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Box 2 - Campbell County Documents

The collection of Campbell County (KY) documents consists mainly of legal documents -- deeds, indentures, receipts, maps and depositions -- as well as some correspondence. Notable names include James Taylor, William Wright Southgate and Captain Robert D. Richardson, all prominent figures in Campbell County's early history.

Folder 57

13 June 1787 - ALS - R.G. Beverly [Haslewood?, VA] to William Thompson [Fredericksburg, VA]. Beverly is arranging bail for Thomson and sending him horses so they can meet.

Folder 58

13 June 1787 - AD - Unknown [Caroline County, VA]. Fragment of a bond between William Thompson and Edmund Randolph, Governor of Virginia (in acetate folder with a bail release).

13 June 1787 - ADS - James Somerville et. al. [Fredericksburg, VA] a warrant of bail for William Thompson, in jail for shooting and wounding Captain Francis Runely(?) (in acetate folder with previous item).

Folder 59

3 March 1790 - ADS - Christopher Greenup [KY] certifies that an indenture between Jacob Meyers of Virginia and John Cockey Owings of Maryland for land on Flat Lick Creek in Kentucky was proved in court on this date; the indenture precedes the certification.

Folder 60

[ca. 1795] - D - Plan for the town of Lystra in Nelson County, KY, showing division of the town into 188 lots.

Folder 61

3 May 1800 - ADS - James McDonald [Nelson County, KY]. Copy of an indenture between William Kendall [Nelson County, KY] and Nathaniel Willis [Martinsburgh, VA] for a tract of land in Nelson County, KY.

Folder 62

26 April 1806 - ADS - Robert Shaw [Campbell County, KY] and Richard Southgate [Campbell County, KY]. Shaw's deposition concerning the purchase of a 389 acre tract of land between Well and Phillips Creek in Campbell County. The land was owned by Benjamin Beall.

Folder 63

24 January 1811 - ANS - Thomas Bodley [s.l., page torn] certifying a 20 page transcription from the case of Edmund Bullock v. John Kennedy [transcription not included].

Folder 64

July 1812 - ADS - Omer(?) Powell [Boone County, KY] to Levi Cleveland [Boone County, KY]. A survey of 300 acres of land with a hand-drawn map.

Folder 65

10 December 1812 - ALS - David Stuart [Fairfax County, VA] to Samuel Washington [Culpepper County, VA] informing him of the date set for hearing depositions in an upcoming case.

Folder 66

22 July 1816 - AD - John S. Gano [Cincinnati, OH]. Clerk's transcript of the proceedings of the 9th Circuit Court of Common Pleas in Hamilton County, Ohio. Note: William W. Southgate's name appears on the outside of this document. 6 pages bound with ribbon.

Folder 67

17 January 1817 - ADS - Robert Gates Hite [Jefferson County, VA]. Transcript of the proceedings of the County Court.

Folder 68

26 February 1818 - ADS - William Anderson, John Davis, Phillip Quinlen and Bartlett Graves [Covington, KY] articles of agreement between Davis and Anderson establishing Davis as a tenant farmer on Anderson's property for five years.

Folder 69

23 March 1818 - AD - Unknown [Pendleton County, KY]. A court transcript of a case involving a $3000 debt between Rosannah Thatcher and Samuel Baker.

Folder 70

18 April 1817 - ANS - Jacob Fowler [Cincinnati, OH] to R. D. Richardson. A promise for the payment of $100 to Richardson [note is a fragment of a longer letter].

29 May 1818 - ANS - R.D. Richardson [Cincinnati, OH] to Messrs. Longworth & Thomas [Cincinnati, OH]. A note ordering the payment of $400 to Hugh Glenn.

10 July 1818 - ANS - R.D. Richardson and Nicholas Longworth to Thomas Armstrong. A promissory note in the amount of $142.45, written twice on the same page.

16 July 1818 - ADS - Nicholas Longworth to Thomas Armstrong[?]. A promissory note in the amount of $142.45.

13 October 1818 - ADS - Joseph Wood [Campbell County, KY]. Promise to pay George M. Bibb a court fee of $50.

Folder 71

20 October 1819 - ADS - Charles McMicken [Feliciana, LA] to Joseph Hodgeson [Cincinnati, OH]. Grants Hodgeson power of attorney to free a mulatto slave named Adeline Richardson.

Folder 72

11 November 1819 - ANS - R.D. Richardson [Baton Rouge, LA] to Miami Exporting Company [Cincinnati, OH]. A promise to pay them $420 for value received; written on the back of a notarized document explaining the debt, signed by Griffin Yeatman. Two pieces.

Folder 73

4 February 1820 - AL - William Lee to unknown. Reports that one Major William McDonald has been receiving pay from two different Paymasters; requests that measures be taken to end it.

Folder 74

26 February 1820 - ADS - Walter Dorsey [Bath County, KY]. Transcript of a case involving the sale of land between the Slade family and a John Doe and Richard Roe.

Folder 75

22 May 1821 - ALS - R.D. Richardson [Baton Rouge, LA] to Mr. Harris [Lexington, KY]. Concerns the payment of two notes for property sold to Mr. Swan of Newport.

Folder 76

20 August 1821 - ALS - R.D. Richardson [Baton Rouge, LA] to Nicholas Longworth [Cincinnati, OH] instructing Longworth to pay Nathan Davis 310.

Folder 77

31 August 1821 - ALS - S. Winston [Newport, KY] to Capt. Robert Richardson [Baton Rouge, LA]. States that Richardson will be lucky to sell his lots in Newport for 1/4 the expected value; notes, among other things, the poor economic conditions to be found in Newport and the recent death of Mayor Thomas Kennedy.

Folder 78

20 October 1821 - ADS - Owen R. Powell and Edward White [Campbell County, KY]. A deposition on the purchase and sale of a horse by Mr. White.

Folder 79

August 1822 - ADS - John Taliaferro [Campbell County, KY]. Two court orders for Berry Stevens, Basil Carn, Thomas Buckner and James Robinson appraise and distribute Levi Cleveland's slaves to his heirs.

Folder 80

26 December 1823 - ADS - Samuel Johnston Cramer and Abraham Davenport [Jefferson County, VA]. A single page on which Cramer attests to the veracity of a transcript and Davenport certifies that Cramer has been elected Clerk of the Court.

Folder 81

22 March 1824 - AD - Unknown to Mr. B. Graves. A receipt for legal fees owed [William Southgate's name appears on the note].

Folder 82

8 October 1824 - ADS - William J. Mosby [Fayette County, KY] granting power of attorney to William Reddick of Campbell County, and to deed 2020 acres of land in Campbell county to John Wilson. Certification note on verso is signed by James C. Rodes, attorney.

Folder 83

20 November 1824 - AD - Thomas Buckner [Campbell County, KY]. A record of the judgment awarded to Samuel Kennedy and William Porter, acting as executors of Thomas Kennedy, in their suit against Richard Hills.

Folder 84

29 January 1825 - ALS - Unknown Merry [St. Louis, MO] to Paul Anderson [Cincinnati, OH] authorizing him to collect $200 from Thomas D. Cornial; proposes to trade two slaves in lieu of the debt. A note written and signed by Mr. Anderson appears on the cover.

Folder 85

[n.d., ca. 1825?] - AD - A two-page accounting of payments made on R.D. Richardson's financial obligations; latest date listed is 18 November, 1824.

Folder 86

9 April 1825 - ALS - Robert D. Richardson [Baton Rouge, LA] to William Wright Southgate [Newport, KY] wants to deed his farmland in Baton Rouge over to Southgate for financial purposes; invites Southgate to visit him in the Winter, noting that lawyer's fees are higher in Baton Rouge than in Kentucky.

Folder 87

12 April 1825 - ADS - John Standsiffer. Receipt for payment of $163 to Abraham Standsiffer in the execution of a will.

Folder 88

8 May 1827 - ADS - George Porter [Boone County, KY] and a bill and a series of responses to that bill concerning a land debt between James McGinness and James Taylor of Newport. Signed in several places on numerous dates; 7 pages bound with ribbon.

Folder 89

7 July 1827 - ADS - Thomas Buckner and Will B. Scott. A promise to pay Alexander Connelly $26.57 in "Commonwealth paper."

Folder 90

20 September 1828 - ADS - Henry H. Southgate [Campbell County, KY]. Announcement of a public sale of lands in Newport owned by R. D. Richardson.

Folder 91

2 December 1828 - ADS - G. Bennett. A promise to pay John Massey $12.

Folder 92

18 March 1829 - ANS - N. Longworth to R.D. Richardson [Miss Dickinson's Boarding House] regarding value of lots of land in Columbus.

Folder 93

15 September 1829 - ALS - R.D. Richardson [Newport, KY] to N. Longworth [Cincinnati, OH] concerning lots of land in Columbus and Indiana [apparently the certificate of ownership is missing].

Folder 94

25 April 1830 - ADS - Thomas Arnold [Paris, KY]. A copy for Mrs. Kennedy of a transcript of the proceedings of a lawsuit between John Stamper and Benjamin Beale regarding 150 acres of land purchased in Bourbon County from Thomas Arnett. Included is a ribbon which may have once held the pages together.

Folder 95

25 August 1832 - ADS - H. G. Harris certifying that a judgment in a case between Thomas Winton and W. W. Southgate has been carried out.

Folder 96

28 August 1833 - ADS - John W. Jacob and Sam Winston [Campbell County, KY]. Receipt for the delivery of wood to John Massey.

Folder 97

3 August 1835 - ADS - John B. Casey and Martin Hardin [Covington, KY] an indenture leasing land to Hardin for $200 per year.

Folder 98

23 July 1836 - DS - R. Emmett Culbreth [Covington, KY]. A signed assertion to the Campbell County Circuit Court that the "Covington Enquirer" ran a notice of a case between Catherine C. McNeal and Charles B. McNeal for two months; copy of notice attached.

Folder 99

26 August 1837 - ADS - Richard Hawkins [Ghent, KY] to William W. Southgate [Washington, D.C.]. A list of residents in the cities of Port William and Ghent, KY.

Folder 100

31 December 1838 - ADS - James and Henry Reeves promising to pay $50 to Thomas Watkins.

Folder 101

2 November 1844 - ADS - C.S. Mullins. A receipt for legal services in the execution of the estate of one Mr. Schrick.

Folder 102

27 March 1870 - ALS - Henry [Chicago, IL] to his mother. Writes of his health and his hope to find work soon.

Folder 103

26 December 1873 - ALS - Ethan [Washington, ?] to his mother. Sending his regrets about not being home for Christmas and lamenting the death of "our darling Ada," a family member.

Folder 104

[n.d.] - ADS - Unidentified fragment of a legal document signed by R.D. Richardson and having William W. Southgate's name on the cover.

Folder 105

[n.d.] - AD - unidentified fragment of a hand-drawn map of lots on the Licking River at Visalia in Campbell County, KY, possibly of lands belonging to a Dorothy Wilson (name appears on the fragment).

Folder 106

[n.d.] - AD - A deposition, unsigned and undated from the Campbell County Circuit Court in the suit over a debt owed by Mr. James Trainer to Josiah Herbert.

Folder 107

[n.d.] - AL - Thomas C. Flourney to Mr. President. This letter advocating rights for "native americans" was probably never sent; two poems are written on the second and third pages, "Bonapart [sic] on the Island of St. Helena" and "O, its love, its love," both signed by Flourney and in a hand similar to that used in the letter.

Folder 108

[n.d.] - AD - Covington and Lexington ? Company to W.W. Southgate. A receipt for fees owed to Mr. Southgate.

Folder 109

[n.d.] - AD - A list of Robert D. Richardson's assets and liabilities (4 pages).

Folder 110

[n.d.] - AD - N. Longworth. Memorandum of claims paid by Longworth for R.D. Richardson.

Folder 111

[n.d.] - AD - A memorandum of certain companies inquiring into R.D. Richardson's business; apparently some controversy had arisen over the payment of a debt.

Folder 112

[n.d.] - AD - A list of debts owed by Captain R.D. Richardson.

Folder 113

[n.d.] - AD - Hand-drawn plat map of land owned by R D. Richardson, bordered by the Ohio River and Mule Creek.

Folder 114

[n.d.] - AN - A note describing the purchase by R.D. Richardson [Baton Rouge, LA] of a two horse carriage from Nicholas Longworth, the carriage to be shipped by steamboat to Baton Rouge.