received your permit by this date please contact parking services. After September 10th all vehicles will be required to have a physical permit in vehicle. Do not park in garages, faculty/staff or reserved lots while awaiting delivery.

Faculty/Staff Permits 

Permits are now available for sale online. Permits can be picked up in the parking office immediately after being ordered. Permits can also be mailed until September 2nd. Reserved, Lot N, or Lot C pass holders do not need to renew their permits, they do not expire.

Order Permit

If you are a current Faculty/Staff member and do not plan to renew your permit, please contact our office.

Please visit our Visitor Parking page for information on where to park and purchasing printable permits for using the surface lots.

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deductions

If you are a current Faculty/Staff member and do not plan to renew your permit, please contact our office.


*Rates are subject to change per fiscal year.


Student Parking Rates

Permit Rate
Semester Only
Full Academic Year (Fall-Summer) $261.00
Summer  $64.00


Faculty/Staff Parking Rates

*Faculty/Staff rates are subject to change when the board approved fee schedule is released.

Permit Type
Base Price Pay Periods per Year Deduction per Pay Period
Full-Time Monthly $404 12 $33.67
Full-Time Monthly $404 10 $40.40
Full-Time Biweekly $404 26 $15.54
Part-Time Monthly $199
12 $16.59
Part-Time Biweekly $199 26
Temp Staff Part-Time (Not Eligible for Payroll Deduction) $199    
Temp Staff Full-Time (Not Eligible for Payroll Deduction) $404    
Reserved Monthly $852
Reserved Monthly $852 10 $85.20
Reserved Biweekly $852 26 $32.77
Part-Time Faculty
(Teaching 9 hrs. or less)
$76 Fall & Spring $38.00