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2021 Uppreciations
horticulture group
The gardens around the fountain in front of the Steely Library are beautiful! Job well done!  
Ryan Padgett
Ryan works tirelessly to help our NKU students!
He is always looking for ways to improve our students journey here at NKU. He
works long hours, puts students first in all he does! He is an inspiration to
me each day!
Steve Flora
facility manager
Steve has worked here at Nku for a long time. it seems like he doesn't get the appreciation that he deserves for his hard work. that goes for all trades people on campus. they brake their back to make this place that much better. if it wasn't for them then this place would fall apart. they may not be a professor or the CEO but they work their asses off for this place and they don't get the recognition they deserve.  
Lori Wright
I've never felt as appreciated by a supervisor before I started working with Lori. She is a constant cheerleader, always going above and beyond to make sure my colleagues and I have the support we need to do our jobs well. She advocates for us so that we have the tools and environment most suitable to serving our students while also focusing on staff wellness. Lori is a champion of social justice who promotes equity for NKU students and employees alike. She is a collaborative leader who has earned my utmost respect for her tireless efforts.  
Sue Murphy Angel
Sue has a “can do” attitude, she is supportive, and always goes above and beyond. I feel fortunate to have her as my colleague.
Bethany Bowling
She has always taken time out of her day to reach out to me and asked if I need anything. She has shown me so much kindness and respect. I was extremely glad to have her as a teacher last year.
Jonathan Cullick
At the end of the semester last year, I remember writing about my mental health and how I wasn't doing very well. He wrote back to me and wanted me to take care of myself and talk to someone. At the time I didn't think much of it, but looking back I really appreciate it.  
Stephanie Korslund

I would have not survived teaching online without Stephanie’s help. She gave me all the resources I needed and is always in Teams to assist and answer questions.

All of CITE deserves a shout out.THANK YOU!  

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan goes above and beyond to help. He’s always there for us and takes the time to find a solution with you; no matter how busy he may be.

   He’s knowledgeable, funny, kind, and patient. He thereforerepresents the best aspects of NKU.  

Business Informatics
Teuta Cata
Always ready to help, very nice person!
Krista Burton
Professor Burton went above and beyond to welcome us to NKU and to Chase within and outside of her LAPS course. I’ve never had such a helpful professor. She showed us her blue book from when she was a student and allowed us to take photos and copy down anything from it we thought was important to note in our blue books. She gave us a mock torts class so we could be prepared for cold calls. She also has provided us with many guides and examples of outlines, test taking tips, and other skills we would need via email even after the class has concluded. Professor Burton genuinely cares about our success at NKU and has gone above and beyond just teaching a LAPS
class and I feel like that needs to be recognized.  
Amanda Kilmer
Professor Kilmer works tirelessly to provide quality education and assistance, both as an advisor and as a professor. Professor Kilmer really cares about every student she works with and it shows in the way she pulls out all the stops to help us succeed. She is the
embodiment of a caring teacher, making sure we have access to a high-quality education and the resources to complete our education.  
Patsy Fisk MEP Advising
Mrs. Fisk really helped me with some questions and concerns I had about my major. She is a very helpful and kind person as she took the time out of her day to have a conversation with me to ease my worries. In addition, she gives great advice and deserves to be recognized.
International Student Union
The international student union helps a lot of international students to meet each  activities for the international students to get closer and know each other better in the international student union also helps international students to get their drivers license or Social Security number etc.  
Jasmine Riddlespriger
Jasmine has gone above and beyond in her role as the Academic Advisor for the Online MSW program! Very grateful to have her on our team and she has been a major support.
James Catchen
I would like to recognize James for his efforts to expand the School-Based Scholars program, even in the midst of the pandemic.
Despite the chaos, he has created new partnerships with several new high schools, including some River City Schools; pursued scholarship opportunities to help high school instructors get credentialed to teach NKU courses; and generally worked to expand NKU’s presence in schools across the state. He is
well respected among dual-credit colleagues and high school administrators across the state. Dual credit is rapidly growing in the state and in the country, and James does an excellent job to keep tabs on what’s happening in the movement—to keep NKU as a central player in the state of Kentucky.
Pat McGrath
Campus Recreation Center
Pat is the associate director of facilities with the Campus Recreation Center. While many campus staff members were able to continue working from home through the summer months, Campus Recreation was open and he and his staff were there daily, welcoming guests. It is not uncommon to see Pat on campus early in the morning and late into the evenings until 9 or 10 p.m. On top of all his ‘normal’ duties, it is not uncommon to see him life guarding at the pool or pitching in to train student employees. He somehow also manages to have time to be on committees like Freshfusion. This year he did a fantastic job of mapping all of the tables for Freshfusion. With over 100 organizations, vendors, and info booths, he worked diligently to make sure the students and vendors had the best experience possible. He also did alot of the planning for Rec Fest, which was a huge success. Students across campus frequently mention his great sense of humor and many students look to him as a trusted advisor for a variety of issues. He has been instrumental in providing great service, not only at the Recreation Center but also through the
various programming in which he has participated.
Toni Schneller
Toni is an angel. No, seriously. We welcomed a record number of new international students over the last couple of weeks, IN A PANDEMIC, and she personally arranged to have 60+ of them picked up at the airport by a friendly member of the NKU community. She worked tirelessly (sometimes getting only 3 hours of sleep in a night) to ensure that the new students had adequate bedding, food, and care from the moment they arrived at CVG airport. These students have been here for only a few days, and already know that NKU is their home-away-from-home because she is not just an outstanding member of our community, but a fantastic human being who I am blessed beyond belief to get to work with every day.  
Courtney Clark Rankin
Evan Humphreys
Nicholas Tumbleson
What can I say?!? The folks at the IT helpdesk are the best! Working with a new computer and transitioning from home to campus, I have had to call them "numerous" times to fix issues. They are ALWAYS so helpful, friendly, and patient! What would we do without them!!! Thank you guys for always taking care of my computer problems!!! YOU GUYS "ROCK"!!!
Chris Charnegie
Matthew Humphress
Chris and Matthew are the most responsive individuals on campus whenever a student needs a new AllCard activated or deactivated (they lose them a lot!) or when faculty need keys or access to new classrooms or lab. They are on top of every technical glitch and go out of their way in the off hours to make sure our facilities are secure, but accessible to the researchers, students and faculty who need them. They never complain, and the turn-around time is amazing considering how many individuals they serve across campus. Thanks!!!
The Team in Admissions
The entire team in Admissions has done an outstanding job recruiting the class of 2025 AND welcoming them to NKU through summer orientation and new student convocation. Many Thanks to Admissions for growing Norse Nation!!
NKU Mail and Copy Services
Kevin Rossell, Steve Slone, Connie and their student worker crew have continued to maintain a very positive attitude throughout all the challenges they have faced this past year starting when the campus went to a remote status. They have maintained a high level of professionalism and service even when they took on additional work with vendors not being allowed to deliver packages directly to the different departments on campus. Campus cannot function without our Mail services and I appreciate everything their team has done for the campus and its constituents.
Tommy Fix
Tommy has been the anchor to the Instructional Design team since I started working in this wonderful department 10 months ago. He has made my work experience with NKU so enjoyable and welcoming and continues to keep our team happy. He often includes our team in meetings or passes information he believes will make our jobs easier or more productive, which has proven helpful as we work with faculty numerous amounts of times. He encourages us to pursue professional development, allows us to attend non-university lectures, workshops, or trainings, and allows us to bring our own ideas and creations to the table to assist with the further development of CITE as a whole. We would not be the same without his  Steely Library and NKU are extremely lucky to have such a hands-on and understanding leader and I hope we can give him the recognition and appreciation he deserves!
Jeff Chesnut
Jeff consistently steers CITE in making sure we are serving the campus well, whether it's through working with the Academic Integrity workgroup and other committees to come up with resources for faculty and materials they can include within their courses. His experience on campus allows him to see which tools will best help students learn and faculty teach.
Mary Chesnut
A huge thank you to Mary Chesnut for sending out handwritten, personalized notes of appreciation to library employees. Mary consistently thinks of others – students, staff and faculty. This was such a sweet gesture and gave a much needed boost to our morale in the library!!
Custodian and Labor Crew  
I want to acknowledge the hard work that our custodians and labor crew do. Especially with having to put mask signage on campus after they took old signage down earlier this summer. The Labor Crew also worked diligently putting classroom furniture back to original layouts after being socially distanced. They are all hard-workers and do a lot of the behind the scenes work that doesn't always get the spotlight.  
Bert Brown
Bert has worked at NKU for 30 years and continues to add value every day. He works well with his teams and shows kindness and respect to all. He works well with his teams, keeping our jobs interesting, and stressing his staff's strengths. He constantly works to show his appreciation for those who work with him. I feel very fortunate to work with him and have the ability to learn from him.  
Karen Dawn
Karen is always willing to help you and is quick to respond with any questions you may have. She is a great asset to the Facilities Management team and I appreciate all that she does!  
Thank you to CITE for putting together another wonderful SOFI event. It was such a great week hearing from my colleagues about the different things people have been doing in their own teaching. I walk away inspired for the Fall semester.
Courtney Clark Rankin  
Courtney is great! When I call x6911 and reach Courtney, I know everything is going to be figured out and she can fix whatever computer issue I am having! I also appreciate that she doesn't talk over my head, but works to use terms I know! Thanks Courtney for your GREAT service!  
Lilly Cook
Lilly is always willing to help you, answer your questions or find the answer for you. Library employees greatly appreciate her efforts. Her smile and laughter brighten your day. She helped us through the last couple of crazy years simply with her positive attitude. A very heartfelt THANK YOU from us to you Lilly!
Pam Stevens
Pam’s contributions to Financial Assistance often go unrecognized or considered “a part of the job”. However, her service to NKU has been extraordinary in the face of many challenges. Her support is felt long after she has clocked out and gone home for the day. She is an asset to the department and I’m glad I get to work with her!  
Liz Birkenhauer
Liz is a hard worker, a good communicator and she is willing to help any team member. She is a valued member of the facilities team!
Steve Slone
Mail Services Department
Steve and the Mailing Services department were able to help our organization send out post cards for a student outreach initiative. They were thoughtful and did everything to make things perfect. I truly appreciate their customer service and excellence mindset. Thank you for all that you do!
Josh Perkins
Josh is truly an asset to NKU. He works tirelessly and always goes out of his way to provide the highest level of customer service. Whether planning the movement of entire office spaces or simply sweeping and mopping a concrete floor Josh always completes a task with a smile on his face. His smile is contagious. Josh is a wonderful coworker and worthy of appreciation.
Brian Schultz
Brian joined the IT/SAP team 2 years ago at one of the busiest times of the year! From the time he joined the IT team, he has worked very hard to support the HR departments (Benefits, Payroll and Budget). His system knowledge, logical approach and department support are invaluable assets to the people he supports and the University.
   Brian is the key IT person on the Benefits Annual enrollment in myNKU. This is an annual and a major undertaking for the Benefits Team, Brian and Mark Washick (developer). There is so much work to make this run smoothly each year! It is definitely a team effort.  
   Thank you Brian for all the things that you do behind the scenes to simplify the lives of NKU employees and support the ITHR Team
The NKU Payroll Department
Stacey Horan and
LaVonne Amanns
If you have a payroll or tax question, or an issue with your paycheck, Stacey Horan is the one that you call or email. She will help you and correct the problem! You can count on that. And she always does it with a smile and pleasant response. Stacey is a very hard worker! She's organized, thorough and makes sure that you get paid each pay period. Unless you've done that job; it is hard to imagine the pressure that goes along with it. There are constant deadlines and many questions to answer via phone calls or emails.
   Now imagine that you've lost your boss and are now responsible for running payrolls on your own for 4 months!
   On top of it, it's tax year end with W-2's, annual tax returns and tax reconciliations that have to be completed all by 1/31. For the last 4 months, the majority of the work fell on Stacey and LaVonne to do all those things. But they are a great team; they support each other and therefore support the university in one of the most important ways.....getting everyone paid!
   KC Russell
Dr. KC Russell is the Department Chair for Chemistry and Biochemistry. To say that his first year was tumultuous is an understatement. KC rose to each challenge and helped steer the department through each crisis. Through it all, he continued to make himself available to any student who needed help or advice. He is living the motto, "student success is my top priority," and modelling it in his leadership.
Annual Giving Alumni Association
and Foundation Staff
I want to specifically raise up the hard work and student success-driven efforts of the Annual Giving, Alumni Association, and Foundation Staff.   
   Through their hard and impactful work, this team raised over $310,000 by connecting with 590 donors in a day! These funds will assist students with scholarships, technology upgrades, and provide for other supports to help NKU be more student-ready.
   #NorseNation has an awesome team to support our students' success on their journey to becoming Norse alumni. #ThaNKU
Student Union professional
and student staff
The student and professional staff of the Student Union have continued to push through COVID-19 related challenges to provide space for the campus community to safely connect, rest, and engage in physically-distanced social opportunities. Thank you!
Rebecca Sherman
Rebecca does great work with excellence and precision! She is the glue in The Office of Admissions.
Thanks Rebecca!  
   Amanda Meeker  
Amanda is committed and dedicated to her work. She works tirelessly to support her team and to organize the various career fairs. She spends countless hours communicating with employers and promoting NKU to them. She is a true light at NKU!  
Tiffany Mayse  
Tiffany organized a great MLK Day of Service! This event is always a great way to see the NKU community come together and give back and this year was no different. The dialogue was rich, the content intriguing, and the message unifying. Thank you Tiffany to your commitment to NKU and student success!  
Josh Chandler  
Josh is great about quickly responding to all the requests I send to the Registrar's Office and making student registration a top priority! Thanks Josh!  
Julie Moses
Julie goes above and beyond to ensure that the grant submissions she oversees are not just acceptable, but the best they can be.  
Ken Wolterman
Ken is a conscientious and dedicated member of the NKU staff. After having received a promotion and moving over to the Budget Office he continued to work wit Facilities Management, not only to fill the void to also help identify, recruit and train his replacement. His service beyond the call of duty must not go unrecognized and unappreciated - thank you Ken!  
Scott Barton

Scott Barton is an outstanding employee and even better co-worker. He is always willing to lend a hand, or an ear, to help out and not only is he compassionate and down to earth, he is also 100% Genuine! Scott Barton, you're the real deal! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and longevity!  

This year, the CINSAM team has pulled out all the stops to adapt their work for our changing circumstances at NKU and across our region. There have been so many unknowns that you had to work around or through, and you have done it with aplomb and without complaint. I have been amazed at how well your efforts have paid off (STEM at Home, STEM Peer Mentors, STEM Conference, SCI 110, iSTP and more).
   Your efforts are a perfect manifestation of NKU's innovative, student-centered, and community engaged spirit. Keep up the fantastic work!
Maureen Krebs
Maureen Krebs is the assistant to the dean in the college of Health & Human Services. She is adept at almost any function involving a computer, email, Zoom meeting, web cam, printer, or even a pencil and paper! She is smart, capable, kind and caring and laughs a lot. She is generous with her time and talents, and again - is always ready to see the softer, even humorous side of almost everything. She is a joy to work with and for. I suspect the Dean and our whole College would agree.
Jordan Wilson
University Housing
Jordan has been working until the brakes fell off and she is still pushing. She is thoughtful, intelligent, thorough, and protective of our student staff when we feel they sometimes aren't advocated for. I cheer her on any time she crosses my mind and when/if she leaves us, I don't know what I'll do!
Carlous Yates
Carlous is an unsung hero for the love and dedication he has for his ROCKS students. The week of Thanksgiving, Carlous made a late night delivery of snacks, drinks, theraflu and other medicines needed to his students who were stuck in their residences due to being either ill or quarantined. He is selfless in his dedication to being a mentor and even a pseudo-parent to Black students on campus and truly deserves to be recognized in this way.
Kristie Vise
Professor Vise always makes her class a fun and enjoyable environment! She helps her students in anyway she can and is always open to new ideas for the class. Her positive  welcoming and I loo forward to her class because of it. She also pushes her students to think outside the box and to never be afraid to ask questions! I am so glad to have her as a teacher and I can't wait to see where the rest of the semester leads!
Steve Sloan
Steve Slone embodies what it means to be a Norse! He and the team in mail/distribution services always go above and beyond in supporting everyone across campus. Steve is helpful, hardworking, and dedicated to making NKU excellent. He has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic supporting all of us through the services offered through his office. I for one always appreciate working with him.  
Angela Powell  
   I am a new adjunct instructor for NKU. I am teaching a lab in the nursing program. Angela Powell has not only allowed me to sit in on several of her classes to observe, but she has definitely gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome and ensure I have all of the necessary tools to be successful. She has oriented me to the classroom and equipment, walked me around to meet other instructors, and shared with me her PowerPoints, notes and resources. In addition, she physically walked me to
the AllCard department when I asked her to direct me to it. She tracked down a textbook for me to have when the one ordered for me had not come in yet. She ensured I had a space to work when on campus prior to my class since I am only here 1 day a week and do not have an office. None of these things were required of Angela.
Angela has demonstrated true compassion and leadership characteristics in her interactions with me. I have no doubt that she treats her students with just as much time and attention as she has with me. Her
students are blessed to have a such a kind and caring professor. Angela deserves recognition for her efforts to make sure I have been onboarded appropriately. I can't give enough thanks to Angela for such a positive experience in my start at NKU.  
Terri Williams
Terri has been a staple at NKU for nearly 38 years now! Even after retiring for the first time more than 10 years ago, she continues to come to work each day with a positive attitude and is always willing to help others. There is no way to truly explain how great of an asset she is to NKU, but we want her to know that she is appreciated, uppreciated, and loved on campus! Thank you for all that you do each and every day!
Sheila Nichols
Sheila goes above and beyond her job. She is here at 4:00 a.m. every morning. She is more than Assist Supervisor. She works other peoples floor when they are not here. She keeps up on the laundry from cleaning rags, mops and dust mops, plus all the Supervisors duties. She is constantly on the go. I just wanted to Thank her for a fine job she is doing.
Steely Library's Access Services Department

The Access Services Department of Steely is home to some of the most hardworking and dedicated staff at NKU. They give their all to Steely, and their dedication does not go unnoticed. Working mornings, nights, weekends, and holidays, Access Services is the backbone of Steely. Each member goes above and beyond to help students, faculty, staff, and their student workers in any way they can.

   Thank you to all of the staff members in Access Services for being such wonderful leaders and supporters despite the craziness and uncertainty of recent years. You make coming to work enjoyable—even on the hard days!  

Dr O'Connor
Dr. O'Connor goes above and beyond for her advisee's, I have needed her more times than I can count this semester and she has been far more than an advisor, she is someone I can only hope to be 1/10th of. Thank you for always being an amazing, wildly intelligent woman to look up to.  
Melissa Gorbandt
One doesn't think of NKU without thinking of Melissa Gorbandt. She works tirelessly to promote and recruit students to NKU from our region, state, and across the country. Each fall Melissa organizes the new student orientation weekend which includes FreshFusion, VictorFest, and Northern Exposure. Her and the entire Admissions team staff's herculean efforts pay off with students who are excited at becoming Norse and parents who know that their children will have an amazing experience at NKU. Melissa works tirelessly to support those students as well as many faculty and staff across campus. I for one, appreciate all that she does to make NKU a special place to be.  
Sarah Hellman
As the academic assistant for the department of teacher preparation and educational studies, Sarah Hellman goes above and beyond in supporting the department and the college as a whole. She is always supportive and understanding and works to create a vibrant environment. Sarah is the glue that holds our department together!
Doctor Yohe
She’s a great instructor who cares about her students.
Andrew Dorriere
Center for
Student Engagement
Office Fraternity
and Sorority life
Andrew has only been working at NKU a couple months but he has hit the ground running. I have seen him accomplish so much, while also supporting the student  running the Greek community. He is anincredible advisor and is so helpful. The last two  months have been chaotic but we appreciate everything he has done!  
Joan Brummer
The first day was one of the hardest that I have ever experienced. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and I missed home. My mother encouraged me to talk to someone at NKU, a mentor or a faculty member. I went to my music advisor, Joan Brummer, and as soon as I sat down in her office, she immediately directed all her attention to me, she listened to me, she gave me a hug, and she told me that I would do it. Later that day, she took the time to personally walk me over to seek more help, asked if I wanted her to wait with me, and told me to check in with her the next day. I checked in with her for the next two days and the one day I did not stop by her office, she personally emailed me to ask if I was doing ok and to check on me. I have never experienced such care from a faculty member before, and she was incredibly kind, sincere, and supportive of me. I am beyond grateful to her for helping, and I think that her love for her students should be recognized. Thank you!
The textbook manager
at the bookstore
I purchased the wrong bundle for a class and because it was opened I could not researched and got the cheapest loose leaf option so that I could purchase it
from the bookstore. HUGE help
Sharlene Boltz

Professor Boltz is the only professor in the Chase College of Law, thus far, who has expressed an appropriate concern for us and our families' exposure to COVID-19. While administrators seem intent on ensuring our repeated exposure the the variants, in entire disregard of our and our families' health concerns, Prof. Boltz has responded to our fears with clarity and honesty.

   Professor Boltz is the only faculty member who I presently trust to advocate for student's legitimate concerns. The NKU and Chase Law administration seems more focused on ensuring our presence on campus, and our consequential need to spend money on campus, for NKU's benefit and their own (see: parking passes, mandatory meal plans).

   Professor Boltz deserves to be recognized for her forthright, realistic, and altruistic approach to this semester.  

Dr Andrea Fieler
Dr. Fieler always goes above and beyond for her students. Not only is she an amazing professor, but she takes the time to get to know students and make sure they are doing well inside and outside of school.
Dr. Fieler works hard to ensure students have access to resources they
can utilize and help those around her. She also works non-stop to keep courses
current, and helpful for student’s progression and education. She is willing to
always listen to her students ideas about all aspects of courses, and is willing to make changes for the better of her students. Dr. Fieler inspires me to work hard for what I enjoy and has built my self confidence in skills that she has helped me foster.
Kelsey Haskins
   I would like to recognize a true rockstar, Kelsey Haskins. For the past few years, Kelsey has done the work of multiple people as offices and positions have shifted within Admissions. She works with folks across campus and in our community to not only support the admission of students to NKU but to create pathways, grow partnerships, and further NKU’s strategic plan. She always has a smile on her face and brings a positive attitude to every meeting. So much of what she does is
behind-the-scenes type work, but she’s really a star player
Bijay Rima,
Dylan Nguyen
and Victoria Butcher
All three of these young people, along with an army of Global Ambassadors, had a significant and positive impact on incoming international students during the onboarding of Fall '21 international students.    

Student worker, Bijay Rimal, organized and oversaw our team of Global Ambassadors and other student volunteers who assisted international students just finishing quarantine with essential tasks such as taking them to the HCSW Office for COVID testing and vaccinations, escorting them to advisor appointments and immigration check-in workshops, and giving them tours around campus.  

 Marketing Intern, Dylan Nguyen, was indispensable as our liaison between NKU Housing and the Center for Global Engagement and Int'l Affairs Office keeping us updated on changing room assignments for quarantined students and even personally delivering both quarantine meals and the essential extras requested by students in quarantine such as bottled water, antiacids, and pain relievers. 
Student Worker, Victoria Butcher, "held down the fort" with grace and kindness as many of our staff members were occupied with airport arrivals and quarantine meal deliveries to area hotels along with their normal immigration and admission duties. The volume of student traffic to our International Student and Scholar Services and our Office of Education Abroad office was significantly higher than in past years, yet she assisted each student with utmost professionalism.  
   We are so grateful to each of these young people for embodying the care and concern NKU has for the personal and academic success of each and every student. 
Scott Beseler
Scott Beseler, our university photographer, consistently goes above and beyond capturing the most important and everyday moments on campus. He takes pride in his photography and it shows! Scott can be found daily on campus and at events in the evening and on the weekends. His photographs are an integral part of the history and branding of the university. Not to mention that Scott always has a smile and brings positivity as a colleague and ambassador for the university.
Jasmine Riddlespriger
Jasmine Riddlespriger has been a great addition to the CHHS Advising team. She is very prompt and always willing to learn new things to better advise her students. Keep up the great work, Jasmine!  
Office of
Financial Assistance
So Grateful for the partnership with the Office of Financial Assistance as we collaborate to help students apply, verify and understand their aid. The work of financial aid is tedious and difficult ...and essential. Thank you for the many hours the team has devoted to processing awards, answering questions, and partnering with colleagues at NKU
Erin Smith
Erin has been so helpful with acquisition requests. Even when she is not able to find something, she comes back with information about other things that might work. She's knowledgeable of the process and always happy to help.Thanks for making this process so easy.
Sherry Cucchiara
Sherry Cucchiara, Director of the NKU Grant County, has a wider breadth of duties than anyone at NKU and manages those duties with great success.   
She is the only administrator for an entire program of the university 40 miles from main campus. She recruits students, supports students, and provides student services such as a food pantry. She supports faculty, maintains computers, oversees the grounds (including some gorgeous flowers), finds and oversees maintenance workers, and addresses many maintenance issues herself (and keep in mind the building in Grant County was built about 20 years before NKU was established.) She does marketing, community relations, and runs a variety of events. She builds the program’s schedule, supervises student workers, takes care of security, and I have seen her shoveling snow to provide access to the building.  
Jeff Chesnut
   Jeff is one of the best manager/leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. He listens to the needs of the staff, accommodates in every way he can, and always has our backs even in difficult times. He goes out of his way constantly to make sure we have what we need to do our jobs efficiently, and always makes us feel like valued members of the team. His wife even made us sweet little cards just to say thank you for the work we do with CITE/the university which was just so sweet of the both of them. We'd be lost without him and I would love for the Library and the whole of NKU to know how much we appreciate all he does for us!
Tommy Fix
Tommy has shown great leadership and has been a wonderful mentor, as I am a new staff member at NKU I have learned so much and I know I will continue to learn even more under his guidance. During the time of working remote, he was always there to help me get up to speed here at NKU and that is hard to do when working remotely! 
He is calm in stressful situations and fun to work with every day!  
Tim Rieskamp
As part of an effort to offer new professional development for NKU faculty and staff, I needed a web page put together on very short notice. Tim took a simple mock-up and made a great-looking, completely functional page in record time.  
Megan LaDow
Megan LaDow helped Norse Advising all summer with New Student Orientation, and it involved a lot of effort to pivot to new changes, to work on lists for all advisors in our unit daily for which students
were attending for each day and their needs, and to monitor constant changing situations with student attendance for the various orientation dates all summer long, along with employees who had to adjust schedules based on personal needs. It can be tricky to manage many moving parts at the same time, and Megan handled each situation with grace and poise. The whole orientation process for our office wenvery smooth in large part to her dedication and effort which was tremendous all summer long! She certainly deserves a Kudos and appreciation for this work!
Teresa Huddleston
Teresa's dedication to NKU and the College of Business is beyond exceptional! She is the true definition of a Team Player.
Just in the last year, she has stepped up twice to take on a 'double' role, covering the responsibilities of a second staff position during vacant periods of time. She takes such pride in her work and works endlessly to make sure the needs of students, faculty, and staff are met.  
Ashley Seibert
Ashley worked really hard over the weekend to make the changes to the SOFI schedule last-minute when we got Monday off for Juneteenth, and that is only one example of the kind of consistent work ethic she demonstrates on a regular basis.  
Millie Mclemore
Today I was the Steely faculty member on the desk and we got a Chat question that I did not know how to answer. We used to have tutorials on our webpage to help users with this kind of issue (but due to new rules that is no longer allowed , so I did not know how to locate the information to help the person). I called Millie to ask for assistance and she answered and told me she was actually on vacation but her phone was forwarded. I offered to hang up and search for the information elsewhere but she patiently and expertly helped me with the question and even sent me an electronic tutorial that was so helpful
to the user. I am so impressed by Millie's dedication to her job (and to helping NKU's faculty staff, and students), even when she is on vacation! This is just one example of when she has gone "above and beyond"--there are many. We are VERY LUCKY to have her in Steely Library!
John Alberti
John is an extremely helpful faculty member, and always goes above and beyond with the assistance that he gives. He is an advocate for our adult learners, and is eager to help brainstorm a solution that will benefit the student's goal of graduation. Thank you John--you are truly 'uppreciated'!
Krista Wiseman Moore
When an adult learner needed help in participating in commencement, Krista went above and beyond. The student was late in RSVP'ing to his ceremony, and Krista was able to work things out to allow the student to participate in a different ceremony. Because of this, the student's grandmother will be able to watch him walk across the stage--one of the only reasons why he came back to NKU to complete his degree. Whether she knows it or not, Krista was able to make this student's dream come true!
Chemistry and Biochemistry Staff
Kris Mason, Jim Wilkinson
and Christine Yankovsky
Without the efforts of our amazing staff, it would be impossible for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to be as efficient as it is and serve our students as well as we do. The transition online and then to a hybrid model meant the stockroom was responsible for preparing hundreds of samples so each student had their own set of chemicals and could work with proper social distancing. In addition to that Kris and Jim did an incredible job reconfiguring all of our teaching labs so students and faculty could work safely through the pandemic. Going remote also created challenges in the front office, but Christine never missed a step. In fact, she is usually one step ahead, making sure our faculty and students have everything
they need when they need it -sometimes even before they even know they need it.
Allison Schmidt
Allison Schmidt goes out of her way to embody all that a Norse can be. She works through FUEL to provide resources and ensure food security for students. She is caring, compassionate and puts in extra time and effort above and beyond regular work hours. I’ve witnessed Allison ensuring that students have access to all the resources they need beyond FUEL to connect them with meaningful long-term supports in student services. She serves as a role-model and mentor to students across campus. NKU is fortunate to have someone as caring and compassionate as Allison.
Karen Doyle
Karen goes above and beyond everyday to support the teams and offices she works with. Karen adds a positive attitude, smile and lightens the mood of every meeting or job that she does.   
   Her level of detail insures that the work she does is accurate. She holds herself accountable and is extremely thorough in the work she does.
    I've worked with Karen for many years and am so lucky to call her my co-worker. Thank you Karen for all you do!!
Michael Guy
Dr. Guy is not just an amazing professor, he is an amazing person. His upbeat, positive, can-do attitude, and sense of humor make him a student, faculty, and staff favorite. He always finds a way to make those around him feel appreciated for their work even though he is very busy with teaching and research. I wanted to be sure to recognize Dr. Guy who recognizes all the good things done by others. He is quick to help, offer encouragement and praise, and he is incredibly humble despite all he does for students, the university, and his community. He is a wonderful asset to the NKU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and all who are fortunate enough to know him.
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kudo's to our incredible faculty who with very little notice last March moved their classes online. Moving labs to an online format was especially challenging, but the faculty rose to this challenge and has worked so hard to keep students engaged and learning at the same level in an online and hybrid teaching environment. As difficult as it has been, they have consistently risen to the occasion, and have not only met the online need, but gone above and beyond to make sure their students had the help and resources they needed to succeed. I am incredibly proud of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Faculty and their hard work and dedication to the students of Northern Kentucky University.  

Eduardo Trujillo
As the IT consultant for the English Department, where I am a faculty member, Ed Trujillo has been enormously helpful in supporting my ongoing adjustment to online teaching. He is kind, patient, professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile. I know for a fact that my and others’ teaching quality is greatly enhanced because of his help and support. I sincerely believe that Ed Trujillo deserves this recognition for his exceptional work ethic and service.
Roads and Grounds Crew
Roads & Grounds are continuing to keep us safe during the winters months by keeping the roads and sidewalks clean of snow and ice. Even though there is a significantly decreased community on campus no corners have been cut and those of us here daily appreciate the hard work and effort they put into our beautiful campus!
Hayden Skinner Fine  
Hayden processes the paperwork for all of the the College of Business internship students. He stays on top of all the paperwork and is always ready to help with any student issues that arise. He is also great about developing ideas to streamline processes and serves as a liaison for many constituents. Thanks for your continued partnership!  
   Denzil Carter  
Denzil helped me quickly handle a student enrollment issue that resulted in the student being able to accept a co-op position. I appreciate Denzil's commitment to NKU and student success!  
Beth Sweeney
Beth has served the NKU community for more than 3 decades now. She has been dedicated to our student-centered and community-engaged mission throughout, guiding us to do the right thing andhelping us find the best way to do it. And she does it all with equanimity and a smile!
University Police
Given the turmoil the nation has witnessed, over the past several months related to racial, social and political unrest, the officers of University Police have continued to work diligently to ensure a safe and secure campus. Despite the negative coverage law enforcement has received during this turbulent period, our Police has continued to perform their mission with professional pride and a sense of service. In my limited encounter them with them around campus, throughout the pandemic (and earlier) I have found them helpful, respectful, caring and always serving with a smile.
Chief Gaffin and Lieutenant Love have led their team by example - thank you!
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda Kilmer represents the ideals that I have come to appreciate at NKU. She works tirelessly to ensure students are listened to and supported in their academic endeavours, taking the extra step to connect students with a person rather than just a website/office. She looks for options and opportunities that have made the difference between graduating or having to 'sit out'. If there is a way, she will find it. She is willing to share selflessly of her knowledge, experience and resources--often foregoing any recognition for her hard work, but instead encouraging and showing appreciation
for the other individual's efforts. She cares more about helping a student then being recognized for her commitment and labor towards student access and completion. As an advisor, she is easily in the top 5 on campus and number one in my estimation. She has the historical knowledge of where to find obscure information that may help a transfer student make the best use of their existing credits and the network to help incoming students make tough decisions about how to incorporate a secondary area of focus. As faculty, she is keenly aware of our students needs and provides a student - centered approach to building courses that help our students apply what they've learned in the 'real world'. I cannot say enough about what a treasure she is to our community and how she has transformed my ability to advise and teach in our department. We are all richer for having her in our campus community. It is for these reasons and many more related to collegiality and student success, that I strongly recommend her for recognition.
I want to appreciate the NKU facilities employees who have done an incredible job this year keeping our spaces clean, beautiful, well-stocked, and safe for everyone. You all have always do this, but this year, you've been working in difficult situations as our essential workers. Thank you very much!
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda Kilmer is the Organizational Leadership Program Coordinator. Along with our Program Director and Dept. Chair, Amanda works tirelessly for the benefit of our program's students, wearing three 'hats' to successfully balance administrative responsibilities with her teaching and advising responsibilities. From recruitment and admission through graduation, Amanda supports Organizational Leadership students tirelessly, guiding them through the unknown, directing them to resources as needed, helping them to understand the path toward degree completion, and assisting them in finding the most beneficial and direct path possible for each student. Her compassion and empathy are immeasurable. She recognizes that each student's journey is unique and provides the appropriate level of challenge and support to facilitate their growth and success on their journey. For this and so many other reasons, I'd like to recognize Amanda with "Norse Uppreciation". :)  
For Previous Upperciations
Recognitions check out
the Archives!  
Rami Leventhal
THANK YOU RAMI! Rami has continually gone over and beyond for our students.
He has offered multiple CPR trainings for our nursing students so that they meet their clinical requirements, he has offered additional dates to fit their schedules, and even done one-on-one trainings so that students do not miss their clinical experiences due to being out of compliance.  
Health Services Staff
Rose Tempel,
Michele Kay
Jeanine Horner
Brooke Moore
and Christy Blackburn
Rose Tempel and the Health Services staff's effort, dedication, and support for our campus community over the last 18 months have never wavered, and their work has only grown.
   While I wish it were a box of $100 bills, I hope you’ll accept our collective thanks and gratitude. I, personally, am in awe of the amount of emotional, physical, and mental labor they have managed, and am proud to work alongside them.
   Thank you and take care.
Vicki Cooper
Vicki is a wonderful Staff Congress representative. She really cares about her work and supporting the staff of NKU. I know whenever I have a question related to being a staff member at NKU I can go to her and get an answer or information for where I can get an answer. We are lucky to have her on our team.
Chris Brewer
He puts actual effort into his lessons to make them internetting to his students!!
Kacie Humphress
Kacie says hi to every student she sees, no matter what she's doing or what time of the day it is. She always has a smile on her face, and keeps the classrooms organized. I her here, our students would not be receiving the same quality of care we are
now. She brightens our day.  
Kyndreck Scott
Kyndreck works at Housing and in the Kenton Garage. He goes absolutely above and beyond for his job, this university, and for his peers/coworkers. Going into projects, no matter how big or complex, the result is always one that makes the situation better. Kyndreck is a problem solver, he is reliable, and has an extraordinary work ethic, balancing his love and loyalty for his jobs, alongside being a student and an intern. He is always willing to help out and takes his tasks seriously, not to mention, he always
has a bright smile and a way to make you laugh along the way. He deserves
recognition for his hard work and complete loyalty to making NKU a safe, happy
and enjoyable place!!
Michelle Donahue
Michelle has been deeply involved with the writing community on campus ever since stepped up to be the faculty advisor for Loch Norse Magazine and has been a great help to the organization. She has inspired writers to get interested in publication and is a gem to have for workshops. She has an undeniable belief
that all of her students have great writing within them, and she helps bring that talent out in class. She went above and beyond this year for Loch Norse by helping us navigate our work through a national pandemic and make sure our virtual open mic nights were still as special as in person. She’s understanding, supportive, an excellent teacher and mentor, and just fun to be around. She will continue to do amazing things for NKU’s writing community and deserves recognition for her dedication.  
Tech Bar
The staff is very approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing any problems with technology. They helped me fix and work around a problem I had with my chromebook.
Office of Education Abroad
and the International
Student and Scholars Services
With over 100 new international students pouring into NKU this year, ISS and OEA have worked tirelessly to make these students feel at home. It has been especially challenging for them with Covid throwing new problems their way. From quarantine to transportation, this team has jumped through every hoop to keep our new students safe and healthy.  
Jen Cellio
English Department

   I am a student and also a GTA working with Dr. Jen Cellio. Dr. Cellio has also been my teacher for several classes. She is a mentor at heart, and leads by demonstration, modeling for her pedagogy students how to lead, teach, and in conjunction with what we study. So to speak--she walks the walk. Her dedication to student success is seen in her compassion for everyone and her belief in everyone's abilities. She also holds her students to a standard in academics that ensures we leave her classroom with a full understanding of the material through in-depth conversation within our discourse.

   To say she goes above and beyond is an understatement. She makes herself and her knowledge everyones. We met all summer as she helped me to plan the ENG 101 class I am teaching this fall and she comes to every meeting we had/have with an open heart and patience and above all: trust. Her
faith in me allows me to continue to see my own capabilities in new situations.

   Dr. Cellio's passion for rhetoric and disability studies, as well as the composition world are easily witnessed through class time and conversation. On top of this she's amazingly brilliant, while also humble and I love talking to her about a variety of topics pertaining to these areas of study broadly. Her passion, to bring it up again, is palpable to the point it starts to fill you up as well, I mean to say she really shares that with her students. She brings it all in the best of ways.

   And she is there for you. She even talked me through a situation on her way home from work, recently. She is the picture of dedication and care, and the kind that shows up for all of the right reasons. And, at the end of it all I really, really enjoy her company and conversation.

   Thank you for the opportunity to share this with the NKU community.  

DeVanee Lasley  
I am recommending this person for recognition because she has worked extremely hard since the start of her job here at NKU to ensure that us as students are successful. Not only through our academics, but also through our programming techniques. I appreciate all she has done for students on campus and I believe she is the true definition of a hardworking woman
Sara Conwell
A teacher who is dedicated to helping her students achieve a successful future. She’s always putting a smile on her students faces and always willing to help in situations she can.  
Kristi Bishop  
Kristi cares about student success more than any staff person I’ve met. She cares for her student employees and is willing to do anything to help them, and she cares for the students who use the library as well. She never stops advocating for students
Diane Williams
I would like to recognize Diane Williams for her unwavering leadership. Whether in a routine meeting, dealing with surprises, figuring out operations during COVID, and everything in between, we can always count on her to bring a balanced perspective and positive attitude. She is a fierce supporter of the people in her unit and works unceasingly to help keep Learning PLUS as a crucial hub of student support, whether through tutoring, bringing dual credit to schools across the region, or expanding transfer pathway partnerships.
Dionna Sholler
Dionna’s level of professionalism, integrity, and collegiality are exemplary. She is always available and always collegial, and on that rare occasion when she has to say “I don’t know,” she follows up with “but I’ll find out.” And, she does find out.    
Dionna’s job performance and quality of work are beyond reproach. She takes pride in what she does. Her positive energy and enthusiasm for the university in the role she plays are contagious. The most difficult tasks seem less challenging when Dionna is assisting with the resolution. And, not only does she meet the challenges that face her with positive energy and creativity, she roles up her sleeves and helps others do the same, making a daunting task seem less insurmountable. Dionna is one who doesn’t ask “why”when it comes to assisting, but instead asks “why not?” She is a team player that I would always welcome to have on my team.
Rose Tempel
Rose is kind and compassionate to our faculty, staff, and students. She has worked long hours to keep us safe and has provided COVID-19 tests and vaccinations to our campus community. Thank you for your dedication to NKU and for all you do. Sending a virtual hug to Rose!
Staci Hunt
Staci Hunt is a great team player. She's always willing to help out and assist in any way she can. She has assisted me tremendously with a lot of my tasks and questions. Thank you for all your help!
Michael Frazier
Due to being short-staffed, Michael has been given many new responsibilities that go above and beyond a daily load. Not only is Michael extremely knowledgeable, always keeps NKU brand and image in mind he is also very creative in his approach. Michael always gives 110% and does it with a smile and true positivity. I wanted to somehow give Michael props for always delivering and being a wonderful person to work with. Norse Up!
Hayden Skinner Fine
Hayden is an individual who has been here in-person through it all. He is the first to come in and the last to leave. Our students are well taken care of because of his loyalty.  
John Deutscher
John is one of our NKU custodians. I have seen him in many buildings across campus making sure we have a clean and safe place to work and learn. John always has a smile and a hello. He is always working hard and each time I see him in a building, I know it will be well cared for.   
 John is just one in a group of great custodial staff here on campus! They work hard, so that we may remain productive and healthy. I am sure it has been exceptionally hard for them through the pandemic, with all of the extra cleaning/sanitizing measures NKU has in place. However, they never seemed phased by it and their efforts never seem to diminish. Thank you!
Jeff Chesnut
Jeff has shown great leadership and has been a wonderful director, always fighting for his department and pushing us to be our best. During the time of working remotely, he was always there to help me and supported me from the first day! He is calm in stressful situations and fun to work with every day!  
Denice Robertson
Thank you to Denice for bringing together such a wonderful event with the Norse Educator Summit. The theme was timely and the conversations productive.The privilege activity, keynote, and breakout sessions were all great.
Toni Schneller
I would like to highlight the incredible work Toni does for our international students. She works tirelessly to make each and every student feel welcomed, supported, and loved at NKU. Toni often works after hours or on the weekend to pick up students from the airport, check them into their accommodation, deliver meals, take them to medical appointments, help them get a social security card or driver's license, support them and guide them through a myriad of questions as they adapt to life far from their home country, and on and on. She is their American mother! Thanks Toni!
Parking Services
Andy Meeks and Eli Baird
I submitted a special request to parking this week and a decision on the request was made immediately and without any red tape. Action to fulfill this request started immediately and I was just so blown away that this not only made my day, but my whole week. Thank so much to parking services!
Jen Cellio
Jen is such an amazing, compassionate instructor and colleague, and her presentation at SOFI was inspirational - and aspirational! If the rest of us do even a part of what Jen does to make our courses more inclusive for our students, I know we'll gain a real reputation for being a welcoming, student-centered campus.  
NKU's Horticulture group and Grounds Team
I just wanted to thank NKU's Horticulture group for keeping our campus so beautiful. I love the flowers and plants that you just added to the Steely Library circle. It made me smile walking into work today. Thanks for all that you and your colleagues on the Grounds team do to maintain and beautify our campus! Even if I don't personally thank you for the snow and ice removal and trash removal around campus... it is greatly appreciated! Thanks for all that you do!
Tim Rieskamp
Tim has gone above and beyond to create training videos for everything from New Hire Training to Web Accessibility Training. His videos are captioned and meet the criteria for excellent, accessible training materials. Additionally, Tim works to keep the IT website up to date and available to all faculty, staff, and students.
Kenny Goins
Kenny Goins is an amazing person. He is incredibly hardworking and a caretaker. The MEP building is one of the busiest buildings on campus but he keeps it thoroughly clean and takes the time to know everyone in the building. He is compassionate and dedicated to NKU. Kenny embraces the spirit of NKU by going out of his way to support the faculty and staff in MEP. Throughout the pandemic he has worked to ensure not only the cleanliness of the building but the safety of those in it. Kenny empties the Norse way.
Sara Bibee
Sara Bibee represents all that is great about NKU. She goes out of her way to assist with technology needs in the College of Education with faculty, staff, and students. She is a quiet leadership who focuses on excellence and caring. NKU is better because of Sara.
Julia Bedell

Julia Bedell serves as both the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Freshman Advisor, and as a professor teaching CHE 125/CHE 115/ lecture and/or labs. Julia is a mentor and a cheerleader for our students and goes above and beyond to help students plan their scheduled and succeed. This year was a particularly challenging one to deliver that kind of personalized experience while being socially distant. Julia handled it with expertise and stayed in touch wither her advisees. I don't think we would have the kind of student retention we have in our department without her hard work and dedication.  

Brittany Campbell
Brittany Campbell is the academic assistant for the College of Arts and Science Advising Center. She is always responsive, supportive, and professional in her interactions with students, staff, and faculty. She has assisted me over this past year in multiple ways and always with good cheer.This has been invaluable especially during a challenging year. Thank you Brittany!
Rick Endres
Publicity and Art Events Manager
Rick has found so many ways to be so effective in the remote environment. He has approached the past 9 months as an opportunity. He has continuously brought forth new ideas and new processes to make his job more effective, and in doing so, has made SOTA more effective. The pandemic has hit the visual and performing arts especially hard as we have given up audiences and many of our in-person operations. Rick has remained responsive and effective in getting our online productions, performances, and exhibitions online and disseminated to as broad an audience as possible
Peg Adams
Peg is great to work with and always works to put students first! I submitted an Early Alert for a student who was not attending my class and would not respond to my emails. within 24 hours of submitting the alert, the student reached out to me and told me they had spoken with Peg and how helpful she had been! Thanks Peg for helping our students succeed!  
Stephanie Biggs  
Stephanie is great! Countless times I have worked with Stephanie to re-open closed sections of a class and to switch course instructors. Stephanie's response is always quick and with a virtual smile
Shauna Ryan
Shauna worked to help me get a time sensitive student situation quickly resolved. She is always so kind and great to work with!  
Bob Fox and Paul Hundemer
Ops and Maintenance
Bob Fox and Paul Hundemer are superintendents in O&M who have set a high bar for those who will follow in their footsteps. They not only continued to lead their respective teams in preventive and corrective maintenance but voluntarily took on additional responsibility of managing large projects. This additional work load without jeopardizing the quality of routine work, enabled Facilities to handle deferred maintenance projects keeping a project manger position open for more than a year. Hopefully, as this position gets filled, they will get some relief and go back to their regular duties.
Monica Gray

I would like to recognize Monica for her hard work over this past summer with getting the Health Counseling and Student Wellness office up and running with video telehealth. Monica was instrumental with coordinating, planning and arranging the transition to video telehealth. Working to make sure that paperwork was made available digitally online. And making sure that all staff were set up and trained in how to use the new systems. Monica also demonstrated clear effective and persistent communication skills with a company notorious for poor and slow communication. I am grateful to her for stepping up and leading us in making this transition happen.  

Carlous Yates
Director of
African American
Student Initiatives
I want to recognize Carlous for his consistent hard work and dedication to the NORSE community, more particularly, the African/African American/Black community. He has been able to provide high quality to programs in the face of continued adversity. I understand we all are short staffed, but I believe he deserves recognition to the highest. Without having several full time support staff, he has been able to offer programming that meets the needs and interest of most of the students and campus partners he serves. I know that hard work also needs to come with intentional self care, and I want to acknowledge his selfless work and love for the students and the campus community.
Jeff Butler
Jeff has shown immense dedication to NKU through his constant efforts to help in any way he can. He shows grace under pressure while managing multiple projects at once, which never seem to go as planned. He goes above and beyond to make sure that any user he interacts with receives the top notch service and their request is completed within their timeline...which is not always an easy task when coordinating with multiple vendors! NKU is lucky to have such committed staff with great work ethic! Thank you, Jeff!