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2021 Uppreciations
Pam Stevens
Pam’s contributions to Financial Assistance often go unrecognized or considered “a part of the job”. However, her service to NKU has been extraordinary in the face of many challenges. Her support is felt long after she has clocked out and gone home for the day. She is an asset to the department and I’m glad I get to work with her!  
Liz Birkenhauer
Liz is a hard worker, a good communicator and she is willing to help any team member. She is a valued member of the facilities team!
Steve Slone
Mail Services Department
Steve and the Mailing Services department were able to help our organization send out post cards for a student outreach initiative. They were thoughtful and did everything to make things perfect. I truly appreciate their customer service and excellence mindset. Thank you for all that you do!
Josh Perkins
Josh is truly an asset to NKU. He works tirelessly and always goes out of his way to provide the highest level of customer service. Whether planning the movement of entire office spaces or simply sweeping and mopping a concrete floor Josh always completes a task with a smile on his face. His smile is contagious. Josh is a wonderful coworker and worthy of appreciation.
Brian Schultz
Brian joined the IT/SAP team 2 years ago at one of the busiest times of the year! From the time he joined the IT team, he has worked very hard to support the HR departments (Benefits, Payroll and Budget). His system knowledge, logical approach and department support are invaluable assets to the people he supports and the University.
   Brian is the key IT person on the Benefits Annual enrollment in myNKU. This is an annual and a major undertaking for the Benefits Team, Brian and Mark Washick (developer). There is so much work to make this run smoothly each year! It is definitely a team effort.  
   Thank you Brian for all the things that you do behind the scenes to simplify the lives of NKU employees and support the ITHR Team
The NKU Payroll Department
Stacey Horan and
LaVonne Amanns
If you have a payroll or tax question, or an issue with your paycheck, Stacey Horan is the one that you call or email. She will help you and correct the problem! You can count on that. And she always does it with a smile and pleasant response. Stacey is a very hard worker! She's organized, thorough and makes sure that you get paid each pay period. Unless you've done that job; it is hard to imagine the pressure that goes along with it. There are constant deadlines and many questions to answer via phone calls or emails.
   Now imagine that you've lost your boss and are now responsible for running payrolls on your own for 4 months!
   On top of it, it's tax year end with W-2's, annual tax returns and tax reconciliations that have to be completed all by 1/31. For the last 4 months, the majority of the work fell on Stacey and LaVonne to do all those things. But they are a great team; they support each other and therefore support the university in one of the most important ways.....getting everyone paid!
   KC Russell
Dr. KC Russell is the Department Chair for Chemistry and Biochemistry. To say that his first year was tumultuous is an understatement. KC rose to each challenge and helped steer the department through each crisis. Through it all, he continued to make himself available to any student who needed help or advice. He is living the motto, "student success is my top priority," and modelling it in his leadership.
Annual Giving Alumni Association
and Foundation Staff
I want to specifically raise up the hard work and student success-driven efforts of the Annual Giving, Alumni Association, and Foundation Staff.   
   Through their hard and impactful work, this team raised over $310,000 by connecting with 590 donors in a day! These funds will assist students with scholarships, technology upgrades, and provide for other supports to help NKU be more student-ready.
   #NorseNation has an awesome team to support our students' success on their journey to becoming Norse alumni. #ThaNKU
Student Union professional
and student staff
The student and professional staff of the Student Union have continued to push through COVID-19 related challenges to provide space for the campus community to safely connect, rest, and engage in physically-distanced social opportunities. Thank you!
Rebecca Sherman
Rebecca does great work with excellence and precision! She is the glue in The Office of Admissions.
Thanks Rebecca!  
   Amanda Meeker  
Amanda is committed and dedicated to her work. She works tirelessly to support her team and to organize the various career fairs. She spends countless hours communicating with employers and promoting NKU to them. She is a true light at NKU!  
Tiffany Mayse  
Tiffany organized a great MLK Day of Service! This event is always a great way to see the NKU community come together and give back and this year was no different. The dialogue was rich, the content intriguing, and the message unifying. Thank you Tiffany to your commitment to NKU and student success!  
Josh Chandler  
Josh is great about quickly responding to all the requests I send to the Registrar's Office and making student registration a top priority! Thanks Josh!  
Julie Moses
Julie goes above and beyond to ensure that the grant submissions she oversees are not just acceptable, but the best they can be.  
Ken Wolterman
Ken is a conscientious and dedicated member of the NKU staff. After having received a promotion and moving over to the Budget Office he continued to work wit Facilities Management, not only to fill the void to also help identify, recruit and train his replacement. His service beyond the call of duty must not go unrecognized and unappreciated - thank you Ken!  
Scott Barton

Scott Barton is an outstanding employee and even better co-worker. He is always willing to lend a hand, or an ear, to help out and not only is he compassionate and down to earth, he is also 100% Genuine! Scott Barton, you're the real deal! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and longevity!  

This year, the CINSAM team has pulled out all the stops to adapt their work for our changing circumstances at NKU and across our region. There have been so many unknowns that you had to work around or through, and you have done it with aplomb and without complaint. I have been amazed at how well your efforts have paid off (STEM at Home, STEM Peer Mentors, STEM Conference, SCI 110, iSTP and more).
   Your efforts are a perfect manifestation of NKU's innovative, student-centered, and community engaged spirit. Keep up the fantastic work!
Maureen Krebs
Maureen Krebs is the assistant to the dean in the college of Health & Human Services. She is adept at almost any function involving a computer, email, Zoom meeting, web cam, printer, or even a pencil and paper! She is smart, capable, kind and caring and laughs a lot. She is generous with her time and talents, and again - is always ready to see the softer, even humorous side of almost everything. She is a joy to work with and for. I suspect the Dean and our whole College would agree.
Jordan Wilson
University Housing
Jordan has been working until the brakes fell off and she is still pushing. She is thoughtful, intelligent, thorough, and protective of our student staff when we feel they sometimes aren't advocated for. I cheer her on any time she crosses my mind and when/if she leaves us, I don't know what I'll do!
Carlous Yates
Carlous is an unsung hero for the love and dedication he has for his ROCKS students. The week of Thanksgiving, Carlous made a late night delivery of snacks, drinks, theraflu and other medicines needed to his students who were stuck in their residences due to being either ill or quarantined. He is selfless in his dedication to being a mentor and even a pseudo-parent to Black students on campus and truly deserves to be recognized in this way.
Krista Wiseman Moore
When an adult learner needed help in participating in commencement, Krista went above and beyond. The student was late in RSVP'ing to his ceremony, and Krista was able to work things out to allow the student to participate in a different ceremony. Because of this, the student's grandmother will be able to watch him walk across the stage--one of the only reasons why he came back to NKU to complete his degree. Whether she knows it or not, Krista was able to make this student's dream come true!
Chemistry and Biochemistry Staff
Kris Mason, Jim Wilkinson
and Christine Yankovsky
Without the efforts of our amazing staff, it would be impossible for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to be as efficient as it is and serve our students as well as we do. The transition online and then to a hybrid model meant the stockroom was responsible for preparing hundreds of samples so each student had their own set of chemicals and could work with proper social distancing. In addition to that Kris and Jim did an incredible job reconfiguring all of our teaching labs so students and faculty could work safely through the pandemic. Going remote also created challenges in the front office, but Christine never missed a step. In fact, she is usually one step ahead, making sure our faculty and students have everything
they need when they need it -sometimes even before they even know they need it.
Allison Schmidt
Allison Schmidt goes out of her way to embody all that a Norse can be. She works through FUEL to provide resources and ensure food security for students. She is caring, compassionate and puts in extra time and effort above and beyond regular work hours. I’ve witnessed Allison ensuring that students have access to all the resources they need beyond FUEL to connect them with meaningful long-term supports in student services. She serves as a role-model and mentor to students across campus. NKU is fortunate to have someone as caring and compassionate as Allison.
Karen Doyle
Karen goes above and beyond everyday to support the teams and offices she works with. Karen adds a positive attitude, smile and lightens the mood of every meeting or job that she does.   
   Her level of detail insures that the work she does is accurate. She holds herself accountable and is extremely thorough in the work she does.
    I've worked with Karen for many years and am so lucky to call her my co-worker. Thank you Karen for all you do!!
Michael Guy
Dr. Guy is not just an amazing professor, he is an amazing person. His upbeat, positive, can-do attitude, and sense of humor make him a student, faculty, and staff favorite. He always finds a way to make those around him feel appreciated for their work even though he is very busy with teaching and research. I wanted to be sure to recognize Dr. Guy who recognizes all the good things done by others. He is quick to help, offer encouragement and praise, and he is incredibly humble despite all he does for students, the university, and his community. He is a wonderful asset to the NKU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and all who are fortunate enough to know him.
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kudo's to our incredible faculty who with very little notice last March moved their classes online. Moving labs to an online format was especially challenging, but the faculty rose to this challenge and has worked so hard to keep students engaged and learning at the same level in an online and hybrid teaching environment. As difficult as it has been, they have consistently risen to the occasion, and have not only met the online need, but gone above and beyond to make sure their students had the help and resources they needed to succeed. I am incredibly proud of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Faculty and their hard work and dedication to the students of Northern Kentucky University.  

Eduardo Trujillo
As the IT consultant for the English Department, where I am a faculty member, Ed Trujillo has been enormously helpful in supporting my ongoing adjustment to online teaching. He is kind, patient, professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile. I know for a fact that my and others’ teaching quality is greatly enhanced because of his help and support. I sincerely believe that Ed Trujillo deserves this recognition for his exceptional work ethic and service.
Roads and Grounds Crew
Roads & Grounds are continuing to keep us safe during the winters months by keeping the roads and sidewalks clean of snow and ice. Even though there is a significantly decreased community on campus no corners have been cut and those of us here daily appreciate the hard work and effort they put into our beautiful campus!
Hayden Skinner Fine  
Hayden processes the paperwork for all of the the College of Business internship students. He stays on top of all the paperwork and is always ready to help with any student issues that arise. He is also great about developing ideas to streamline processes and serves as a liaison for many constituents. Thanks for your continued partnership!  
   Denzil Carter  
Denzil helped me quickly handle a student enrollment issue that resulted in the student being able to accept a co-op position. I appreciate Denzil's commitment to NKU and student success!  
Beth Sweeney
Beth has served the NKU community for more than 3 decades now. She has been dedicated to our student-centered and community-engaged mission throughout, guiding us to do the right thing andhelping us find the best way to do it. And she does it all with equanimity and a smile!
University Police
Given the turmoil the nation has witnessed, over the past several months related to racial, social and political unrest, the officers of University Police have continued to work diligently to ensure a safe and secure campus. Despite the negative coverage law enforcement has received during this turbulent period, our Police has continued to perform their mission with professional pride and a sense of service. In my limited encounter them with them around campus, throughout the pandemic (and earlier) I have found them helpful, respectful, caring and always serving with a smile.
Chief Gaffin and Lieutenant Love have led their team by example - thank you!
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda Kilmer represents the ideals that I have come to appreciate at NKU. She works tirelessly to ensure students are listened to and supported in their academic endeavours, taking the extra step to connect students with a person rather than just a website/office. She looks for options and opportunities that have made the difference between graduating or having to 'sit out'. If there is a way, she will find it. She is willing to share selflessly of her knowledge, experience and resources--often foregoing any recognition for her hard work, but instead encouraging and showing appreciation
for the other individual's efforts. She cares more about helping a student then being recognized for her commitment and labor towards student access and completion. As an advisor, she is easily in the top 5 on campus and number one in my estimation. She has the historical knowledge of where to find obscure information that may help a transfer student make the best use of their existing credits and the network to help incoming students make tough decisions about how to incorporate a secondary area of focus. As faculty, she is keenly aware of our students needs and provides a student - centered approach to building courses that help our students apply what they've learned in the 'real world'. I cannot say enough about what a treasure she is to our community and how she has transformed my ability to advise and teach in our department. We are all richer for having her in our campus community. It is for these reasons and many more related to collegiality and student success, that I strongly recommend her for recognition.
I want to appreciate the NKU facilities employees who have done an incredible job this year keeping our spaces clean, beautiful, well-stocked, and safe for everyone. You all have always do this, but this year, you've been working in difficult situations as our essential workers. Thank you very much!
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda Kilmer is the Organizational Leadership Program Coordinator. Along with our Program Director and Dept. Chair, Amanda works tirelessly for the benefit of our program's students, wearing three 'hats' to successfully balance administrative responsibilities with her teaching and advising responsibilities. From recruitment and admission through graduation, Amanda supports Organizational Leadership students tirelessly, guiding them through the unknown, directing them to resources as needed, helping them to understand the path toward degree completion, and assisting them in finding the most beneficial and direct path possible for each student. Her compassion and empathy are immeasurable. She recognizes that each student's journey is unique and provides the appropriate level of challenge and support to facilitate their growth and success on their journey. For this and so many other reasons, I'd like to recognize Amanda with "Norse Uppreciation". :)  
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Kenny Goins
Kenny Goins is an amazing person. He is incredibly hardworking and a caretaker. The MEP building is one of the busiest buildings on campus but he keeps it thoroughly clean and takes the time to know everyone in the building. He is compassionate and dedicated to NKU. Kenny embraces the spirit of NKU by going out of his way to support the faculty and staff in MEP. Throughout the pandemic he has worked to ensure not only the cleanliness of the building but the safety of those in it. Kenny empties the Norse way.
Sara Bibee
Sara Bibee represents all that is great about NKU. She goes out of her way to assist with technology needs in the College of Education with faculty, staff, and students. She is a quiet leadership who focuses on excellence and caring. NKU is better because of Sara.
Julia Bedell

Julia Bedell serves as both the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Freshman Advisor, and as a professor teaching CHE 125/CHE 115/ lecture and/or labs. Julia is a mentor and a cheerleader for our students and goes above and beyond to help students plan their scheduled and succeed. This year was a particularly challenging one to deliver that kind of personalized experience while being socially distant. Julia handled it with expertise and stayed in touch wither her advisees. I don't think we would have the kind of student retention we have in our department without her hard work and dedication.  

Brittany Campbell
Brittany Campbell is the academic assistant for the College of Arts and Science Advising Center. She is always responsive, supportive, and professional in her interactions with students, staff, and faculty. She has assisted me over this past year in multiple ways and always with good cheer.This has been invaluable especially during a challenging year. Thank you Brittany!
Rick Endres
Publicity and Art Events Manager
Rick has found so many ways to be so effective in the remote environment. He has approached the past 9 months as an opportunity. He has continuously brought forth new ideas and new processes to make his job more effective, and in doing so, has made SOTA more effective. The pandemic has hit the visual and performing arts especially hard as we have given up audiences and many of our in-person operations. Rick has remained responsive and effective in getting our online productions, performances, and exhibitions online and disseminated to as broad an audience as possible
Peg Adams
Peg is great to work with and always works to put students first! I submitted an Early Alert for a student who was not attending my class and would not respond to my emails. within 24 hours of submitting the alert, the student reached out to me and told me they had spoken with Peg and how helpful she had been! Thanks Peg for helping our students succeed!  
Stephanie Biggs  
Stephanie is great! Countless times I have worked with Stephanie to re-open closed sections of a class and to switch course instructors. Stephanie's response is always quick and with a virtual smile
Shauna Ryan
Shauna worked to help me get a time sensitive student situation quickly resolved. She is always so kind and great to work with!  
Bob Fox and Paul Hundemer
Ops and Maintenance
Bob Fox and Paul Hundemer are superintendents in O&M who have set a high bar for those who will follow in their footsteps. They not only continued to lead their respective teams in preventive and corrective maintenance but voluntarily took on additional responsibility of managing large projects. This additional work load without jeopardizing the quality of routine work, enabled Facilities to handle deferred maintenance projects keeping a project manger position open for more than a year. Hopefully, as this position gets filled, they will get some relief and go back to their regular duties.
Monica Gray

I would like to recognize Monica for her hard work over this past summer with getting the Health Counseling and Student Wellness office up and running with video telehealth. Monica was instrumental with coordinating, planning and arranging the transition to video telehealth. Working to make sure that paperwork was made available digitally online. And making sure that all staff were set up and trained in how to use the new systems. Monica also demonstrated clear effective and persistent communication skills with a company notorious for poor and slow communication. I am grateful to her for stepping up and leading us in making this transition happen.  

Carlous Yates
Director of
African American
Student Initiatives
I want to recognize Carlous for his consistent hard work and dedication to the NORSE community, more particularly, the African/African American/Black community. He has been able to provide high quality to programs in the face of continued adversity. I understand we all are short staffed, but I believe he deserves recognition to the highest. Without having several full time support staff, he has been able to offer programming that meets the needs and interest of most of the students and campus partners he serves. I know that hard work also needs to come with intentional self care, and I want to acknowledge his selfless work and love for the students and the campus community.
Jeff Butler
Jeff has shown immense dedication to NKU through his constant efforts to help in any way he can. He shows grace under pressure while managing multiple projects at once, which never seem to go as planned. He goes above and beyond to make sure that any user he interacts with receives the top notch service and their request is completed within their timeline...which is not always an easy task when coordinating with multiple vendors! NKU is lucky to have such committed staff with great work ethic! Thank you, Jeff!