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Box 16

Miscellaneous photos and photo album of steamboats


Box 17

Folder 101:

The Lytle List, Supplements to merchant Steam vessels

Folder 102:

Will S. Hayes newsclippings

Folder 103:

Ohio River miscellaneous and two government reports

Folder 104:

Ohio River photos

Folder 105:

Musseling clips

Folder 106:

Anecdotes of the Ohio River

Folder 107:

Photos of various state rooms

Folder 108:

Miscellaneous clippings

Box 18

Folder 109:

Miscellaneous clippings

Folder 110:

Miscellaneous Bogardus correspondence

Folder 111:

Miscellaneous newsclippings

Folder 112:

Miscellaneous newsclippings

Folder 113:

Miscellaneous newsclippings

Folder 114:

Miscellaneous newsclippings

Folder 115:

Civil War Gunboats - Timberclads and Ironclads

Folder 116:

Miscellaneous newsclippings

Folder 117:

Miscellaneous newsclippings

Box 19

Navigational charts


Box 20

Navigational charts, maps and prints


Box 21 - Showboats

Folder 118:

Envelope of showboat photos

Folder 119:

Some of the first showboats

Folder 120:

The Showboat Majestic

Folder 121:

Showboats Goldenrod and Princess

Folder 122:

Miscellaneous showboat newsclippings

Folder 123:

Showboat Centennial Newsletter

Folder 124:

Showboat letters

Box 22 - Trading boats and ferryboats

Folder 125:

Two envelopes of trading boat photos and trading boat newsclippings

Folder 126:

Envelope of ferryboat photos and ferryboat clippings

Box 23 - Towboats and flatboats

Folder 127:

Envelope of towboat photos

Folder 128:

Towboat Sprague

Folder 129:

Towboat newsclippings

Folder 130:

Towboat miscellaneous clippings

Folder 131:

Envelope of flatboat photos and flatboat newsclippings

Folder 132:

Flatboat correspondence

Folder 133:

Flatboat miscellaneous clippings