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2022 Uppreciations
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown has been a huge asset to the Facilities Management Department. Wesley joined our department during the Pandemic and quickly adjusted with his remote training and getting to know other coworkers. Wesley is always pleasant, quick to respond to any question, and always willing to take on any project assigned. I know I have relied on Wesley multiple times with matters I needed help with and he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I know I do not just speak for myself when I say Facilities Management and Operations & Maintenance are glad to have you.
Beth Mills
Beth has the very important, but often thankless job of processing and paying invoices, utility bills, PR's, reconciling numerous credit cards, and more, while also handling the O&M front desk duties.The number of bills that come across her desk each month is enormous and all must be paid in an extremely quick turn-around time. Beth has
impeccable attention to detail and handles all the bill payments, invoices, and credit card transactions with efficiency and accuracy. She is extremely well organized and helps keep the O&M office operating smoothly. She is also willing to drop everything to help when someone requests assistance. I want to thank Beth for all of her hard work everyday and hopefully she knows how much O&M appreciates her!
Parnell Talley
Parnell is always prompt in his responses, and he's invariably a great help, as well as friendly and kind. He has been a lot of help with implementing course reserves in my online class.  
Jackie Marsala
Jackie consistently goes above and beyond everyday. Not only does she do this she is always is determing how can this process be done more effectively and efficiently. Jackie seems to accomplish so much seamlessly however it is due to her ability to see how things should be done differently. The highlight to all of this is Jackie also is very cognizant of the person. How is this impacting them, is this meeting their needs, does it meet the program and organization needs
Steve Slone
As with everything he does, Steve has gone above and beyond with the planning and implementing of two Staff Congress Roundtable events. Coordinating and planning this event is no easy task, and Steve has managed to successfully pull this off via Zoom and in a pandemic. As the next President of Staff Congress, I have no doubt that he will continue to go above and beyond in all that he does, and provide wonderful leadership through his 2-year term. I feel very fortunate that he has served as my President-Elect; his input has been extremely valuable. Steve, I hope you know how truly
Uppreciated you are!
Office of
Financial Assistance
I want to shout out specifically the fellow staff and our student phone agents. I am fairly new here and so is most of this department.
When January's spring sessions started it was essentially "all hands on deck" naturally with the influx or questions regarding financial aid. I think all of the staff within this department deserve a huge shoutout for taking things as we go in stride. We are all learning and financial aid is a very complex thing. I think all the staff are ready to to roll up their sleeves and help their fellow colleagues out. I also think we have a great group of student workers that help us with our phone calls and we would be 10x's
busier if these students were not there taking calls and answering/helping out
their fellow students. Shoutout to Travis, Dana, Lynn, Kimmie, Paige, Alex,
Clay, Jenny, Renee, Hope, Stormi, Wendy, (student worker) Maria, and Logan!

Joetta Browning
Went above and beyond to be positive andsupporting throughout not only class time  but while I was stressed while supporting my terminally ill grandfather and his wife. Ms. Browning has been the absolute best math professor I have ever had the privilege of learning from. She is nothing but absolutely exceptional.
Audra Points
Audra pours her heart and soul into everything she does for NKU. She doesn't work a 37 1/2 hour work week, she works much more because that is what it takes to keep NKU safe and in compliance. She is insanely organized and always goes the extra mile. She is constantly striving to change, streamline, and improve process and procedures at NKU saving money and reducing NKU liability wherever possible. Thanks Audra for setting the example for us all.
Sarah Baker
in IT
Sarah is always ready to help in any way she can with computer and technology needs in the Science Center. And she is always kind and considerate when helping. We are luck to have her in our building!
Shamima Ahmed
She is a wonderful, caring and intelligent professor. I was going through an unforeseen event with my life and she reached out to me offering solutions to get through the difficult time! I had 2 deaths and a wedding of my only grandson. She is truly a profound professor!
Mark Leeman
in Griffin Hall
Mark works very hard to inspire me in and outside the classroom with his motivation and way of teaching. He works hard to make his lectures entertaining and he helps students at all levels. His class effects me not only in the classroom but also when I'm  his lectures and topics really inspire and make me think everyday. He teaches at a level where it's easy to understand and it feels like he's really trying to help us as students with everything going on. He goes above and beyond to teach his topic and I'm very happy I signed up to take his class.
Jennifer Smith
Library Services
Jenny not only provides invaluable service to the library's patrons, she is also a valued colleague at the library. She goes above and beyond her duties to provide support and help boost morale. I appreciate the efforts she puts into making Steely Library a place that students, staff, and faculty all want to come to every day.  
Dan Jones
Dan has gone above and beyond for our office - providing access, troubleshooting, and learning opportunities for our group as we're transitioning from one database system to another. He's wonderful to work with - quick, efficient, and helpful in offering supplemental details to get the job done. Thank you, Dan!
   Griffin Hall Classroom
Support Team
Jeff Butler, Joe Wendeln, and Derek Armstrong the Griffin Hall classroom and client tech team. As a team Jeff, Joe, and Derek are so critical to the operations of Griffin Hall. They are always prepared, always thinking ahead with maintenance to ensure that the classrooms are working for our instructors, they are resourceful, knowledgeable, always willing to help, and they are great team members. Thank you!  
Steve Slone
Grace Hiles
Steve was instrumental in guiding the success of the recent Staff Congress Roundtable event! His behind the scenes work preparing for this important annual event took hours of work. And Grace Hiles also spent hours of her time, as always, that contributed the success of this event! What would we do without these two! We sooooo appreciate you two!  
   Suzanne Kirst
Suzanne Kirst is a Godsend for NKU! She does so much and is always pleasant to work with. Without Suzanne working on the front end, no one at NKU would be getting paid! We want her to know she is appreciated and her great work does not go unnoticed! Thank you, Suzanne!
Nicholas Caporusso
He helped revive the long-defunct organization, ACM@NKU. He is passionate in his work and teaching.
Maureen Krebs

Maureen Krebs is the Assistant to the Dean of CHHS. Our Dean, Dale Stephenson, is a very busy, very dedicated man who packs 25 hours into every day. As his assistant, Maureen is available for those 25 hours. And she does it, efficiently, effectively, and fast.. And she laughs easily and often. My job is sort of as her assistant and it is fascinating, never boring!

   The College of Health & Human Services is VERY active and busy. Our students are becoming nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, counselors, physical therapists, respiration therapists, radiologic therapists, and more!! The leadership is so clear, and so good that it is a pleasure to serve here.

Alicia Ireton
Alicia goes above and beyond to make sure that the students of the Respiratory Care program have everything they need to be successful not only in clinical, but in the lab setting as well. Alicia can often be found at the campus early in the morning preparing for courses, and is willing to help not only students, but the faculty and the College of Health and Human Services in any way she can. I know there have been many times when Alicia has helped me with different projects for the Respiratory Care program.
Alicia has nothing but the best interest in mind for not only the students, but the program as a whole. Thank you Alicia for everything you do for not only myself, but the students and the Respiratory Care program here at NKU!
Annette Shumard
School of Kinesiology, Counseling
and Rehabilitative Sciences
Annette always goes above and beyond helping the faculty members of the School of Kinesiology, Counseling, and Rehabilitative Sciences. Annette is always willing to help out in any way she can, and works tirelessly to ensure things run smoothly!
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Emily Dobbs
BioSci Lab Prep staff
Emily Dobbs is one of the reasons we all love being part of Biological Sciences. The faculty, staff and students are awesome, and Emily and her crew make sure everything is perfectly organized for both our teaching and research labs. You never have to worry what will happen to your packages while you're busy or if the labs will be ready when it's time to teach your next class. Her efficiency, professionalism and dedication are incredible and that's reflected by the great service provided by the entire Lab Prep
staff. Thanks to all for making our lives easier and less stressful!!!
Olena Pilyayeva
Olena and I don't work in the same college, but each of us serve in similar roles within our respected colleges. She has always been so kind and helpful when I started in my position and continues to be a great colleague. Olena is willing to share ideas and has invited us to participate in the Business Forum even though we are not part of the College of Business. She truly wants to see students successful in whatever path they may choose as a student. Her cheerful demeanor makes her very easy to talk to. I
know I can reach out to her for ideas and bounce off ideas that I have for our college. She is not only professional but personable too. You are making a difference!  
Clint Southwick
He was prompt, kind and professional fixing the light in my office.
John Deutscher

   John is a custodian on campus and does an amazing job keeping our campus clean and safe for all of us each day. In addition to his own work, John often helps his co-workers by dumping the trash they have collected and cleaning rooms/areas in which they do not feel comfortable. He often picks up overtime when available, and has volunteered to work events when extra hands were needed.  

  Yes, I may be a bit biased in that John is my husband, but he has also worked on my floor as our custodian for some time and I can attest to the fact that he does his job very well!

   Personally, I want to add that John has an amazing work ethic and truly cares about the the community he serves. Few people are as passionate as he is and that often goes unrecognized. I cannot think of anyone I work with who deserves a Norse Uppreciation more than John! He is a prime example of the NKU Norse community spirit and I thank him for that!!

 Sherri Jones
As a member of Sherri’s team in the MBLI program, I have seen how passionate Sherri is about the NKU community and the college. She works tirelessly to meet deadlines, she leads her team with such empathy and leadership. She is a true treasure to have as a faculty at Northern Kentucky University!
SOTA Janitorial Staff
Miss Donna 
The SOTA Janitorial staff are always working hard to maintain our spaces, they are always ready with a smile and a friendly greeting, and are so supportive of us and out art! Miss Donna specifically is so special to everyone in the theatre and dance program and seeing her is often the best part of my day
Darrin Wilson
He really is an informative and gregarious teacher with an empathic side. I was going through difficult times having 3 deaths and a wedding of only grandson however he understood and offered solutions so I did not give up!
Dr. Deane
Dr. Deane is fairly new to NKU and very new to being Director of MSN, however, she has stepped into some incredible shoes and really started to run. I can't express how excited I am to hear about some of the ideas she wants to implement and see some of them already come to fruition. Additionally, she is inclusive to all involved. I am finding her addition to the team to be exciting.
   Dr. Al Bahrani
Dr. Al Bahrani is a Economics professor at the Haile College of Business. He's always gone out his way to be helpful and provide resources. Even with tight availability options he shows up for his students and is really involved in our growth as student and as an individual.