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Making Your Dreams a Reality

TRIO Student Support Services provides motivated first-generation college students from moderate and low-income families with resources and services that will assist them to stay in school, do well in school, and graduate.

Funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, SSS at NKU is designed to increase the academic performance, retention and graduation rates of participants. 

Jozie Banas

Bringing my Dream to Life

I was connected with SSS in high school through one of the programs called Upward Bound. I knew I wanted to continue working with this group into my college career. I enrolled in University 101 with Anita and I connected with her from the beginning. Now I go to her with any problem and sometimes just to talk. Working with SSS I have realized just how important the connections you make with people really are.

Through the scholarships that SSS offers I was able to bring my dream to life and study abroad a couple of times. The Scholarships have helped me pay for tuition, making it possible for me to use the grants I receive to get a larger room. The people in SSS have really pushed me to do what I need to do and apply myself.

Jozie Banas