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2020 Uppreciation
Recognition prior to Jan 2021
Rochelle Shields and 
Staff of University Housing
Rochelle and her co-workers have worked countless hours to coordinate students in housing who are required to isolate or quarantine. This means arranging meal delivery and sometimes, coordinating a room change for the student so roommates are kept safe. These issues are not confined to the usual work hours so many after hours emails, texts and phone calls were done to ensure that students received the necessary services. Thanks to the Housing staff for all you have done this semester for NKU students!
Sheila Rubin
I am new in my role at NKU. Sheila Rubin not only has assured my success by providing me with resources, assistance, and efficiency, but she has also done so with optimism and professionalism. She, too, has taken on a new role within the College of Education as the Budget Officer. As she has worked to learn her job, she has supported me as I learn mine. I appreciate her commitment to others' success; she uses her gifts of encouragement and historical knowledge to pave the way for our college to move forward. She also has mentored graduate assistants, other staff, and our new assistant to the dean. All of this she does with a willing attitude and smile. I appreciate her so much and am pleased for the opportunity to share how impactful she has been for me personally, and more broadly, for our college. We love and are thankful for Sheila!
Katherine Colborn
Katherine is a part-time instructor in Visual Arts. For the past two semesters, she has been teaching drawing classes online in a virtual course that she developed herself. While many full time tenured professors get release time or grants to develop a course, Katherine did it while maintaining another job (or two) and teaching another class as well. Despite the challenges, her students have produced outstanding work due to Katherine's dedication and excellent teaching. She is hands down one of the best teachers we have ever had, and deserves recognition for her contribution to student learning. We are so fortunate to have her teaching at NKU.
Lynn Crane
Lynn is my go to person whenever I have questions about advising students. She consistently provides detailed and thoughtful responses to my questions. Lynn is also a kind and generous person. I feel very fortunate to work with such a wonderful colleague.
Adrianne Lane
This is my first semester at NKU and I took over coordinating a course that Adrianne developed and coordinated before she retired and started working adjunct. She is teaching one of the sections and has been amazing in sharing information with me about the course and how to be successful as the coordinator. We have e-mailed many times, met on Zoom and talked on the phone. She truly is a special person to help someone new get acclimated to the course and NKU. I truly appreciate her.
John Zappa
   I have been on sabbatical for the Fall Semester, 2020. John Zappa, a non-renewable lecturer, was asked to take over my responsibilities in the Music Department as the area coordinator for the Jazz Studies degree program. He was also tasked with finding new and innovative ways to keep the students in the various performing ensembles engaged throughout the semester. He organized a recording project that featured all of the groups. Not only did John formulate a method for the recording process, he also mixed, mastered and produced it and distributed it to the faculty, university, and community. John normally teaches a class overload and this semester was no different. John received no additional compensation for his leadership and hard work for the students and faculty. On top of all of this, John developed online methods of instruction that have been adopted by other members of the faculty. He also served on committees and participated in faculty meetings. John has once again proven he is an invaluable addition to the NKU Faculty as a whole. I am pleased to recommend him for a formal acknowledgement from the NKU Staff Congress.
Scott Barton
Scott Barton is an outstanding employee and even better co-worker. He is always willing to lend a hand, or an ear, to help out and not only is he compassionate and down to earth, he is also 100% Genuine!
Scott Barton, you're the real deal! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and longevity!  
This year, the CINSAM team has pulled out all the stops to adapt their work for our changing circumstances at NKU and across our region. There have been so many unknowns that you had to work around or through, and you have done it with aplomb and without complaint. I have been amazed at how well your efforts have paid off (STEM at Home, STEM Peer Mentors, STEM Conference, SCI 110, iSTP and more).
   Your efforts are a perfect manifestation of NKU's innovative, student-centered, and community engaged spirit. Keep up the fantastic work!
Maureen Krebs
Maureen Krebs is the assistant to the dean in the college of Health & Human Services. She is adept at almost any function involving a computer, email, Zoom meeting, web cam, printer, or even a pencil and paper! She is smart, capable, kind and caring and laughs a lot. She is generous with her time and talents, and again - is always ready to see the softer, even humorous side of almost everything. She is a joy to work with and for. I suspect the Dean and our whole College would agree.
Jordan Wilson
University Housing
Jordan has been working until the brakes fell off and she is still pushing. She is thoughtful, intelligent, thorough, and protective of our student staff when we feel they sometimes aren't advocated for. I cheer her on any time she crosses my mind and when/if she leaves us, I don't know what I'll do!
Ashish Vaidya
I appreciate the time, process and consideration you have put forth in your recommendation to the Board of Regents regarding the pension plan. I did not realize the full measure of the anxiety it was causing me until after the Board of Regents made their decision. It was such a relief to finally hear the decision I had been hoping for. I also appreciate you sharing how you came to your decision and all that went into it. I feel that this is an end and a beginning…an end to not knowing what to expect, and a beginning of working through how it will impact NKU and Kentucky’s ongoing pension issues. But, I am at least hopeful, yes, I believe HOPEFUL is the feeling that has replaced the anxiety - I am hopeful for a better future for myself, NKU employees, NKU students, and NKU in general. I am hopeful and appreciate U for that!
Felicia Share
Felicia goes above and beyond as the coordinator in the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement, keeping us organized, answering faculty questions, wrangling all the complicated components necessary
for the successful coordination and implementation of the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project, and the myriad of responsibilities that go along with coordinating this important office on campus. Her positive attitude, flexibility, and unending support of students and faculty are immeasurable and greatly appreciated. :)  
Chad Ogle
Terri Williams
Chad & Terri continuously go above and beyond to help all of Academic Affairs run seamlessly. Their dedication is evident on a daily basis, and they work so well as a team to address the many questions and issues that come their way from all of the colleges across campus. During our transition to remote work, they kept everyone updated regularly and shared ways to help make our work easier and more efficient.
Thank you both!!  
Dave Groeschen
Dave was integral in getting two members of Staff Congress access to technology so they could attend meetings more easily. Removing that barrier was so important in getting staff access and it could not have happened if it weren't for Dave. He secured laptops and worked with the staff in setting them up so they could use them for Staff Congress meetings and committee meetings. I really appreciated how fast everything came together and Dave's clear communication on the process. He rocks and I appreciate him.
-Dave provides great IT support at the Tech Bar. He responses to emails quickly and works to help ensure that everyone's technology is working smoothly and correctly. Thanks Dave!
Chartwells Staff
The Chartwells staff has been working since March to feed our students that having been living on campus. They have not stopped service in the residence halls. They have also worked closely with the union staff to make sure the union was a safe place for students, faculty and staff to obtain food during the Fall semester. Thank you Chartwells.
Staci Greene
Staci has been a critical resource in NKU's response to the pandemic especially with regards to IT supporting the campus. She has led a great team and has been on campus most days to help us keep the campus running and to assist faculty, staff and students in their technology needs
Theresa Westlund
Going above and beyond with supporting the the NKU teams relative to HR and EOY requirements. Theresa has been instrumental and made a major difference.
All Facilities and Grounds personnel
Every year I am blown away by the hard work and professionalism of NKU's Facilities and Grounds maintenance personnel.They endlessly toil to keep our offices, hallways, bathrooms and the campus itself clean, neat, and beautiful. And not only do they do it professionally, but they also do it with cheer and collegiality.
Even in this difficult time they have been there. Thanks folks. It means a lot.
Operations and Maintenance Custodial floor care
plumbers HVAC electrical power plant  
During this time of covid this department has been working on campus every day putting our health at risk to be here for the few that are still here on campusThis bunch of people are the most dedicated workers you will find and still doing it with a smile even if u cant see it with the masks on.
Kristin Hornsby
I would like to recognize Kristin for her efforts in helping to lead the School-Based Scholars (SBS) program. In addition to her many duties working with UPAC, Kristin splits her time with the School-Based Scholars office and has been a rockstar with our students and faculty during this COVID year. Thanks to her creativity, we now have phenomenal orientation modules for our students and faculty to adjust to the SBS program. She's also been instrumental in developing our marketing, events, and social media for the program. Despite any challenges that arise in our office and even though we've been remote for the better part of the year, I can always count on her to be there and support me/our team each day. I'm very thankful to have her on the SBS team.  
Allison Schmidt
Allison’s work with FUEL has been transformational. She works tirelessly to support the needs of our students and ensure that none of them go hungry.    Allison’s efforts have increased the presence and donations to FUEL at a time when our students need it most. She collaborates with community agencies and groups to get products and food donated that are distributed to students in need. Allison also provides confidential support to students serving as a mentor and trusted resource for students from all backgrounds.    Her efforts are done quietly and often anonymously but she makes a positive impact on campus every day. She should be recognized for her efforts to create a strong and supportive community.
John Petrie
John is so helpful at the IT Help Desk. He always takes his time to answer all my questions and to ensure that I understand how my technology works. Most recently, I was called out of town for an emergency and John helped me set-up my mobile workstation and provided a listening ear. Thanks John for making 6911 a less scary number to call!
Tina Gaskins

Tina Gaskins a 17year plus employee is a asset to the NKU university and beyond. Tina works in the custodial services department .She has the ability to exceed in her work and is a team player. Tina has a good relationship with her co-workers and, she is as well- great at her job. God Bless

- Tina is one of the kindest, most hard-working people I have met at NKU. As a custodian on our floor in Landrum, she is constantly looking for ways to help everyone--faculty, students, and other staff. She is always going above and beyond to do anything that will make our life on the fifth floor a little bit better. During COVID, Tina worked to make our work environment safe. She was the last person I saw before I headed home in March--she was working away, risking her own health to keep others safe. In addition she looks after the little things - the plant someone has forgotten on break that she keeps watered and alive. She is also our "eyes and ears" on the floor for anything that seems strange or out of place - when I have to work late at night I always feel safer when I know Tina is there, because she is looking out for everyone. I hope NKU will look out for her too by recognizing her excellent work and dedication.  

Brooke Moore and Christy Blackburn
Health Counseling and Student Wellness
I want to recognize and thank Brooke Moore and Christy Blackburn, the front office staff at Health Counseling and Student Wellness. These two have worked so hard to support our counselors and Nurses to communicate information and support us with the transition to working remotely. They have worked tirelessly to support our faculty, staff and students who need to connect with counseling and nursing services. They have been flexible adapting to multiple changes, sometimes daily changes. Briefly working remotely from home answering the phones, and switching back to working full time in the office, all the while making the technology work so that the calls go through and are answered and supported. They are both always so concerned with meeting the needs of our students and making sure that services, including emergency services, are available for students the second they reach out. They have been working full time at HCSW front desk potentially exposing themselves to the COVID 19 virus in order to be present and to connect students to the services they need. They deserve all the recognition for their hard work and dedication.
Kathy Molique
Chase Law
Kathy has always been the calm, "go to" person when you need help, but during COVID these qualities have never been more important. Kathy has been asked to stretch outside of her comfort zone so often with new technologies and processes, and I have not heard any complaints from her. She is genuinely someone the team counts on when we need help.
Jennifer Richmond
Career Services
Jennifer went above and beyond in her support of my class. She helped me brainstormed for ways to follow up with each student's resume assignment, even though this added more work for her and her office. The feedback from my students have been very positive and I believe it is due in no small part to Jennifer's patience and support.
Rhett Clark
mail room
Rhett made my day by being so kind and helpful yesterday. All of the mail room staff has been so accommodating during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have understood the importance of HCSW getting deliveries on time of supplies, vaccines, and COVID testing supplies. They call if we have a delivery. It is just so nice to work with a team that is pleasant and kind. It has been difficult to work on campus when so many other folks are virtual. Having Rhett and his crew work with us and in such a kind manner has
not gone unnoticed. Thanks everyone in the mail room!
Center for Student Excellence

The Center for Student Excellence (CSE) is responsible for all of the Advising, Career Coaching, and Professional Development of the 1700 College of Business students. Throughout the pandemic they have taught BUS 101 and 201, switching between F2F and hybrid, while advising hundreds of students. Directors, in conjunction with Advisors, the Coordinator and several Student Assistants initiated a Mentoring and Micro Internship program for URM and 1st Gen students and hosted the Momentum Summit connecting over 300 students with alumni and representatives from 20 area employers during 7 virtual, interactive sessions.The members of the Center are responsible for recruitment and retention of students and have created and held Zoom recruiting events, multiple direct mail (USPS) campaigns, a social media meme contest and countless email campaigns to
encourage on-going re-enrollment.They have not stopped through any of this. One of the Advisors even tested positive for COVID during all of this and did not miss even one hour of work. I kid you not, three members of this Center GAVE BIRTH TO SONS (not on campus!) during 2020! All the other members picked up the slack so the Moms could enjoy their newborns during maternity leave without worrying about their responsibilities at NKU. Teamwork and dedication just barely touch the surface of this groups commitment to NKU, the Haile/US Bank College of Business and, most importantly, to our students.They fulfill the meaning of excellence every day, tirelessly and deserve our thanks and recognition. Thanks for making this honor available!  

Angela Calhoun

Angela is a wonderful collaborator when it comes to supporting students on their road to graduation. In my advising capacity, I work collaboratively with Angela multiple times a week to troubleshoot issues on students' records (GPA, duplicate courses, degree audit, issues declaring minors/focus areas). These small changes make a SIGNIFICANT impact on students' experiences. She always makes herself available via Teams chat and email. In particular, I'd like to acknowledge Angela's hard work in actualizing the new repeat policy and giving careful attention to how retroactive application would negatively or positively impact students.
On the whole, I'd like to thank the entire registrar's office for all they do, and especially all they did in spring semester in administering the pass/fail option. The volume of work the registrar team handles is immense, and it's noticed! There have been immense enhancements in communication and processes over the last two years, spearheaded by registrar’s office staff. It's truly a pleasure working with you all!
Sarah Eastburn
She is a terrific team asset, a team player that makes sacrifices for her coworkers, someone that works high above her paygrade, and someone that puts up with very hard days with a smile and a giggle! She's one of the highlights of my day, and I'm incredibly lucky to work with her!
Suk hee Kim  
Dr. Suk hee Kim has went above and beyond to help me succeed in the Social Work Program at NKU. Not only did she think of me for a research assistantship with her study this year, she also agreed to be my MSW Field supervisor for my MSW internship when I could not find anywhere else to go due to COVID. She has always been there for me and is always willing to help me with anything I need. Dr. Kim has left a lasting impression on me and is a big reason for my continued success and opportunities at NKU. I think everyone should know how vital Dr. Kim is to her students, faculty, and entire NKU community. NKU is very blessed to have her as an educator and mentor.
Eduardo Trujillo
Ed Trujillo has always been the epitome of patient, knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. He’s been instrumental in my ability to teach and research with technology for years. And since the pandemic, his help has been extremely valuable and, quite frankly, essential to my ability to do my job as well as possible. He is an amazing colleague and deserves profound thanks and special recognition.
Maureen Doyle  
Maureen is passionate about recruitment and retention. While this is only a very small portion of her job as department chair of the largest department in the College of Informatics, she takes time to focus on it. She is always open to new ideas and supportive with helping with any activity, event or initiative. Maureen actually has MANY wonderful ideas and provides research to support her ideas too. She practices what she preaches and will jump right in to help along side her faculty in her department. Maureen encourages all of her faculty to be involved in recruitment and retention. I find that her faculty are quick to volunteer for recruitment events. When I think of someone who truly cares about students, Maureen comes to mind. She is a pleasure to work with and cares about her faculty, students and the staff well-being in the college. Maureen works to create and foster and environment that helps students to be successful. I'm so appreciative to have an ally who is willing to work with me and support me in my role. THANK YOU for
all that you do, Maureen!  
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda Kilmer represents the ideals that I have come to appreciate at NKU. She works tirelessly to ensure students are listened to and supported in their academic endeavours, taking the extra step to connect students with a person rather than just a website/office. She looks for options and opportunities that have made the difference between graduating or having to 'sit out'. If there is a way, she will find it. She is willing to share selflessly of her knowledge, experience and resources--often foregoing any recognition for her hard work, but instead encouraging and showing appreciation
for the other individual's efforts. She cares more about helping a student then being recognized for her commitment and labor towards student access and completion. As an advisor, she is easily in the top 5 on campus and number one in my estimation. She has the historical knowledge of where to find obscure information that may help a transfer student make the best use of their existing credits and the network to help incoming students make tough decisions about how to incorporate a secondary area of focus. As faculty, she is keenly aware of our students needs and provides a student - centered approach to building courses that help our students apply what they've learned in the 'real world'. I cannot say enough about what a treasure she is to our community and how she has transformed my ability to advise and teach in our department. We are all richer for having her in our campus community. It is for these reasons and many more related to collegiality and student success, that I strongly recommend her for recognition.
I want to appreciate the NKU facilities employees who have done an incredible job this year keeping our spaces clean, beautiful, well-stocked, and safe for everyone. You all have always do this, but this year, you've been working in difficult situations as our essential workers. Thank you very much!
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda Kilmer is the Organizational Leadership Program Coordinator. Along with our Program Director and Dept. Chair, Amanda works tirelessly for the benefit of our program's students, wearing three 'hats' to successfully balance administrative responsibilities with her teaching and advising responsibilities. From recruitment and admission through graduation, Amanda supports Organizational Leadership students tirelessly, guiding them through the unknown, directing them to resources as needed, helping them to understand the path toward degree completion, and assisting them in finding the most beneficial and direct path possible for each student. Her compassion and empathy are immeasurable. She recognizes that each student's journey is unique and provides the appropriate level of challenge and support to facilitate their growth and success on their journey. For this and so many other reasons, I'd like to recognize Amanda with "Norse Uppreciation". :)  
Danny Lovell
Steely Library

You have never met someone more dedicated to helping students and faculty in need, and comprehensive in his follow through. We are lucky to have Danny in Steely and at the University. If you do not believe me, ask anyone who he has served... I'll wait, but I already know what they will say. I do not think Danny receives the credit he deserves, and frankly would probably be embarrassed by it.

- Danny has been working so hard over these past few months in the Steely Library. During the university shut down he was on campus collecting mail and emptying books drops. Once the library re-opened he has been working on campus 4-5 days a week staffing the Access Services desk to ensure that students have access to materials. Danny is truly the backbone for the interlibrary loans department and access services department over these past few months. I appreciate his tireless devotion to the library.
    A good coworker is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find but lucky to have. I am lucky at the library to have such an amazing co-worker like Danny.  

Ann Harding
College of Health and Human Services
Ann is kept very busy with so many different projects. No matter what question I have, she is always there to help or send me in the right direction. She adds sections to my courses on a regular basis. More importantly, no matter how busy Ann is or how many projects she needs to accomplish, she does it with a smile on her face and respectful of everyone's needs and time.  She always makes me feel like my problem is the most important. Ann is a true professional.
Staff Congress
and the
Staff Congress
Pension Committee
I appreciate Staff Congress having the foresight to assemble a Pension Committee and I also appreciate all the time, effort, and planning that the Pension Committee put forth for the sake of NKU’s employees.
They have shown true compassion for NKU and its employees and I am grateful for the leadership and concern they have demonstrated throughout the process in dealing with Kentucky’s pension system. They have communicated information and coordinated efforts to showcase the dedication of NKU employees and the impact of the different options of our retirement plans. It has made me, and I’m sure many others, aware of what we can hopefully plan for during our retirement years. Thank you!
Annette Pendery
Annette always seems to know the answer to every question and is one of the key "go to" people when you have a tough question. I appreciate her not only her knowledge, but for the way she makes everyone she interacts with feel. Annette is like a ray of sunshine
Campus Recreation Center
The campus recreation staff and student employees have done a fantastic job this semester keeping the facility clean and open to patrons. It has been very nice for students, faculty, staff and community members to have a place to exercise and relieve stress this semester. Keep up the good work!  
Staff who were on the pension committee
I am recommending the staff who were on the pension committee, because they brought to light the financial impact the decision would have on the staff if NKU were to leave KERS; mostly tier one and two. They spent a lot of time collecting data, writing a recommendation and presenting it to the BOR.   At the beginning of this, we heard that employees would contribute 5%, NKU would contribute 10%, so we didn't need to worry because we would be fine. The pension committee shared examples of how this would not make our retirement whole. It was not close to fine.
   Even if NKU chooses to leave KERS, I still believe the pension committee has made a positive impact. They have presented facts, and NKU is going to work harder to get us closer to the financial retirement goal that we have worked toward and was promised. 
   I would like to thank everyone that worked on, and with, the pension committee. I for one, and I am sure I am not alone, appreciate all that you have done for the staff at NKU.
Chip Heath

He and his team supported the faculty and the staff in the College of Business during the transition to an online format. They also supported us in the process associated with the COVID 19. They have shown great leadership, professionalism and fun!They made this transition easier and almost enjoyable, at least, less painful.

- Chip and his entire team have been fantastic support during this difficult time of transitioning classes to the virtual format.They have shown levels of dedication, resilience, and patience that I have never seen before.

-He and his team made the transition to online and hybrid education possible. He was always available and ready to help. I appreciate him, his leadership in this transition and his team.

Jim Raleigh
Information Technology
Jim is always so helpful and pleasant. When the pandemic hit; I had so many technology questions and he went above and beyond to help me out. He even brought equipment that I needed directly to my house. He is an outstanding employee and fantastic in his field. Thank you Jim for all that you do!  
This department gets things done! Thank you for always having the sidewalks and roads clear of snow when we arrive in the morning. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees that make our campus look amazing ALL year. It brings me great pride in our campus. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.  
Donna Neece
Donna is excellent at her job and goes above and beyond. She is thoughtful and proactive. She makes my job easier, our spaces better, and always helps to solve problems. I am thankful every day, to work along side her to serve NKU and our students.  
Jim Wilkinson
Department of Chemistry
Jim is the Lab Coordinator for the Chemistry Department and has done an incredible job of supporting and preparing the labs for many many years. When the pandemic hit in March, much had to be adjusted for each one of the lab courses. Jim enthusiastically stepped up and prepared the chemicals, helped setup for the video recordings of labs, and organized the lab space to ensure safety for students and faculty. Nothing was ever a big deal and Jim repeatedly said, "whatever we need to do for our students." During this stressful time of adjusting to online learning for labs, Jim really helped make the transition easier and did so with such a positive attitude. Jim was one of the first ones back on campus this summer to help get things ready for the unusual Fall semester and was flexible and willing to do the extra work required to make things run smoothly in the labs.
He always had the student's best interest in mind and was willing to do whatever was needed.  
Denzil Carter Assistant Registrar
Office of University Registrar
Denzil has provided exceptional support every time I reached out to him. He is very knowledgeable and he is always willing to take the time to explain the process. Each time I talk to him, I learn something new that helps me do my job better. I feel very fortunate to work with such a professional and generous colleague.
Chris Nicolaus
Chris has been invaluable to me this year. Once the pandemic hit, Education Abroad had to cancel 9 study abroad programs and refund over 100 students and community members. I was emailing and calling him on a regular basis to get payments to all of these people who were emotionally crushed in a timely manner. He was always patient and calm and answered my questions quickly. He also created an entirely new method so that we could get these processed even sooner and more efficiently. During a time when he was getting bombarded from all departments in the university, Chris was designing a whole new process to help students, faculty and staff even further. He has always been this way and has helped me ever since he started working here with numerous unique challenges that come from sending payments overseas. With all of this on his plate, he is always positive, helpful, patient, and kind. I nominated him for the Administration and Finance award last year hoping he would receive it for all the work he has helped me with before the pandemic, but unfortunately it went to another of his great colleagues. He truly represents the community and family spirit at NKU.
Operations and Maintenance
What's the first thing you notice about NKU when you come to campus? For me, it's the beautiful grounds and spotless facilities. Our Operations and Maintenance department provides an invaluable service to NKU in maintaining an environment that is conducive to productive working and learning. I'm so grateful for their friendliness, hard work, and dedication, especially during the pandemic, when cleanliness is of utmost importance. Thank you to our O&M colleagues for the important impact they have on all of us!
Karen O'Connell
This is my first semester at NKU and Karen has been fabulous in providing me with information and answering my many questions as I get acclimated to NKU. I truly appreciate her kindness and support.
Travis Hall
Travis has been an exceptionally supportive staff member. I have reached out to him multiple times this fall. During one of his days off, when I left a message in regard to a student's financial aid question, Travis returned the call within minutes.  
Tracy Insko
   Tracy has been a key figure in the moving of major events online, facilitating multiple large zoom calls and similar events. He has been working tirelessly with the event support team to provide technical support, often working overtime and odd hours to make sure these events go off without a hitch.
Bobbi Nienaber
Despite battling COVID-19 right now, Bobbi is still on top of her game. This year the Registrar's office has been able to admit more transfer students than the year prior, and I think Bobbi is certainly a part of that. She can process a transcript faster than you can say "work from home!"
Operations Maintenance  
As many others are able to work from home this department has many staff whose job demands being on site to provide essential services.
Jennifer Kaiser
She has done a great job in not only trying to make online learning interactive and engaging, but has also made sure to show worry for her students. She made sure that we were all doing ok throughout the semester and if we needed any help throughout it all. Not only that once everything was moved online our lab that went along with this class was transitioned smoothly and she continued to make sure she was doing everything she could for us. Overall she did a great job and made sure that we all were given the best tools to succeed as well as the best tools to manage the times we are in.  
Sadik Morshed
Chase Law
Sadik is an assistant director of admissions for the College of Law. COVID has completely changed the way we recruit students. Sadik adapted quickly to the change and has created some wonderful online events and social media outreach. One of his best qualities is his positive outlook and he has been able to maintain his warm and welcoming presence even when the days have been stressful.
Monica Gray

I would like to recognize Monica for her hard work over this past summer with getting the Health Counseling and Student Wellness office up and running with video telehealth. Monica was instrumental with coordinating, planning and arranging the transition to video telehealth. Working to make sure that paperwork was made available digitally online. And making sure that all staff were set up and trained in how to use the new systems. Monica also demonstrated clear effective and persistent communication skills with a company notorious for poor and slow communication. I am grateful to her for stepping up and leading us in making this transition happen.  

Carlous Yates
Director of
African American
Student Initiatives
I want to recognize Carlous for his consistent hard work and dedication to the NORSE community, more particularly, the African/African American/Black community. He has been able to provide high quality to programs in the face of continued adversity. I understand we all are short staffed, but I believe he deserves recognition to the highest. Without having several full time support staff, he has been able to offer programming that meets the needs and interest of most of the students and campus partners he serves. I know that hard work also needs to come with intentional self care, and I want to acknowledge his selfless work and love for the students and the campus community.
Jeff Butler
Jeff has shown immense dedication to NKU through his constant efforts to help in any way he can. He shows grace under pressure while managing multiple projects at once, which never seem to go as planned. He goes above and beyond to make sure that any user he interacts with receives the top notch service and their request is completed within their timeline...which is not always an easy task when coordinating with multiple vendors! NKU is lucky to have such committed staff with great work ethic! Thank you, Jeff!
Monica Gray
Health Counseling
Student Wellness
Monica has been a leader in HCSW during the summer and fall semester. She has taken on numerous tasks, most significantly, helping the department with the transition to Telehealth. Monica has been a
supportive, consistent and a reliable colleague. She has taken the initiative on several tasks throughout the semester and she is a thoughtful voice raising awareness to important issues in providing services to our students. Monica's skills and strengths are a resource to all of us in HCSW and to the greater NKU community.
Founders HIC
Custodial staff
The custodial staff who work in Founders/HIC - who have rotated through so many times this semester - keep our building clean and beautiful. I so appreciate all the work they do to keep everything tidy and
sanitized. I know it is such hard work with the pandemic to be in all of the different spaces on campus, but please know that we appreciate your work so much.  
   Mike Hales
Lori Southwood
and their departments
I appreciate your knowledge of all things financial and human resource-wise. You have helped in numerous ways to aid President Vaidya, and ultimately, the Board of Regents, with information and a
pathway for a decision regarding NKU’s employee pension plans. Please know that I am grateful for the work you have done and the outcome from the Board of Regents decision. I look forward to a more stable and brighter future with NKU in the hopes that Kentucky works through its pension plan issues. I’m sure there will be much more work ahead for you and your departments in navigating the impacts of the decision, but you have my appreciation for how it has been handled thus far and appreciate the work you have done.
CITE Team  
The entire CITE staff are incredibly helpful and always essential, but especially so during our Covid-19 adjusted teaching, learning, and general collaboration efforts. I've consulted with several members of the CITE team since we switched to our 'adjusted learning' environment and everyone has been quick to respond, has always had an answer or, if needed, has tracked down an answer for each and every request. Thank you, CITE team, for going above and beyond in all you do. :)  
I would like to recognize the mailroom for being here every day and processing all incoming and outgoing mail. No matter what is going on, they are here to get the job done no matter how big or small. Our office could not do our job without them.
Rose Tempel  
Rose Tempel is the Nurse Practitioner and Associate Director of NKU Health Services. She has always gone above and beyond for students but during this pandemic she has exceeded her dedication to NKU and to the student,faculty and staff. Without a complaint,she has taken on extra responsibilities related to Covid. She has been assigned to be a member of several committees including the Covid Task Force, Healthy @ Work,Athletics and many more. She stays very late answering every call and email to accommodate each person who has a question or concern. She even works on weekends. She has also worked extra hard as a liaison to NKU Athletics to help manage several Covid issues w their students.
I am very proud that she works with us in HCSW and I think NKU as a community should be too!
Lauren Mohr
Lauren goes above and beyond as not only a staff member, and not only a part time faculty member, but as a proud alum of NKU to make sure NKU is a positive place for everyone. Lauren is the true embodiment of a great, supportive colleague.
Kimberly Wiley Brandon Billiter Ashley Coates
Gina Combs Vicki Cooper Inna Pylyayeva Terri Smith
I just wanted to take a second and recognize the members of the Staff Congress Pension Committee. I want to thank them for all of their hard work on behalf of all staff in this decision making process. They've done a wonderful job both educating and advocating for our staff.
Sue Murphy Angel Tina Altenhofen and Grace Hiles
Sue, Tina and Grace (as well as the election committee) have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks to insure the Interim Staff Regent election was a success. The election process typically takes three months and they accomplished it in three weeks! These individuals deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication not only to Staff Congress but to all NKU staff! Kudos, hip-hip-hurray, cheers, woohoo, yippee, and an enormous THANK YOU is just not enough to express our heartfelt
appreciation for all the hard work you have done to insure this crucial position was filled in an extremely timely manner!  
Shauna Ryan
Shauna is excellent about helping with complicated issues and helping resolve student concerns. Today, I chatted with her about a student's situation, she answered all my questions, provided additional resources, and was great (as always) to work with. She also check on one of my family members who has been in the hospital. Shauna, thanks for being a colleague who makes others feel valued and for all you do to support student success.
Lynn Crane Biology Advising
Lynn is the best advisor around! She is so in tune to what our students needs are and she always makes time to help us best serve our students. She knows all the important information and she responds to us so fast when we need help guiding a student. I have no idea how she manages advising such a big department and she makes it look effortless. She simply rocks!
Ashley Siemer
Ashley is our Director of enrollment management and student affairs. She is someone who always goes above and beyond to perform her job duties. She engages with students at a very deep level, is creative in thinking about our college’s goals and programming, and is always ready to lend a hand when any need arises. Over the past eight months during the pandemic, she has taken personal time to check in on students and address their needs virtually every day. All faculty, staff and students at the Law School are benefited by Ashley‘s dedication, care and hard work.
Mary Barry
Mary is always willing to lend a helping hand! She is a bright light and her positive attitude is contagious!
Cori Henderson
Cori has gone above and beyond when called upon to assist our area with data needs and projects. No matter what, she is always happy and willing to help and always comes through when needed!  
Carlous Yates
Carlous is an unsung hero for the love and dedication he has for his ROCKS students. The week of Thanksgiving, Carlous made a late night delivery of snacks, drinks, theraflu and other medicines needed to his students who were stuck in their residences due to being either ill or quarantined. He is selfless in his dedication to being a mentor and even a pseudo-parent to Black students on campus and truly deserves to be recognized in this way.
Jen Young
Chase Law
Jen is never one to toot her own horn, so I am taking a moment to do it for her. Jen is the registrar for the College of Law and she oversees so many important student functions that directly impact our success --- registration, exams, graduation to name a few. The students adore her and she is always on the front line helping them progress.
Robin Higgins
Chase Law
Robin is an absolute rock star! She goes above and beyond to find new ways to keep our operations running smoothly. I admire her curiosity and willingness to take the extra steps. She is smart, and her contribution to our department is so important. I hope she knows it.
Maria Llambi
Chase Law
Maria has a refreshing “can do” energy. She pushes us to be better and try new things. Her enthusiasm for Chase and making sure people reach their goals shows through in every initiative she undertakes. She also leads by example as she has creates new projects and does the heavy lifting. COVID has been difficult for employees with school-age children at home, and we often forget how draining that can be and she should know how proud we are of her.
Central Receiving and Mail Room
All of the personnel in Central Receiving should be commended for handling an increased load under more stressful circumstances in a fantastic way. Their service has been vital to our university
Christine Yankovsky
Christine is the department coordinator and she consistently provide timely support and good cheer to our department. Whenever I reach out to her with questions, I can count on her to respond. If she doesn't have the answer, Christine will make sure to connect me with the appropriate personnel
Jeff Chesnut  
Jeff always goes the extra mile to help faculty and students.