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Box 1 - United States and America Collision

Folder 1:

Clippings from various newspapers and authors about the United States and America collision.

Folder 2:

Newspaper clippings of the manuscript The Broad Ohio by Claude Brown. The clippings are in chapter segments from the Vevay Reveille Enterprise and the Switzerland Democratic. The story documents the collision of the United States and America. Chapters 1-4 and 6-9 are included.

Folder 3:

Claude Brown's manuscript of The Broad Ohio. Complete.

Folder 4:

United States and America manuscript

Box 2 - United States and America Collision

Folder 5:

Partial list of the saved and the lost from the collision. It is a nineteen page account dated December 9, 1868. Article from Madison Courier December 4, 1919 about the anniversary of collision. Article from the Gallatin County News, account of collision. Bibliography of materials containing information about the collision.

Folder 6:

Photographs and negatives regarding the United States and America collision.

Folder 7:

Handwritten manuscript of The Broad Ohio. Miscellaneous notes of the United States and America collision. It appears to be a rough draft, all written on the backs of business papers.

Folder 8:

Correspondence between Bogardus and various owners of information about the collision.

Box 3 - Disasters

Folder 9:

Ice on the Ohio River newsclippings, photos and slides

Folder 10:

News clippings regarding the 1937 Flood, also known as "Black Sunday". Manuscript of The Great Flood of 1937 by Carl Bogardus. Photographs of 1937 flood.

Folder 11:

Newsclippings of various shipwreck disasters including:

  • Explosion of the Lucy Walker, 1844
  • Redstone, 1852
  • Sinking of Josie Harry, 1883
  • Fire on the Metropolis, 1925
  • The Lansing explosion, 1867
  • Jenny Gilchrist, 1881
  • Wreck of the Sultana
  • Destruction of the the Ben Sherod
  • Magnolia Disaster
  • Explosion of the Princess

Box 4 - Markland Dam

Folder 12:

Dedication programs, map/plan of development, River Freight Traffic Density Chart, Photos of Markland Dam.

Folder 13:

Various newspaper clippings about the Markland Dam.

Box 5 - Kentucky River

Folder 14:

Photographs of Steamer Falls City, Log Raft mid-1930's printing, Steamer Falls City negatives and the mouth of the Kentucky River

Folder 15:

Boat listings and Coleman's Directory

Folder 16:

Research notes on Kentucky River and data research for the Cole List

Folder 17:

Correspondence 4-28-1959 through 3-21-1960 between J. Winston Coleman Jr. and Carl R. Bogardus

Folder 18:

Newspaper clippings about the history of the Kentucky River.

Box 6 - Steamboat Racing

Folder 19:

Fleetwood and New South Boat Race, April 1968.

Folder 20:

Eclipse and A.L Shotwell Boat Race, 1857

Folder 21:

Betsy Ann and Tom Greene Boat Race. Also includes newsclips of the Greene Family and The Greeneline Steamers.

Folder 22:

The great steamboat race of Robert E. Lee and The Natchez.

Folder 23:

Newsclippings on miscellaneous steamboat races.

Box 7 - Boat Companies and Shipping Lines

Folder 24:

Howard Shipyard/ Steamboat Clippings

Folder 25:

  • 2 Maps of the Falls of Ohio
  • 2 Programs of the Resolutions to the Construction of the new canal.
  • Miscellaneous newsclippings regarding the canal decision.

Folder 26:

  • Louisville and Cincinnati River Packet Company
  • Report by Frank X. Prudent
  • Miscellaneous L & C Packet Company newsclippings
  • Handwritten research notes and manuscript

Folder 27:

U.S Lighthouse Service and the U.S Lily

Folder 28:

Warsaw Wharf Company

Box 8 - Captains

Folder 29:

  • Captain Claude Brown
  • 5 stock certificates for Higgin Manufacturing Company
  • Articles on the United States and America collision
  • Correspondence between Captain Claude Brown and Carl Bogardus

Folder 30:

Captain Basil Brice - Articles and letters

Folder 31:

Captain Jack E. Custer articles with Custer as the author

Folder 32:

  • Captain Frederick Way Jr. Correspondence 1950-1983
  • Photos, clippings (Way as the author), newsclippings about Way

Folder 33:

Captain W.J Devine - Correspondence and photos

Folder 34:

Capt. Charles DuFour and Russell O. DuFour correspondence and newsclippings

Folder 35:

Captain Ellis C. Mace correspondence and newsclippings

Folder 36:

  • Captain C. W Stoll correspondence and research notes
  • Newsclippings dated 1957-1982

Box 9 - Book Notes

Folder 37:

Jim Bludso manuscripts of the Prairie Belle, 2 copies

Folder 38:

Jim Bludso newsclippings and photos

Folder 39:

Jim Bludso correspondence

Folder 40:

  • Steamboatin' on the Ol' Muscatatuck manuscript by Carl Bogardus
  • Slide and photo
  • Folder 41:

    • Promotional advertisements for the River Book
    • Clippings for the River Book

    Folder 42:

    • Manuscripts of River Pirates by Bogardus and The Outlaws of Natchez Trace
    • Newsclippings on Mike Fink

    Folder 43:

    • Shantyboat by Bogardus, 2 copies
    • Newsclippings with Shantyboat mention

    Folder 44:

    Shantyboat correspondence from 1960-1979

    Folder 45:

    Shantyboat photos and clippings about shantyboats

    Folder 46:

    Christmas Eve at Hearts Falls and The Early History of Gallatin County by Bogardus