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The NKU Destination Survey is sent to all students in the semester that they apply for graduation. The purpose of this survey is to give students the chance to tell the university about their college experience and their post-graduation plans. This information will help NKU better serve the needs of current and future students.


  1. The survey is administered on-line; there is no paper version.
  2. Eligibility depends on graduation registration. If you have not registered to graduate, you will not be eligible for the survey.
  3. E-mail notifications are sent to students who have become eligible to take this survey.  These emails are sent during the semester in which you graduate or finish your degree.  The distribution dates are as follows:
  • Students who plan to graduate in December will receive an email notification mid-November.
  • Students who plan to graduate in May will receive an email notification the first week in April.
  • Students who plan to finish their degree in the summer will receive an email notification the first week in June.

Students who register for graduation after the dates above are not required to take the survey.

There will be no student account hold associated with this survey.  Completion of this survey does not impact graduation, class registration, or access to records.

Who to Contact if You Have Questions
Please contact the Office of Institutional Research at with any questions or concerns about the survey.