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Justin Yates accepting SOL award.

2022 SOL Award Winner

Justin Yates - Assistant Professor, Psychological Science
"Effects of Adolescent Methylphenidate (Ritalin®) Administration on Methamphetamine Relapse During Adulthood in Rats"

Zeel Maheshwari and the Probost

2021 SOL Award Winner

Zeel Maheshwari - Physics, Geology & Engineering Technology
“An Approach for Sustainable Development in Remote Rural Communities”

Melissa Jones and the Provost

2021 SOL Award Winner

Melissa Jones – Teacher Education
“Building Inclusive Communities Through Peer Mentoring: A Tool for Change”

Zach Hart

2019 SOL Award Winner
Zach Hart - Communications
"Sensemaking among Parents of Children with Disabilities"

Kirsten Swartz

2018 SOL Award - Winner
Kirsten Schwartz
"Strategic Depaving in Newport's Urban Core for Community and Environment"

Sara Drabik

2018 SOL Award - Runner-up
Sara Drabik
"Women in Coffee Project"