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Northern Kentucky University Research Foundation

Northern Kentucky University Research Foundation, Inc. is organized for educational purposes, more specifically to support NKU's efforts to promote the development, implementation, and coordination of extramurally-sponsored and foundation-supported programs involving research, instruction, public service, including the administration of conservation easements, and other projects that further the mission of the university.


Ms. Mary Ucci
Northern Kentucky University
405 University Center
Highland Heights, KY  41099
(859) 572-5768


Mr. Michael Hales
Chief Financial Officer
Northern Kentucky University
836 Lucas Administration Center
Highland Heights, KY  41099
(859) 572-5208


Mr. Dov Rosenberg
Tire Discounters
1 E 4th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202 



Dr. Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh
Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Research and Outreach
Northern Kentucky University
425 University Center
Highland Heights, KY  41099
(859) 572-7567

Vice Chair

Dr. Karen O’Connell
Faculty, Nursing
Northern Ketucky University
FH 461H Highland Heights, KY 41076

Board Members

Dr. Alyssa Appelman
Faculty, Communication
Northern Kentucky University
GH 440 Highland Heights, KY 41076

Mr. Matthew Delaney
Attorney at Law
Frost Brown Todd LLC
8642 Stoneleigh Lane Cincinnati, OH 45255

Mr. Mark Leopold
Manager, Field Services
Center for Enrivonmental Restoration
Northern Kentucky University
15 Clearview Highland Heights, KY 41076

Dr. Diana McGill
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Northern Kentucky University
SL 410 Highland Heights, KY 41076  

Ms. Sue Ott Rowlands
Northern Kentucky University
AC 830 Highland Heights, KY 41076

Mr. Jordan Vogel
Director of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
1311 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202 

Dr. Eileen Weisenbach Keller
Assistant Dean, College of Business
Northern Kentucky University
BC 206B Highland Heights, KY 41076

Dr. Larry Williams
Associate, Thompson Hine L.L.P.
312 Walnut Street, 14th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202