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2022- 2023 Uppreciations
Dale Mahaney
In all of our interactions, Dale always goes above and beyond in meeting data requests. He responds promptly, courteously and he does not blink at even the most obscure requests. Interactions with Dale are always a pleasure. Definitely a "go to" staff member
Sara Conwell
I have known Sara for several years and she never fails to amaze me with her ability to hold steadfast in her passion for the reason NKU exists - our students. She faces every question, obstacle, and discussion with one frame of mind "what is best for our students" and I find that to be extremely admirable. Her sense of humor is also a definite plus when I face a hard day!
Amy Danzo
Amy is one of the best leaders I have ever had the opportunity to work under. She practices vulnerability and strength and is always willing to pitch in when needed. She is an amazing human being and isn't afraid to put in the work alongside her team.  
Nikki Kramer
Nikki saved me from a costly mistake on when I changed my tax withholding and ran a simulation for me so that I could make sure I was getting the right tax amount withheld. I appreciate Nikki clarifying the information with me before pulling based on the choice I erroneously set up.  
Jerrod Gruber
Jerrod goes above and beyond in his job in assisting the Adult & Transfer Center in helping students get transcripts evaluated quickly and assisting the ATC staff on a whim. His professionalism and willingness to help is appreciated!  
   Chad Ogle
Chad Ogle continues to provide guidance and support across Academic Affairs, despite the major challenges faced particularly over this past year. He is the calm that many of us need when struggling with unexpected budget cuts, changes to policies, and so many other challenges. His reassurance, guidance, and willingness to answer endless
questions is greatly appreciated. Chad is willing to take time to listen and show much empathy to all whom he interacts with on a daily basis.
Steve Slone
Steve works hard to ensure that staff have the recognition they deserve for the work they do. He provides a conduit between staff and administration and the BOR, so that even when people are uncomfortable speaking up, he will do so for us. He leads with honesty and integrity, never allowing his personal feelings on the matter override anyone else's voice.
Thanks, Steve, for all that you do for this campus!
Blake Tharpe
Blake is always so very helpful with web issues. He always helps me correct issues that I can't seem to make work! I do appreciate him helping out and "fixing" things I can't! He's the BEST!!!
Holly Vasquez
   Holly is so amazing! Any time I need assistance with a purchase, she is always willing to help me and our department. Even during their busiest time of year, Holly still takes the time to walk me through the purchase order process. Her patience is unparalleled! Thank you Holly for what you do for NKU!!
   Kristy Horine
Kristy and the outreach group are great for hosting the staff lunch hangouts. It has been a great way to connect with staff across campus and engage in great conversations.  
Carole Gibson
Business Operations
Carole is wonderful. Simply put she does so many things for the entire campus community. Her work has been pivotal in so many implementation projects all across campus. She is the go to person for so many of us. She is a jack of all trades and works diligently to answer any question that comes her way. It is an honor to work alongside her. Thank you Carole for all you do for all of us!
Dr Jonathan Reynolds
Department of
History and Geography
Dr. Reynolds is on sabbatical currently, however still has allowed me to bug him with questions, help, and support in my academic career. I look up to Dr. R like a mentor, he has pushed me to be better, and facilitated an environment of scholarship and friendliness at the same time. If Dr. R was not here I do not know if I would be succeeding in my pursuits. His enthusiasm for helping students and for history itself is infectious. There has been little on this campus that has helped me even a 1/10th of how much Dr. R has helped me. He has provided me with resources to succeed, loaned me texts, and encouraged my pursuits for a degree post secondary
Chris Witt
Thank You to Chris Witt for always coming to the rescue when we break stuff, buy stuff, or hit the wrong button. Our office has been known to have some unique technology needs and Chris always responds with his incredibly kind and patient demeanor. He ensures that our issues have been resolved and never judges us for often causing those issues in the first place. Chris, we appreciate all that you do!
Carissa Vanover
Carissa cares deeply about NKU and her team and it shows. She is cheerful, a hard  make her space better. If she doesn't have something in stock in her cage she can always find where to get it. She is a great person to have on our team!
Julia Pitts
Julia Pitts has been a great advocate for the library this year, and she has done a fantastic job in speaking up for staff interests as she has chaired the Staff of Steely meetings. She is transparent in her communications with staff, the Dean, and others in leadership, and she brings a positive, solutions-oriented mindset to the role. She's honest while still being considerate of others' feelings and she's not afraid to step up do the difficult work.  
Missy Gish  
Missy is an amazing advisor to our MPA (Master of Public Administration) students! She is so understanding, compassionate, kind and helpful. She strives to help every student and maintains a positive attitude no matter what.
   Melissa Moon
Melissa planned a great CJ Career Fair with 175 students in attendance. She gave much time and dedication into ensuring the event was successful for students and employers. She is committed to ensuring students have opportunities to learn about career opportunities. Thanks Melissa for all you do to make NKU great!  
Lisa Wolf
Lisa always goes out of her way to help with any issues that come up with travel or other expenses. She is always so positive and always so willing to help.That is so appreciated!
Steven Wease
at Steely Library
Steven has been stepping in to provide front-line service at our library public services desk while someone is out on leave. His flexibility, positivity, and team-focused attitude makes him a terrific colleague. We all benefit from his commitment to our students. Thank you, Steven!
Jackie Marsala
Jackie is the glue that holds the entire school of nursing together. Jackie manages several projects and balances them with ease. She is always willing to help, is a friendly face for students and faculty, and represents CHHS with such light and positivity. I wouldn't be able to list all of the assistance that Jackie provides because I would surely run out of room. She's the first person everyone goes to with any problems,
questions, or concerns and handles it all with positivity, empathy, and understanding. I really appreciate all that Jackie does to keep our department running!
Tracy Freeman
I had Professor Freeman for skills lab a couple years ago as a first year nursing student and her class was one of my favorites. Although, check off day was very anxiety producing she knew how to ease my nerves and the rest of the classes as well. She was very flexible and was always eager to help us practice the skills she went over during class time. I hope I'll have her as a professor again before I graduate!
Shawn Nordheim
Professor Nordheim is the example professor that everyone else should strive to be. She makes her lectures fun and tells stories to help students comprehend the main idea. Although, her schedule is very busy she has no problem with having students meet with her for a review or maybe just to talk. When I was in her 250 class I lost a relative. Second semester of nursing school is very difficult at NKU, and the next class back from returning to the funeral she remembered to ask if I was okay. She also made  it felt that I didn't have to take the test later that week I could push it back if needed. She just made me feel seen, and that's something I will never forget.
Beth Hickey
She always has a smile on her face and has a calming voice. Being a nursing student is very stressful and I feel that she's one professor who actually acknowledges that and does her best to relief some of that stress. She'll meet with you to make sure that you understand, and doesn't judge. She'll find a way to help you comprehend concepts and I'm glad that I had her as my professor.
Financial Aid
Travis has been exceedingly helpful, on multiple occasions, guiding me through the financial aid process for my 1st year student - including emailing the housing dept. on my behalf when there was a question.
I honestly don't know if I could have figured it out without them.  
Annette Pendery
Annette works early and late, always doing whatever is needed for the College of Arts & Sciences and the Dean's Office. Her dedication, responsiveness, and care for all involved makes her stand out. She is very much appreciated!
Cayley Ginn
Cayley is so helpful any time I need support, and she is so is supportive of me in everything do! She is kind, caring, and a great resource for students across campus!
Amy Sterrett
Amy deserves all the recognition! During the intensely busy drop-in period (week before classes and 1st week of classes), Amy has been the air traffic controller for the First Year Student Success Hub. She makes sure that every student has a positive interaction and keeps the advisors organized. She is always a delightful coworker, but her grace under fire during this very busy time is something to be recognized!
Zelda Hughes Howard
Zelda goes above and beyond every day for our students. When she sees a student having an issue, she goes into action and gets the problem solved. She is an expert at connecting and collaborating with faculty and staff in all areas of campus to meet the needs of our students
Paul Hundemer
Operations and Maintenance
Building Trades Supervisor
Paul has knowledge in all different expertise and always willing to answer a question. He may not have all the answers, but he takes time to listen, explain how the system works, and who you can call that could give you the answer you need.  
Amanda Kilmer
Amanda is a great advisor and OL program coordinator. NKU is lucky to have her. She always goes above and beyond
Kimberly Zink
Kimberly is always working hard to not only make sure the processing side of admissions is running smoothly and efficiently, she is also always supportive of her staff and fellow coworkers. She is advocate for her team and shows she truly cares about the folks she works with. She is a great leader and has really held the fort down as we push through our busy season of admissions.  
Greg Moore
Director of
African American
Student Initiatives

   I would like to nominate Mr. Greg Moore is the Director of African-American Student Initiatives. Recently, he completed the successful R.O.C.K.S. Institute. The amount of love, effort, and development for students poured into this program is truly inspiring.  

   In addition to running this week-long event with training, move-in coordination, execution of workshops, and providing onsite support to program participants, Mr. Greg always made time to provide support to the remainder of the Center for Student Inclusiveness team. Mr. Greg went above and beyond supporting other ongoing programs, campus partners in presentations and trainings in the midst of preparation for his institute because he knew the support of all those areas are also important to the success of all NKU students. He was energetic, always present, and ever-supportive! 

   From early mornings to late evenings, Mr. Greg was there supporting his students in this crucial experience for the FTIC group. I find it very inspiring to work with a colleague like him.  

Chris Tambling
   I have watched Chris take his time with each new student employee he has, making sure they know what they're doing in and outside of the work part of their time at NKU.  
Kristi Bishop
Kristi goes above and beyond for her job, department, and student employees. She is always putting in the most effort out of all the people I had worked with in the library. She is super flexible and accommodates to everyone else's needs while continuing to get all of her assigned work done and then some. Kristi is also super reliable. No matter what the weather was like or her personal life, she would always make sure she was at work as soon as possible. She has been an amazing role model for all of her student employees and pushes them to do their absolute best not only with their jobs but their schooling and personal lives as well.  
Steve Slone
Steve has gone above and beyond this past summer in helping out with myself and my colleagues in the Institute for Health Innovation. His friendly attitude and willingness to help were such a positive light amongst a chaotic summer. We love you Steve
Juile Hart
Nursing Department
Dr. Julie Hart goes above and behind for her students. She shows nothing but compassion towards her students and strives for the upmost excellence for them. She takes time out of her day to meet with students who just need a "listening ear" and she make productive actions to meet the needs of students. Thank you so much, Dr. Hart
Melissa Arthur
Natalie Gabbard  
Melissa and Natalie took time to meet with my husband and I to review FMLA and ensure that we understood our options and requirements. They didn't rush us and answered our many questions. Going through cancer is rough, and they were both so kind and understanding. Thank you both for your commitment to NKU Staff. You make a difference. Melissa thank you also for answering my many emails and calls!  
Wayde Shanks
IT Project Manager
Wayde always has a smile on his face as he works to help others. Even when contacted on his vacation days or after hours, he has willingly jumped in to help out. He is diligent and detail-oriented in his efforts to help NKU maintain its commitment to excellence. Thank you, Wayde!!
Rusty Mardis
Veterans Resources Station
Rusty has done an excellent job of educating NKU staff, faculty and students about the challenges that military affiliates and veteran students face as they pursue higher education. He shares his enthusiasm for advocacy and does so in creative ways such as the Flag Day Jeopardy competition. Keep up the good work Rusty-it is much appreciated by many!
Special Events Team  
Shout outs to Krista Wiseman-Moore and Kara Olding for pulling off yet another great commencement this past weekend! These two have commencement down to a science and everything went off without a hitch. They both were upbeat and made the entire event a fun experience. They definitely do not receive the credit they so much deserve for putting on these major events for the university. Thank you both!
Megan Downing EdD
I would like to thank Megan Downing for presenting two workshops to NKU staff regarding Teamwork in Organizations and Situational Leadership. Megan provided such valuable information for all of us who may find ourselves in any kind of leadership position/role. She volunteered to be the first presenter in our Staff Congress Professional Development series, and took time out of her very busy schedule (and grading for finals!) to provide her expertise and insight. Thank you, Megan!
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown has been a huge asset to the Facilities Management Department. Wesley joined our department during the Pandemic and quickly adjusted with his remote training and getting to know other coworkers. Wesley is always pleasant, quick to respond to any question, and always willing to take on any project assigned. I know I have relied on Wesley multiple times with matters I needed help with and he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I know I do not just speak for myself when I say Facilities Management and Operations & Maintenance are glad to have you.
Beth Mills
Beth has the very important, but often thankless job of processing and paying invoices, utility bills, PR's, reconciling numerous credit cards, and more, while also handling the O&M front desk duties.The number of bills that come across her desk each month is enormous and all must be paid in an extremely quick turn-around time. Beth has
impeccable attention to detail and handles all the bill payments, invoices, and credit card transactions with efficiency and accuracy. She is extremely well organized and helps keep the O&M office operating smoothly. She is also willing to drop everything to help when someone requests assistance. I want to thank Beth for all of her hard work everyday and hopefully she knows how much O&M appreciates her!
Parnell Talley
Parnell is always prompt in his responses, and he's invariably a great help, as well as friendly and kind. He has been a lot of help with implementing course reserves in my online class.  
Jackie Marsala
Jackie consistently goes above and beyond everyday. Not only does she do this she is always is determining how can this process be done more effectively and efficiently. Jackie seems to accomplish so much seamlessly however it is due to her ability to see how things should be done differently. The highlight to all of this is Jackie also is very cognizant of the person. How is this impacting them, is this meeting their needs, does it meet the program and organization needs
Steve Slone
As with everything he does, Steve has gone above and beyond with the planning and implementing of two Staff Congress Roundtable events. Coordinating and planning this event is no easy task, and Steve has managed to successfully pull this off via Zoom and in a pandemic. As the next President of Staff Congress, I have no doubt that he will continue to go above and beyond in all that he does, and provide wonderful leadership through his 2-year term. I feel very fortunate that he has served as my President-Elect; his input has been extremely valuable. Steve, I hope you know how truly
Uppreciated you are!
Office of
Financial Assistance
I want to shout out specifically the fellow staff and our student phone agents. I am fairly new here and so is most of this department.
When January's spring sessions started it was essentially "all hands on deck" naturally with the influx or questions regarding financial aid. I think all of the staff within this department deserve a huge shoutout for taking things as we go in stride. We are all learning and financial aid is a very complex thing. I think all the staff are ready to to roll up their sleeves and help their fellow colleagues out. I also think we have a great group of student workers that help us with our phone calls and we would be 10x's
busier if these students were not there taking calls and answering/helping out
their fellow students. Shoutout to Travis, Dana, Lynn, Kimmie, Paige, Alex,
Clay, Jenny, Renee, Hope, Stormi, Wendy, (student worker) Maria, and Logan!

Joetta Browning
Went above and beyond to be positive and supporting throughout not only class time  but while I was stressed while supporting my terminally ill grandfather and his wife. Ms. Browning has been the absolute best math professor I have ever had the privilege of learning from. She is nothing but absolutely exceptional.
Audra Points
Audra pours her heart and soul into everything she does for NKU. She doesn't work a 37 1/2 hour work week, she works much more because that is what it takes to keep NKU safe and in compliance. She is insanely organized and always goes the extra mile. She is constantly striving to change, streamline, and improve process and procedures at NKU saving money and reducing NKU liability wherever possible. Thanks Audra for setting the example for us all.
Sarah Baker
in IT
Sarah is always ready to help in any way she can with computer and technology needs in the Science Center. And she is always kind and considerate when helping. We are luck to have her in our building!
Shamima Ahmed
She is a wonderful, caring and intelligent professor. I was going through an unforeseen event with my life and she reached out to me offering solutions to get through the difficult time! I had 2 deaths and a wedding of my only grandson. She is truly a profound professor!
Mark Leeman
in Griffin Hall
Mark works very hard to inspire me in and outside the classroom with his motivation and way of teaching. He works hard to make his lectures entertaining and he helps students at all levels. His class effects me not only in the classroom but also when I'm  his lectures and topics really inspire and make me think everyday. He teaches at a level where it's easy to understand and it feels like he's really trying to help us as students with everything going on. He goes above and beyond to teach his topic and I'm very happy I signed up to take his class.
   Library Front Desk
Huge shoutout to the library front desk staff! The publicly accessible color printer was malfunctioning so the library staff graciously offered to print dozens of color prints for me. Way to go above and beyond!
Kim McCoy
Kim is always so helpful and patient when answering my questions. NKU is lucky to have her!
Connie Seiter
She is always a great insight to go to for any questions as they arise. She truly juggles many circumstances with poise and demonstrates a dedication to her co-workers and the students. She provides amazing feedback and takes her time to listen and give care to those she works with! The unit is blessed to have her working with us and supporting us along our journey. She deserves this recognition and so much more! Thank you Connie for being a champion for us in the VPUAA department!  
Mackenzie Adams Cunningham
Mackenzie is always ready and willing to help the Adult & Transfer Center with getting students transcripts evaluated quickly. She is very efficient and detailed oriented. We appreciate all that she does to help us in our day to day with getting transfer and adult students admitted to NKU.
Allison Indelicato  
Shout out from the roof of Lucas Admin to Ms. Allison Indelicato of Financial Aid/Student Accounts!
In an area of unsurpassed workloads, struggles and undoubtedly one of the most stressful areas on campus.. there exist a shining star of kindness, consideration and professionalism. She is diligent, attentive and quick with communication. She is precise and effective..I turn to her because I know the job will be done and done right. All of this an incredible feat considering the nature of this area/ business. So accolades, praise and mercy, give her a RAISE! We can't lose her: Ms. Allison Indelicato of Financial Aid/Student Accounts! Thank you, Allison! You have saved me soo many times. It does not go unnoticed & not without the sincerest gratitude & appreciation of/ for your work!  
HR - Suzanne Kirst, Lauren Franzen, Valerie Mattingly
Payroll - Kellie Ziesmer Nikki Kramer
Comptroller : Khloe Geiger and Tom Barnett  
I would like to express my gratitude for the HR
and Payroll team members who helped with the backlog of PAR processing for
Student Employees. They immediately stepped up with a sense of urgency to get
the PAR forms processed so the students would get paid. Thank you for your hard
work and customer service to our students.
Dionna Sholler
Dionna is must amazing! She is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond to help out when and where she can! She steps up and does the jobs that others won't/don't do to make sure our students get paid in a timely manner! You are so appreciated! Thank you for all you do!!!
Vanessa Wieland

Vanessa is a go-to place for information about technical support, accessibility, how to use third party tools, and how to help students locate assignments and instructions. She works to problem solve issues and is unfailingly patient with questions and requests. Vanessa is particularly skilled at trouble shooting and is quick to offer effective solutions. She is unruffled by commotion and handles panicked requests with grace and competence.

   Vanessa is smart and motivated and is always sharing some new information that she has learned in a course or webinar. She and I have been taking courses this spring on Digital Pedagogy and Practices in Antiracist Pedagogy. We learn from each other how to best serve students. Vanessa has been critical to the success I have had as an online educator.  

Jacob Crase
Jacob was asked by Amy Ishmael to join our team to provide very specific information for the MBA Program at NKU.
   The information required by U.S. News and World Report has proven to be instrumental in assisting us to achieve a top 100 rating (#99) in the U.S. This is significant for our Program and for NKU.
   Not only did Jason work diligently on the questions that required Institutional Research’s expertise, but he did so within the very tight times frame that we were afforded by U.S. News.
    Lastly, he did so very accurately; perhaps the most important element of his contribution.
   We look forward to working with Jacob again later this year – just hope we get more time from U.S. News!
Tiffany Budd
   Tiffany is a fantastic source for recycling and sustainability. She is fantastic leading NKU's green efforts and without her I don't know where the university would be. She is always looking for ways for the university to be more sustainable and lives and breathes her passion. She is very uppreciated!
Paul Hundemer
Paul's knowledge and his willingness to share is knowledge with colleagues is such a great asset tot have in our Facility management team. He is great to work with and is always willing to help when our staffing and sources are limited.
Millie Mclemore  
Millie is an amazing IT specialist. She goes above and beyond to help with any technical difficulties. She is prompt, kind and professional. We are so lucky to have her. Thank you for everything you do
Aprile Redden
Aprile truly represents NKU and all that it stands for. She is an advocate for students, connecting them to resources and people on campus and continually encourages students who are struggling in their education. For many students, she is the reason they stay at NKU. She believes in hers students and helps them gain the confidence to believe in themselves. She has helped students through academic concerns, personal
challenges, and peer pressures. Aprile truly makes NKU a great place to work and learn!  
Gisele Loriot Raymer
Dr. Loriot-Raymer is probably one of the most caring, kind, and understanding professors I’ve ever had. She goes above and beyond every single day and obviously cares so much about her students. She has really made me love the French language just through how much she cares about it
Brandelyn Tosolt
Education Dept  
I've been attending online classes at NKU since I began here in 2020. I just reached 90 credit hours. Brandelyn Tosolt is by far, THE BEST Instructor I've had. She goes above and beyond to make a personal connection with her students. She leaves comments on every single assignment a student turns in which is huge! By doing so she gains respect from her students who put in the time and energy into completing each assignment. That is crucial for an online student who typically feel like they are stuck on a remote island left to figure it out on their own. She deserves to be recognized as one of your best online instructors!! I am willing to bet most of her prior students would agree with me. I could list several other reasons why she stood out above all of my previous instructors but none of us have time for that.
Building Services
Our people know that the work we do doesn’t create a lot of buzz. We work behind the scenes to make sure everyone on campus is comfortable. Within the last few weeks, we’ve been able to help students directly by helping faculty with important acquisitions. We’ve driven to Louisville to pick up a donated Heart Lung Machine from a local hospital to be used in HE. We’ve driven to Pikeville to help KCM get teaching materials to schools affected by catastrophic flooding. And we’ve driven to COSI, in Columbus, to pick up an analog projector for the Planetarium. That we were able to help our students, and students we don’t know from Eastern Kentucky, make us proud of our people and our department. A very good couple of weeks!
   Thanks to Josh and John for logging the miles. Thanks to Labor Crew for picking up the slack. Thanks to all our custodians for everything you do.
   Thanks to the Building Services leadership team for your excellent work. A very good couple of weeks for our people!
Jake Panek  
Jake volunteered to be the Veterans Resource Station (VRS) direct connection for admissions questions, or situations for our military affiliated and veteran soon to be students. He tackles opportunities on a normal basis for VRS students which single handedly is enough for him to be recognized with a NORSE UPPRECIATION. However, I want to share a truly next-level customer service activity Jake did to get a KY National Guard service member into NKU as a student. Without Jake, NKU would have missed out on an awesome person attending and being a part of the Norse Nation. The service member, made the decision to attend NKU and only had a few days before classes started. Jake guided, verified and handled the situation, paperwork and all admissions entails to get him into NKU rapidly. Now, thanks to the above and beyond efforts of Jake we have many new military affiliated and veteran students who are proud to a NORSE. Thank you for your continued support and exceptional customer service.
Nanette Freadreacea
I asked Nanette for help setting up a student account because I wasn't sure what process to follow. Nanette went above and beyond to assist me- she contacted several people, professionally communicated and encourage inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental collaboration, and kept me updated throughout the process. She is always friendly, respectful, helpful and reliable. I know that I can always count on Nanette for help, and I really appreciate all of the positive that she brings to the University and to CHHS.
Kimberly Shearer
Kimberly is a first year advisor in the First Year Student Success Hub. She is being recommended for this recognition for going above and beyond during this week (week of Sept 9th) for helping a student and the student's family by helping the student navigate a really difficult situation. This involved follow up during a time of day not usual to work hours and Kim was there to support the student when it was really needed. It was a great example of how we can meet students when and where they are at while still doing so professionally, and this effort deserves to be recognized!
Great job Kim!
Samra Pilav
Samra always comes to the office with a smile on her face and a great attitude! She is one of the most dependable staff members I've ever encountered at NKU. She is never late and always goes above and beyond. Our office could not function as well as we do without her. Thanks for everything you do, Samra!
Theresa and Val
Custodial Services
Theresa and Val are janitors in the library, and are always working their tails off to ensure the cleanliness of all areas of the library. I never catch them sitting down or on their phones, as they are true workers. They also always bring a smile to my face as their outgoing personalities are one of a kind. Sometimes we all need that extra motivation in our day-to-day lives, and these two women are always there for me whenever I need that support. I met these two janitors last fall when I attended the
library to study on a regular basis, and ever since that moment, I always socialize with them whenever I stop back in. I hope that every student that walks in the library has the opportunity to interact with them, as they are truly special people!
Nick Pearson
Kerri Beach
Nick and Kerri are great partners for a project that I'm leading. Their attention to detail and the care in which they listen and help to progress the project along has been nothing short of a pleasurable experience for me and the project team. We are truly grateful for working with such great partners. Thanks, Nick and Kerri for all that you are doing to help us create great employee experiences.
Andrew Pendleton
Andrew is an outstanding colleague and always willing to take on any task that comes his way. He took the lead on the First Year Student Success Hub session at VictorFest and made it the best program we've had in years! The students were engaged and excited. He took care of all the logistics and made the FYSSH team shine!
Christina Wagner  
Tina is the coordinator for the School of Social Work. She is a phenomenal person. She is competent and ethical, and always brings a positive energy to any situation. She has the ability to put a smile on everyone's face. She goes above and beyond. I am truly grateful to have her as a colleague.  
Toni Schneller
Toni is the most wonderful person that works on this campus. She is always making sure that all of our students feel included, welcome, and at home. Toni is a shining light for so many of our students and makes our office such a warm place to be. I appreciate Toni so much and I think she is absolutely deserving of a little "uppreciation".  
Boshra Karimi
Dr. Karimi is a huge asset to the Construction Management program and the NKU's Haile College of Business. She is very nice and knowledgeable professor. She always goes above and beyond helping and supporting all students of the program. Her willingness to help out wherever there is a need is greatly appreciated.
HE Environmental Services

Amanda does a very nice job keeping the Health Innovation Center looking nice and  sanitized well. The floors are mopped and look great.

   She is also very helpful if we have overflowing trash due to multiple supplies deliveries, she is quick to remove the items.

   She is very pleasant and friendly. She also does a great job cleaning the Skills Labs and making sure they look nice for the students. I truly appreciate all her hard work!

Derek Armstrong
Derek serves as a client support technician in Griffin Hall. There is a LOT of technology to support here. Derek gets pulled in multiple directions at once but always stays calm and gets the job done. He has saved our faculty numerous times and always does so with a smile, even when the person he is dealing with is NOT smiling (or being very nice). I truly appreciate Derek and all he does for our College. I have no idea what we would do without him!
Brianna Marshall  
Brianna Marshall goes above and beyond in helping us all be successful. She is great at cultivating partnerships across campus and represents the library with pride and professionalism. She embodies what being a Norse is all about!  
Haley Jacobs
University Housing
   Haley Jacobs does such a wonderful job in supporting both the student and Pro-staff in the department. She supports the students by listening to them and hearing what they have to say. Also, she creates an atmosphere for the students to feel safe. The support she provides to the pro-staff is being a team player and helping stay on task/time. Haley does not hesitate to jump in when the team needs assistance. For the pro-staff she was the creator for the UNITE Committee in which focus on celebrating staff and maintaining a positive moral of the University Housing team. Haley is such an inspiration to me and has taught me a lot in my time here.
Nick Bonner  
Nick Bonner has been an outstanding, supportive, and understanding professor for the students at SOTA. He has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our dreams and connect with each and every student. He makes sure you’re supported and comfortable!  
Human Resources Department
This is a special thank you and NORSE UPPRECIATION that goes out to all of the employees in the HR department here at NKU. You work tirelessly to make sure that all of our 2,000+ employees are taken care of every day. We appreciate you so much and are grateful to have each of you at NKU! THANK YOU!
Brigitte Evans
Ross Brown  
Ross and Brigitte were amazing at helping me troubleshot an IT issue. I was struggling and they helped walk me through and set-up everything. Thanks for your kindness and all your great help! You are true assets to NKU!  
Josh Perkins
and the
Entire Labor Crew
Josh and his team are true assets to our university. They never hesitate to jump in and help out wherever they are needed even with tasks that fall outside of their usual job description. I could not carry out my day to day operation without their help. Kudos to them and thank you for all they do for all of us!
Stephanie Biggs
Registrar Office  
Stephanie is great to work with! All semester I email Stephanie requests and they are each handled quickly and effectively. Opening closed sections, adding instructors, or just answering question, Stephanie does it all and with a smile (or since we haven't actually met, I assume it is a smile - the email sounds smile-ly :)).  
Jennifer Smith
Library Services
Jenny not only provides invaluable service to the library's patrons, she is also a valued colleague at the library. She goes above and beyond her duties to provide support and help boost morale. I appreciate the efforts she puts into making Steely Library a place that students, staff, and faculty all want to come to every day.  
Dan Jones
Dan has gone above and beyond for our office - providing access, troubleshooting, and learning opportunities for our group as we're transitioning from one database system to another. He's wonderful to work with - quick, efficient, and helpful in offering supplemental details to get the job done. Thank you, Dan!
   Griffin Hall Classroom
Support Team
Jeff Butler, Joe Wendeln, and Derek Armstrong the Griffin Hall classroom and client tech team. As a team Jeff, Joe, and Derek are so critical to the operations of Griffin Hall. They are always prepared, always thinking ahead with maintenance to ensure that the classrooms are working for our instructors, they are resourceful, knowledgeable, always willing to help, and they are great team members. Thank you!  
Steve Slone
Grace Hiles
Steve was instrumental in guiding the success of the recent Staff Congress Roundtable event! His behind the scenes work preparing for this important annual event took hours of work. And Grace Hiles also spent hours of her time, as always, that contributed the success of this event! What would we do without these two! We sooooo appreciate you two!  
   Suzanne Kirst
Suzanne Kirst is a Godsend for NKU! She does so much and is always pleasant to work with. Without Suzanne working on the front end, no one at NKU would be getting paid! We want her to know she is appreciated and her great work does not go unnoticed! Thank you, Suzanne!
Nicholas Caporusso
He helped revive the long-defunct organization, ACM@NKU. He is passionate in his work and teaching.
Maureen Krebs

Maureen Krebs is the Assistant to the Dean of CHHS. Our Dean, Dale Stephenson, is a very busy, very dedicated man who packs 25 hours into every day. As his assistant, Maureen is available for those 25 hours. And she does it, efficiently, effectively, and fast.. And she laughs easily and often. My job is sort of as her assistant and it is fascinating, never boring!

   The College of Health & Human Services is VERY active and busy. Our students are becoming nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, counselors, physical therapists, respiration therapists, radiologic therapists, and more!! The leadership is so clear, and so good that it is a pleasure to serve here.

Alicia Ireton
Alicia goes above and beyond to make sure that the students of the Respiratory Care program have everything they need to be successful not only in clinical, but in the lab setting as well. Alicia can often be found at the campus early in the morning preparing for courses, and is willing to help not only students, but the faculty and the College of Health and Human Services in any way she can. I know there have been many times when Alicia has helped me with different projects for the Respiratory Care program.
Alicia has nothing but the best interest in mind for not only the students, but the program as a whole. Thank you Alicia for everything you do for not only myself, but the students and the Respiratory Care program here at NKU!
Annette Shumard
School of Kinesiology, Counseling
and Rehabilitative Sciences
Annette always goes above and beyond helping the faculty members of the School of Kinesiology, Counseling, and Rehabilitative Sciences. Annette is always willing to help out in any way she can, and works tirelessly to ensure things run smoothly!
For Previous Upperciations
Recognitions check out
the Archives!  
Tiffany Mayse
After countless years of serving at NKU, Tiffany is currently in her new role as the Director of Student Wellness. I have been so impressed with her hard work and dedication to successfully launch various programs and events in order to enhance student wellness on campus. She has done a great job collaborating with various offices, depts & student orgs. Tiffany is passionate about caring for our students and doing what we can to enhance their experience. So thankful for Tiffany and her willingness to embark on this new journey. We are already seeing the fruits of her labor.  
Joe Wendlen
Joe goes out of his way to make sure I am alwaysset up to do what I and my colleagues need to do in the Digitorium and does so with a smile and encouragement. He also offers to much more. And he has kept the Digitorium wall up and running in challenging circumstances for longer than its expected lifespan!
Michael Curtis
Mike's lightning fast response time when dealing with AllCard access issues is incredible! Twice in the last week I've had students lose their AllCards, but need time-sensitive reprogramming of their new cards. Every time we have new students or changes, it seems like he responds faster than he can the email requests. Amazing worker with a fantastic attitude!
Suk-hee Kim
Dr. Suk-hee Kim is my faculty advisor for the graduate student assistantship for the faculty research-funded project “Human Trafficking, Healthy Equity, and Academic Collaborative” this year. However, she is not only my current mentor, but she was also one of my earliest professors as a graduate student. Throughout my time knowing her, Dr. Kim has continually demonstrated how to be an excellent leader and a kind and encouraging mentor. She inspires her students and mentees through her integrity,
professionalism, and kind demeanor to want to mirror the excellence that she
demonstrates each and every day. I would love her to be recognized for her
amazing contribution to the school and the lives of the students lucky enough
to work with her.
Amy Ishmael
Amy was asked by Cori Henderson to join our team to provide very specific information for the MBA Program at NKU. The information was required by U.S. News and World Report …and it was provided by Amy’s team. The result; the information has been instrumental in assisting us to achieve a top 100 rating (#99) in the U.S.
   This is significant for our Program and for NKU.
   Not only did Amy work diligently with me on the questions that required Institutional Research’s expertise, but she worked with her team …especially Jacob…to meet the very tight time frames that we were afforded by U.S. News.
    Lastly, she assured us of the accuracy of the data; perhaps the most important element of her Team’s contribution.
   We look forward to working with Amy and her team later this year – just hope we get more time from U.S. News!
Toni Schneller
Toni Schneller is renowned for her willingness to help others whether it be in generosity of time, guidance and service to our international student population. On numerous occasions Toni has stepped up to coordinate transportation to and from hospitals, community clinics, or diagnostic centers when Health Services requires more detailed testing or assessments for our NKU student patients. She plays an integral role in student success. Frequently Toni helps students navigate the challenges of University living, taking into account diversity of culture and languages while students settle in to residing in a new country. She engages with students and is available to them. She is welcoming to our students with compassion, enthusiasm and her smile. Her willingness to collaborate with other NKU groups and departments to facilitate student centered education and services should be encouraged and emulated by all. Toni, We Uppreciate You!
Rodney Thiemann
Rodney has been a welcomed team member to Facilities and fits right in with our broader group. He is willing to meet with, talk to, and help out any team member when they need a lending hand. He always keeps a smile on our faces with his love of sports and current events.  
Sydney Gebka
Jennifer Richmond
Jasmine Smart  
Jennifer, Sydney, and Jasmine planned and led multiple sessions for all the UNV 101 students teaching them about how to become career ready. They designed an engaging presentation and adjusted their schedules to accommodate all the classes. Great job on these sessions!  
Christian Sheehy
Department Head at
Steely Library
Christian is a caring supervisor and innovative colleague who is helping move Steely and our campus forward with new services. He has been instrumental in developing the open educational resources program, which alleviates textbook costs for students. Thanks, Christian for all that you do!
Greg Wilson
Greg is one of the nicest guys that I've ever met. I was chatting with him one morning about some class struggles I was having, and he immediately offered assistance and solutions. He brought me some equipment from the skills lab for me to borrow for my class and it made such a difference for the students. He keeps the simulation lab running efficiently and consistently supports student learning. He's also incredibly friendly and supportive. I really appreciate all the positivity that Greg brings to CHHS and to nursing.
Christa Speights  
Christa is a passionate and dedicated professional who goes above and beyond for all faculty, staff and students. In particular, she aided in the orchestration of a special Veterans Resource Station (VRS) Vet-Mixer at the Haile Planetarium. Christa completed two amazing shows for 80+ military affiliated and veteran students, community guests, and their families. The buzz after the shows were electric with her high energy and
knowledge of the breathtaking displays from the night sky's cosmic stellar stories.
Christa brings the "wow" to every show and project and deserves special recognition with a NORSE UPPRECIATION.  
Eric Jackson
Dr. Jackson has went above and beyond on and off campus in support of many students like myself. He is someone who is passionate about student success and Historical prosperity. He has taught me to always put my best foot forward and reach as high as I can with my academic goals. Thank you always for your support and hard work Dr. J!
   Sarah Hellmann
Sarah Hellmann holds the Department of Teacher Preparation and Educational Studies together--and with a smile! She is detail-oriented and incredibly patient with all of the faculty that she works with. She manages the College schedule without issue or reservation. She is liked by ALL who work with her!
Jeffrey Zimmerman
I am a much older learner returning to classes with a few challenging disabilities, I am in class with Jeffrey Zimmerman now in a Leadership course and I have to say that he is so thorough with his reminders, his assignments are reasonable for this old woman, and he has already built up my confidence for continuing school classes. I have already
begun to recommend his material for others to take. I appreciate the swift responses to questions, I have many. If I were in class with him, I'd probably not be his favorite student but a pest with too many questions. As I age, I feel that there are too many questions and not enough time in life left to explore them. I hope that Dr. Zimmerman stays with NKU and that I get to appreciate another course or two that he may offer.
Dr. Zimmerman is definitely an asset to NKU students.
Niranjana Warrier
Christopher Prince
I would like to give a big shout out to Niranjana and Christopher who have been working tirelessly on our short-term exchange program with students from our Japanese partner, Gifu University. This program was put on hold for many years due to the pandemic and they brought it back to life and have successfully coordinated multiple events for the students including English classes, cultural events, a weekend stay with host families, and visits to local schools. The Japanese students will be here for 3 weeks and it's a huge task to attend to their needs and itinerary and Niranjana and Christopher have done it with many hours of careful planning as well as with great enthusiasm for this meaningful exchange program. Thanks Niranjana and
Trishawna Gailes
Enrollment Specialist
 I would like Trish to be recognized for her unwavering dedication to making the enrollment process as smooth and pleasant for me as she possibly could. She followed up with me consistently, answered every single one of my questions (there were many!) with patience and honesty, and made me feel like she truly cared about my continued education - at no benefit to her. Trish is in absolutely the perfect role for her soul as an enrollment specialist at NKU, and if it weren't for my very first (over an hour long) conversation with her - when I was exploring my options - I don't know if I would be an NKU student today. She is a fantastic person and deserves these accolades!  
Paul Hundemer
and his staff
Paul Hundemer and his fantastic staff of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians have done more than any outside contractor to keep our labs and classrooms fully functional AND safe! They are tremendously helpful, friendly and creative in designing and implementing cost-effective solutions to meet our needs. Every time I walk into my lab, I see evidence of their dedication to support NKU faculty and students. I could
thank them every week, and I feel guilty that I haven't done enough to recognize their hard work and outstanding collegiality.
Melanie Hall
Melanie is the Academic Coordinator for our School of Social Work. Without Melanie, our school would quite simply not function. She is extremely competent, knowledgeable, and hardworking. In addition, she is very kind and committed to our school's success. I'm grateful to have Melanie as a colleague.
Millie Mclemore
Millie has helped me several times with IT service calls. At each time she went above and beyond. She was very professional and positive in our interactions. NKU is very lucky to have her.  
Karen Miller
Karen was great at handling the pandemic and leading the department through these challenging times. She was a great support while we were locked down in our homes
Samra Pilav
Samra always helps us, and goes above and beyond in her work. We are lucky to have her in our department.  
 Missy Gish  
Missy always goes above and beyond her responsibilities! She is a great asset for the MPA program and NKU!
Sarah Aikman
She goes above and beyond everyday. I have never seen someone who loves and cares for NKU as much as she does.  
Dr Eric Jackson
I am recommending Dr.Jackson because so far in my time at NKU as a professor, higher education member, and person..Dr.J has strived to make campus (and our community) a place of inclusion!  
Joetta Browning
Joetta Browning is the Director of Experiential Education and Clinical Placements and she is also a Math Instructor (Lecturer II). She is always willing to help aid students to reach their full potential, not just in math, but overall. Always available for them to drop in or even meet up if their schedule is tight.
   Her knowledge of the area and personal relationships throughout the region has sustained growth within the College of Education. Retaining these relationships has been beneficial for all of the student teacher's going through the program. She understands what students can expect but also understands the struggles that are ahead. Courage, Hope, and Wisdom is what she provides each student who comes into contact with her.
   Every day she is here is another day someone on this campus, staff or student, will have a better day. She brings joy to this campus and department.
Nick Bonner
Nick Bonner is an inspiration to the SOTA students pursuing careers in the art world. He has helped not only me, but many of my friends grow in ways that better our understanding of art. He is a great instructor and he has been a great introduction to the SOTA NKU program.  
Evan Downing