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Box 10 - Steamships

Folder 47:

Island Queen newsclippings and photos

Folder 48:

Bonanza steamship photo

Folder 49:

The steamers Cincinnati and President newsclippings and pictures

Folder 50:

City of Cincinnati steamer, manuscript and newsclippings

Folder 51:

City of Louisville steamer, manuscript, correspondence, photos, newsclippings and miscellaneous

Folder 52:

Steamer E.A Woodruff newsclippings and various snagboat newsclippings

Folder 53:

General Lytle steamer photos, manuscripts and research notes

Folder 54:

Newsclippings on the three J.M White steamers and photos

Folder 55:

Steamer Kentucky, newsclippings manuscript and photos

Folder 56:

Mississippi Queen newsclippings and photos

Folder 57:

New Orleans newsclippings and photos

Folder 58:

Queen City newsclippings and manuscript

Folder 59:

Ram Switzerland newsclippings

Folder 60:

Reindeer research notes and miscellaneous newsclippings

Folder 61:

State of Missouri newsclippings

Folder 62:

Convict ship Success newsclippings and manuscript

Folder 63:

Envelope of the wreck of the DuMont, photos and negatives and notes

Folder 64:

Wayne and Harold Summons, Owners of the Jacob Strader

Folder 65:

Jacob Strader manuscript

Folder 66:

Envelope of Jacob Strader photos

Folder 67:

The John Heckmann and Steamboat Bill newsclippings

Box 11 - Various Steamships

Folder 68:

Steamboats on the Coosa

Folder 69:

Envelopes of various pictures and photos of steamships

Folder 70:

Envelopes of various pictures and photos of steamships

Folder 71:

Envelopes of various pictures and photos of steamships

Folder 72:

Envelopes of various pictures and photos of steamships

Folder 73:

Envelopes of various photos of steamships

Box 12 - Delta Queen

Folder 74:

Delta Queen and Delta King newsclippings and Captain's Dinner Menu

Folder 75:

Delta Queen newsclippings

Folder 76:

Delta Queen photos

Folder 77:

Delta Queen brochures

Box 13 - Belle of Louisville

Folder 78:

Photos, correspondence and miscellaneous

Folder 79:

Various newsclippings regarding the Belle of Louisville

Folder 80:

Various newsclippings regarding the Belle of Louisville

Box 14 - Scrapbooks

Item 81:

Scrapbook: The Collision of the United States and America by Claude Brown

Item 82:

Scrapbook: The First Steamboat Voyage on the Western Waters

Item 83:

Scrapbook: Shantyboat

Item 84:

Writing: The Captain, The Boat, The Town by Dorothy Darnall Jones

Box 15

Folder 85:

Envelope of comic strip "Tommy Towboater" newsclippings

Folder 86:

Writings by Bert Fenn

Folder 87:

Hoosier Boy - Rising Sun

Folder 88:

Presidential appearances on steamboats

Folder 89:

"Thrills of Historic Ohio River" newsclippings

Folder 90:

Newsclippings about Professor Charles Oldrieve

Folder 91:

Big Sandy River

Folder 92:

Riverview middle Ohio River correspondence

Folder 93:

The Ohio River by Archer Butler Hulbert, copied sheets

Folder 94:

Madison, Indiana clippings

Folder 95:

Mississippi River clippings

Folder 96:

New Albany, Indiana clippings

Folder 97:

Various research notes

Folder 98:

Steamboat in cornfield clippings

Folder 99:

Steamboat inventor - Fitch

Folder 100:

Physical evolution of the Ohio River