Your 2017 -2018 Faculty Senate Executive Team

President, Dr. Matthew Zacate [email]
Vice President, Prof. Carol Bredemeyer [email
Secretary, Prof. Laura Sullivan [email] 
Parliamentarian, Dr. Tamara O'Callaghan [email
UCC Chair, Dr. Richard Fox [email]
Benefits, Prof. Debbie Patten [email
PCC Chair, Prof. Ken Katkin [email
Budget Chair, Dr. Janel Bloch [email
Dr. Steven Crites, Grad Program Chair [email]
Dr. Steven Weiss, Gen Ed Chair [email]
Dr. Christopher Lawrence, TEEC Chair [email]
Dr. Phil McCartney, Faculty Advocate  [email]
Dr. Rick Boyce, Faculty Regent [email]
Grace Hiles, Office Personnel [email]


Slate 2018-2021 Faculty Regent Candidates:
View the slate of candidates for your 2018-2021 Faculty Regent Open forum dates & times & more information available via Faculty Senate elections page.

To Vote:

Qualified voters* may go to http://elections.nku.edu/facultyregents/  

to place their vote. You will be requested to log in using your last four SSN and last 8 of your ISO number [found on your NKU ID card]. Voting ends Monday, April 2, 2018 at 6pm.

*Anyone with the status non-tenured permanent renewable lecturer or above, including administrators with faculty rank, is eligible to vote for Faculty Regent, provided that the faculty member has a full-time appointment at Northern Kentucky University (regardless of his/her current assignment).

Faculty Senate Announcements

Faculty Senate Elections for At-Large Senators & University Committees
Start Nov 20 and end Dec 1. For more information  please visit: Faculty Senate Elections page.

Have questions concerning the Accelerated Online Programs [AP]?
See the latest Q&A here!

Faculty Senate meeting is Friday, December 15. Our annual End of Semester Luncheon. All meetings are open to the public.

Your Faculty Senate President, Dr. Matthew Zacate, will have Faculty Senate open office hours! Feel free to drop in –  Have a chance to talk in an informal setting. Hours are posted on right hand corner.

Faculty Senate End of Semester Luncheon is Friday, December 15!
We welcome all previous Faculty Senate Presidents to please grace us with your presence at our annual lunch!

Faculty Senate President
Dr. Matthew Zacate
SC, 144
(859) 572-1365
Faculty Senate Open Office Hours
Monday, 10am-11:30am in SC 144
Tuesday, 2pm-4pm in SC 144
Wednesday 1pm-2:30pm in AC 105*
 exception of the 3rd Wednesday no open office


(859) 572-6400
Grace Hiles
Faculty Senate Office
Postal Address:
Faculty Senate
Northern Kentucky University
105 Lucas Administration Center
Highland Heights, KY 41099