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Experts suggest that highly engaged students in experiential learning activities such as research and internships are more likely to persist. Also providing students with a professional network of support can help students have a better sense of community, specifically for underrepresented students.

BFSA believes that by providing mentorship and other student support services, there is an opportunity to improve year after year retention rates of Black students, as well as enhance their college experience. Roughly 56% of Black bachelor-seeking students are retained by year three (3).

Black female student at commencement

2024 - 2025

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2022 Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation Challenge Project Report – 3/8/2021

Fall 2020 Program Evaluation

2023 Program Evaluation


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Congratuations to our S2S Mentors & Students

S2S program team


Members of the Black Faculty and Staff Association volunteer to better equip our students for the next level of academics and future careers.

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Students in the S2S Program will receive part of their scholarship dollars in the spring, if they complete all program requirements in fall and the remainder of scholarship dollars  the following fall, if they complete all spring requirements.

Expected outcomes include an established network of support for participants, engagement in experiential learning activities, and an increase in year two to year three  retention for student participants compared to the year two to year three retention rates of students who did not participate.