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Fall 2022 Book Advance Date:  August 15

The book advance is a one-time opportunity that allows students to tap into their projected financial aid refund.  If eligible, students could receive up to $750 (minimum $100) of your estimated financial aid refund in your personal checking account before classes begin.  The book advance is only run once during each Fall and Spring semester.  If estimated aid is approved after the planned book advance date, you will not be able to receive the advance that semester.


1.       Financial Aid processing is complete with estimated aid refund amount posted on student record.  The book advance is based on your projected financial aid refund amount that is pending and viewable on your Biller Direct account the day of the Book Advance processing.

2.       Must be signed up for direct deposit.  If you have not already signed up please do so by logging on to myNKU and:  Select Student Self-Service Tab, Click on Biller Direct Tuition Payment & Statement → Select Manage Bank Accounts → Click Add Account → Enter Bank Account Details → Check Box for Account to Refund → Click Review → Click Confirm  Click here for instructions on how to set up your checking account for direct deposit.  (Please make sure your account has been set up for direct deposit prior to August 15th to insure advance eligibility).

3.       No Departmental Financial Holds are active on your account.  All previously due items at the university must be paid in full to be eligible to receive this advance.  If there are any financial holds on your student account (including holds from the Library, Parking Office, Early Childhood Center, etc.), you will be ineligible for the Book Advance.  Holds can be viewed through Biller Direct.

The book advance is sent automatically to everyone that qualifies.  No forms to fill out and nothing to sign!  The funds will be disbursed to your bank account on the date listed above.  Please allow 24-72 hours for the funds to arrive. If you would prefer to not receive the advance, please contact our Financial Services coordinator, Jeremy Wilson, by no later than January 3rd.  Jeremy can be contacted by phone at (859)572-5206 and via e-mail at

If you suspect that you should be eligible, but do not see any estimated aid on your Biller Direct account, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 859-572-5143 or