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Evaluations for Instructor and Course


NKU takes instructor and course evaluations very seriously. They are an important means of gathering information about instructors and courses, information that will be used to enhance student-learning opportunities. As such, NKU asks its students to participate responsibly in the instructor and course evaluation process and to include thoughtfully written comments.

Evaluation periods begin two weeks prior to final exams for a full-semester course and one week prior to final exams for any course shorter than the full semester. Students are notified by email when the online evaluation process is available and are sent several reminders until evaluations are completed.

Students who complete an evaluation or select “opt out” for all of their courses on the online instrument will be granted two-week advanced access to their course grades. (Please note that, as of the Spring 2018 semester, failing to complete or opt out of the evaluation for any course will block advanced access for all courses.)

Students who do not complete all of their course evaluations or do not select “opt out” on each online evaluation instrument will not be able to see any of their final grades, obtain unofficial and official transcripts, or run a degree audit until the university’s standard date for grade availability.

Student evaluations are strictly confidential, and results are not available to instructors until after final grades for the course are posted. The university has established extensive precautions to prevent individual student comments from being identified.


Below are options for access to archived evaluation reports from previous online evaluation  programs.  Please note that 2012-2017 data is still being migrated to the new evaluation system.  

(Pilot set up Years in Digital Measures)

Spring/Summer 2017

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For additional assistance please contact the Course Evaluation Team at: