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Purchase a Permit

NKU Students, Staff, and Faculty will use their NKU credentials to log in, and then can update their vehicle information and order a standard permit. 

Student Spring 2024 Permit Sales

Spring permits are available for sale starting December 1, 2023. We are encouraging everyone to purchase their parking permit online through the use of a computer or smartphone.  Choosing to order your permit online will save you time.  Permits ordered online can be picked up from the Parking Office immediately after they are ordered, please have your receipt ready at pick-up. Please follow the link to order your parking permit now:

Order Permit

If you are a new student and have trouble logging in, please email your username and/or student ID number to to get set-up.


Faculty/Staff 2023-2024 Permits 

Faculty/Staff permits for the new fiscal year will become available as soon as the new fee schedule has been posted.

All currently active permits that are set to expire June 30, 2023 for Faculty/Staff will continue to be valid in the surface lots until the new permits are available. Please continue to use the current Faculty/Staff permits until the new permits are available to avoid any citations. 

Order Permit


Faculty/Staff Payroll Deductions

Permits on payroll deduction will automatically be charged each month. If an employee elects not to order a parking permit it is that employee’s responsibility to contact Parking Services and the parking deduction will be ended.  If you wish to stop your current deductions, please return your permit to our office.  Retroactive refunds will not be offered for failure to cancel parking. 

*Rates are subject to change per fiscal year.


Student Parking Rates

*For discounted classification rates or questions please contact our office.

Permit Rate
Semester Only
Full Academic Year (Fall-Summer) $286.00
Summer  $70.00


Faculty/Staff Parking Rates

*Faculty/Staff rates are subject to change when the board approved fee schedule is released.

Permit Type
Base Price Pay Periods per Year Deduction per Pay Period
Full-Time Monthly $429 12 $35.75
Full-Time Monthly $429 10 $42.90
Full-Time Biweekly $429 26 $16.50
Part-Time Monthly $211
12 $17.58
Part-Time Biweekly $211 26
Temp Staff Part-Time (Not Eligible for Payroll Deduction) $211    
Temp Staff Full-Time (Not Eligible for Payroll Deduction) $429    
Reserved Monthly $903
Reserved Monthly $903 10 $90.30
Reserved Biweekly $903 26 $34.73
Part-Time Faculty - Per Year
(Teaching 9 hrs. or less)
$80  Per Semester $40.00