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  • Dr. Jerry Warner

    Dr. Jerry Warner

    “This scholarship is for the students who haven’t been superstars. They’re capable, but they just don’t know it yet. I hope I give them an opportunity to grow.” When Jerry Warner, Ph.D, thinks about his first winter in Highland Heights 40 years ago, he remembers that the windows on his house had as much ice on the inside of the panes as the outside...

  • Dr. Laura Trice & Dr. Larry Giesmann

    Dr. Laura Trice & Dr. Larry Giesmann

    In 1989, women with already established careers were not generally encouraged to attend medical school. But, Laura Trice, MD, a single mother of three and a nurse of 15 years, dreamed of becoming a physician. Dr. Trice decided to take science classes at NKU in preparation for medical school, all while working two 16 hour shifts at Jewish Hospital on the weekends. “I think the theory, at that time, was that if you were already a nurse, you should stay a nurse. I wouldn’t have considered myself a risk-taker until that point in my life.” Dr. Trice says.

  • Christian Michael Thomas

    Christian Michael Thomas

    ““For a while, all we were doing was grieving. And suddenly we have something to rally around—something that keeps Christian’s memory alive.” Christian Michael Thomas was killed in a car accident, but his family is keeping his memory alive every day through a scholarship at Northern Kentucky University. The Christian Michael Thomas Memorial Scholarship is specifically for students in the College of Informatics, where Christian was a computer science major.