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When requesting a new vendor to be setup in SAP, please use the form located on the right of this page and be sure to include company name, address, fax and phone numbers.

We will be happy to attain all other information necessary to setup and pay the vendor.  We can setup a vendor in SAP once we have a Federal Tax ID number, but we must obtain the additional information before we can pay a vendor.

Depending upon the vendor's responsiveness to our request, the setup process can be completed very quickly or could take an extended amount of time.

When requesting an employee vendor setup, select NKU employee reimbursement from the "Vendor type" drop down box. 

For individual vendors or student reimbursement/awards, please be sure to include social security number and signature of the individual/student certifying the accuracy of the information.

Per external audit requirements, all vendor setup forms must be signed by the department head of the requesting department before we can add the vendor to SAP.