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Students DO NOT have to have a bank account with PNC Bank to receive their refund via direct deposit (ACH).

Students are provided the choice to have any overpayment of charges which results in a credit balance deposited into their bank checking account or to have a refund check mailed to them.

When are Student Refunds Processed?

The University sends refunds to students approximately seven days after a credit appears on the student account. Students are encouraged to use their checking account to sign up for direct deposit to receive refunds.

Excess Financial Refunds will be processed via Direct Deposit each semester on the following dates:

  • Fall 2023 - September 5th
  • Spring 2024 - January 24th

How to sign up to have your refund sent directly to your checking account via Direct Deposit 

Log into MyNKU – Student Billing Tab → Select Manage Bank Accounts → Click Add Account → Enter Bank Account Details → Check Box for Account to Refund → Click Review → Click Confirm

What you'll need:

  • Your institution's bank number (also known as "routing number")
  • Your checking account number

When can I expect to receive my refund once it has been issued on my student account?

The funds should be in your bank account within 2-3 business days after the scheduled refund date. 

Refunds cannot be picked up at the university under any circumstances.

It is not necessary to contact our office to request a refund since the refunds are processed seven days after the financial aid disburses to the student account.   A refund cannot be issued to a student until their aid (or tuition credit) has been disbursed to their student account, which will then create a credit balance. Below is an example:

On 12/15/XX the student was assessed GR-OL Tuition and Mandatory fees of $3,678.00.  On 1/27/XX a Federal Direct Subsidized loan was applied for the current term in the amount of $11,259.00 creating a credit balance of $7, 581.00 which will be refunded to the student in 7 days.

How do I know if my refund has been issued?

You can check your Student Account via MyNKU to see if your refund has been processed.  Follow the steps below to access your student account information:

  • Log into MyNKU
  • Select the "Tuition Payment & Statement" tab
  • Click on "Account Statement" , then Click “Download” (for the semester you choose)

If the refund has been issued you will see the words "Refund Direct Deposit". As an example:                                                                                        






Spring 20XX-XX

Refund Direct Deposit



We're happy to help you if you have questions about direct deposit or about your bill in general. Just e-mail us at or call 859-572-5204.

Direct Deposit FAQ

What are the benefits?

Once the Direct Deposit refund appears on your student account, the funds are transferred to your bank account within 2-3 business days. The processing time varies by banking institution. Benefits include: elimination of mailing time, address issues and theft of paper checks.

Where can I find instructions on how to set up and activate direct deposit?

Instructions can be found on the NKU website at Student Account Services Direct Deposit

Can a direct deposit be made to any bank?

The University issues direct deposit refunds to any U.S. financial institution with electronic funds transfer capabilities. Most banks participate in the electronic funds transfer network. Contact your bank if you have any questions about the bank's ability to accept direct deposit.

Does it matter which type of account I set up (checking or savings)?

Yes, all accounts set up to receive refunds must be checking.

When and how can I enroll?

Online enrollment is available anytime at myNKU through the "Student Billing" tab.  For instructions, please go to direct deposit.

What should I do if I change banks or my account number changes?

Change your bank information through "Student Billing" by choosing the “Bank Accounts” option.

If I set my bank account up for direct deposit, does that mean the university can automatically draw payments from that account to pay any charges that are due?

No.  Payments made from your bank account must be manually submitted by yourself via e-check through Tuition Payment & Statement.  The University will not draw funds from any account listed on your student record.

Refunds issued via Direct Deposit

Credit balances that are refundable are processed seven days after the credit posts on the student account.  Direct Deposit Refunds are processed Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Students paying by personal check (including e-check) must wait seven days after the payment has been posted to the account before a refund is processed.

Students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of routing and banking account numbers to avoid delays in receiving their funds.

To enroll or to make changes, go to "Tuition Payment and Statement" via your MyNKU account and select the “Bank Accounts” option.

Why did NKU send me a refund (either by check or via ACH)? 

If you are unsure as to why you received funds from NKU or would like more information, please contact the Office of Student Account Services immediately.  They can be reached at (859) 572-5204.  NKU reserves the right to audit student accounts and correct any and all financial errors identified during the course of the audit.  When a corrective action warrants adjustments to a student account, NKU will attempt to make contact with the student to explain the situation and the corrective course of action taken to reconcile the difference.

Tuition Refunds

A. Students who officially withdraw from all classes or drop class(es) on or before the last day to register, as published in the academic calendar, are eligible for a 100 percent adjustment of the total tuition and fees assessed.

B. Students who officially withdraw from all classes or drop class(es) after the last day to register but within first 3 weeks of term as published in the academic calendar are eligible for a 50 percent adjustment of the total tuition and fees assessed.

C. Refunds of Military Tuition Assistance (TA) funds are governed by Department of Defense (DOD) requirements addressed in a specific policy and refund schedule. Students receiving TA funds should contact NKU’s VA Certifying Official before dropping or withdrawing from a course to determine how it could impact your military Tuition Assistance and potential repayment obligations. Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Refund Policy and Schedule

A reimbursement of some or all tuition depends on when a student drops a class, or several classes, and whether the student adds other classes. Refunds are calculated based on the number of financially equivalent hours, not academic hours. This means that a student who drops and adds the same number of credits does not necessarily end up with the same tuition bill as he or she would have gotten for the initial set of courses. For example, if a student originally had 15 credit hours and dropped 5 credit hours during the 50 percent tuition adjustment period, the student would be charged for 12.5 hours (15 credits less half of 5 credits = 12.5 credits). It the student added five credits at the same time, the student would be charged for 17.5 hours. The formula to determine financially equivalent hours is as follows:

Previous academic hours - (dropped hours * tuition adjustment percent) + added hours = financial equivalent hours charged.

To determine refund eligibility, calculate:

New tuition charge - previous tuition charge = difference.

If the difference is negative, the student is due a refund; it the difference is positive, the student owes money to the university.

Appeal for Tuition Refund