The following roles are not mutually exclusive.  All NKU employees are responsible to understand the classification of data and the importance of protecting the university's data assets.

Data Governance Committee: The Data Governance Committee is to recommend and oversee the implementation and management of a formal data governance program that functions across the university. 

Data Stewards: Data Stewards are defined as institutional officers, who are appointed by the President or Provost, and have authority over policies and procedures for one or more types of institutional data and the access and usage of that data within their delegations of authority. Each Data Steward appoints Data Custodians for their specific functional area of responsibility.

Data Communities:  Data communities are defined as data stewards / data custodians who are responsible for ownership of common data elements used across the university.  Data community members work together to provide a formal communication to NKU data producers/consumers when common data elements require a change.

Data Custodians: Data Custodians are defined as individuals appointed by and accountable to the Data Stewards. Data custodians are responsible for the operation and management of systems and servers that collect, manage, store, and/or provide access to institutional data.

Data Producers/Consumers: Data Producers/Consumers are defined as all NKU employees who produce and/or have access to institutional data in order to perform assigned duties or in fulfillment of assigned roles or functions within the university; this access is granted solely for the conduct of university business. Data producers/consumers are responsible for knowing and following university policies and procedures on data governance.