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 Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

Small Changes...Lasting Impact

Attn: NKU Faculty

This semester, the university will shift to a new course evaluation system, Explorance Blue. Faculty will retain access to the CollegeNet course evaluations until February 25th, 2023 after which the reports will no longer be available.  

Please download all CollegeNet course evaluation information that may be needed for future reference (e.g., RPT, APR).

Directions Available HERE!

Teaching Effectiveness and Enhancement Committee

  • Christopher Lawrence Chair
  • David Raska
  • Stephanie Klatzke
  • Lynn Smith
  • Robert Zai
  • Philip McCartney
  • John Bickers
  • Denice Robertson
  • Sarah Kasten

Information Concerning Your TEEC  

TEEC is a faculty senate subcommittee focused on teaching effectiveness and enhancement.  Its mission and purpose is to help faculty improve their teaching in ways that ultimately adds to students’ success.  

Want more information about TEEC?  Have an idea for a workshop, newsletter piece, whitepaper or video? 

Email TEEC:

Archived Past Presentations:
TEEC October Presentation to Faculty Senate

We want your feedback.

TEEC conducted a survey of the faculty requesting input on plans for upcoming professional development opportunities. We received over 170 responses to the survey and excellent feedback. The following report summarizes the responses to the survey.

TEEC Newsletter

52% of the respondents were aware of the TEEC newsletter and 64% of those respondents read it at one time or another.   Suggested topics involved both skill areas (e.g., communication, leadership, professionalism) and students’ learning.  More relevancy for junior faculty was also suggested.  We will continue to publish the newsletter and include articles on the areas of interest identified by the survey respondents.

Teaching Resources Whitepapers & Video Bank

56% of respondents thought they would be likely to use or access whitepapers on best practices in teaching.  49% noted they are likely to use or access videos on best practices in teaching.

Suggested themes for whitepapers include:  pedagogical methodologies, scholarship of teaching and learning, classroom techniques and management, skill building, service learning, student segments (freshmen, international students), assessment, and grading.


Chair Christopher Lawrence

MEP 203H
Department: Counseling
Phone: 859-572-6652


The TEEC newsletter began publication in January of 2013.  We plan to publish two issues per semester (Available on the faculty senate website). Each issue contains 5 sections: scholarship of teaching and learning, a faculty spotlight, a technology tip, a teaching tip, and a student spotlight.  These articles are designed to relate to all teaching faculty, part time and full time, and new and seasoned professors alike.

Information coming soon!


Course Evaluation FYI

Newly Revised Preamble and Questionnaire

The NKU's on-line course evaluation can now contain customized questions created or selected by faculty. Please use the following instruction PDF link to customize your course evaluation.