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Box 3 - Colonial Documents; Simon Kenton Papers; Letters of George Blackford, John Uri Lloyd, and Linus Pauling

Colonial Documents

The following ten documents are all of a legal nature and though only four fall definitively within the Colonial Period, their order has been retained as Dr. Garrett collected them. Some of the post-Colonial items bear the names of the Slade and Owings families, suggesting that these papers are connected to the Campbell County documents in the Garrett Collection, where these names appear in connection with legal matters in Campbell County.

Folder 115

3 July 1739 - ADS - Thomas Jenner [Charleston, MA]. Records a deposition from Mary Grady who swears on oath that the father of her bastard child is one William Sanderson of Groten. Jenner, a Justice of the Peace, records that he issued a warrant for Sanderson's arrest.

Folder 116

21 August 1756 - ADS - Unknown [Litchfield, CT] to Joseph Talcott, Esq., authorizing the Colony of Connecticut to pay Mr. David Ensign of New Hartford for apprehending a counterfeiter. Ensign's signature appears on the back.

Folder 117

19 May 1760 - DS - Thad Mason [Charlestown, MA]. Summons to James Bowen and several others to appear at the Inferior Court of Common Pleas in regard to a trespassing suit. Mason was the Clerk of the Court.

Folder 118

20 May 1760 - ADS - Thad Mason [Charlestown, MA]. Transcript of the proceedings of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas in the case of Thomas Adams v. David Symonds

Folder 119

22 September 1783 - ADS - Samuel Miles [Boston, MA]. Warrant for the arrest of one Samuel Gardner of Boston for unpaid debts totaling one thousand pounds owed to Mr. Daniel Adams.

Folder 120

20 April 1789 - ADS - Robert Phillips [Mattox, ?]. A receipt for payment on a bond.

Folder 121

18 April 1800 - ADS - William Gibson [Baltimore County, MD]. In a partial document Gibson attests that the signatories, Jere Johnson and John T. Worthington were Justices of the Peace. This was probably the last page of an indenture. [note: verso of this page bears the inscription "John Cockey Owings, the Heir of William Slade," which suggests a connection to Campbell County history, possibly to the Taylor papers]

Folder 122

7 September 1818 - ADS - William Gibson [Baltimore County, MD]. Certifies the deposition of Joshua Frederick Cockey; glued to this page is the first page of a deposition, undated, given in Bath County, Kentucky, on which various members of the Slade family are named as the plaintiffs.

Folder 123

12 January 1826 - ALS - Jos. Allen [Richmond, VA?] to unknown describing terms of settlement he is willing to accept in a dispute with the Campbell family over lands purchased in Kentucky; the tone of the letter is often quite severe.

Folder 124

25 January 1832 - DS - James G. Arnold [Covington, KY]. A Collector's deed to a lot in Covington purchased by John McKay.

Simon Kenton Papers

The following four documents consist of depositions given by Simon Kenton, mainly concerning land issues in Northern Kentucky. The oldest document is related to the establishment of the town of Maysville.

Folder 125

13 October 1788 - ADS - Simon Kenton [VA]. Document providing for the establishment of the town of Maysville [in what will become Kentucky] and the sale of lots of land there. Kenton attests that he has already received seven pounds from Arthur Fox for a lot.

Folder 126

31 October 1817 - ADS - Jas. Ellis [Washington, KY]. Transcript of Simon Kenton's deposition for a case involving Locust Creek. Kenton was one of the original surveyors of that creek. The Taylor family (William and Benjamin) is mentioned in the body of the document. 2 pages.

Folder 127

4 April 1818 - ADS - William Bradford? [Bracken County, KY]. A transcript of Simon Kenton's deposition in a case involving a land dispute over properties on Locust Creek. Also signed by Kenton; 2 pages.

Folder 128

9 July 1825 - ADS - John Ellis [Washington, KY]. A transcript of Simon Kenton's deposition in a case against Elijah Berry and his wife. Also signed by Kenton; 2 pages.

Folder 129 - George Blackford Letters

The following two letters, both concerning Kentucky's limestone, were removed from Morris Garrett's copy of the Kentucky Geological Survey, Bulletin no.7 (Call number: QE 115 .F6 1906x).

10 October 1909 - TLS - Arthur M. Miller [Lexington, KY] to George L. Blackford [Newport, KY]. Informs Mr. Blackford that he has referred his question about the purity of limestone deposits in Kentucky. Miller was a Professor of Geology and Zoology at State University (later the University of Kentucky). The exact wording of Mr. Blackford's question is unknown.

18 October 1909 - TLS - Charles J. Norwood [Lexington, KY] to George L. Blackford [Newport, KY]. Informs Mr. Blackford that the "purest limestone you will find on the line of the K.C. Division of the L & N Railroad is in Rockcastle County" Kentucky. Mr. Norwood continues with some rather technical remarks about the various impurities to be found in limestone. Mr. Norwood was the Director of the Kentucky Geological Survey at this time.

Folder 130 - John Uri Lloyd Letters

29 November 1901 - ALS - John Uri Lloyd to Ruby Hollister. Discusses his mother. Letter is written on Lloyd Museum letterhead. A typed transcript is included.

22 November 1901 - TLS - John Uri Lloyd [Cincinnati, OH] to Judge Howard C. Hollister [Courthouse, Cincinnati, OH]. Letter discusses Warwick of the Knobs which Lloyd was sending to Hollister. Lloyd has inscribed a note at the bottom of the page about the forthcoming delivery of Mother's Poems.

Folder 131 - Linus Pauling Letter

Although the following letters have no connection to the history of Campbell County (much less Kentucky), they certainly belong with the Garrett Collection and do have a unique value. Linus Pauling is best known as the only individual to win two Nobel Prizes, both in Chemistry. Late in his career he was ridiculed (and to some degree ostracized from the scientific community) for his claims that large doses of vitamin C could prevent and cure many familiar diseases, most notably the common cold. It is this subject that Drs. Garrett and Pauling discuss in their letters.

April/March 1971 - D - Nutrition Today article entitled "That Man... Pauling!" is Pauling's personal response to a previous article criticizing his book, Vitamin C and the Common Cold.

12 June 1971 - TLS - (carbon) Dr. Morris M. Garrett [Ft. Thomas, KY] to Dr. Linus Pauling [Big Sur, CA]. Garrett notes that he has followed Dr. Pauling's work with some interest and states that he himself believes that "the common cold is truly psychogenic," meaning that they are caused by mental or emotional stress and not biological agents. Asks about the possible uses of placebos in treating colds.

25 June 1971 - TLS - Dr. Linus Pauling [Stanford, CA] to Dr. Morris M. Garrett [Ft. Thomas, KY] thanking him for his letter and noting that he has discontinued his studies on the common cold and that, although "the placebo effect is well known," he does not believe that the use of placebos has been "well substantiated... for the common cold."

Folder 132

Bound, handwritten history of Ebenezer Church (Cabin Creek Church), Lewis County, Kentucky. Transcript is located in Folder 133.

Folder 133

Transcript of Ebenezer Church (Cabin Creek Church) history located in Folder 132.

Folder 134

A "Map of the Licking Valley Region" titled by the Kentucky Geological Survey, Charles J. Norwood, Director. An ink stamp indicates the date of the map as 1907 and the name Benjamin L. Miller appears. Counties represented on the map include in whole or part: Carter, Bath, Rowan, Elliott, Lawrence, Menefee, Morgan, Johnson, Magoffin, Lee, Breathitt, Floyd, and Knott. The map was found laid in A.R. Crandall's book Coals of the Licking River (1910) on 21 June 1996.

Box 4 - Governors Collection

Folder 135

8x10 color photos of Kentucky governors for display.

Folder 136

8x10 color photos of Kentucky governors for display.

Folder 137

14 April 1801 - DS - Governor James Garrard appointing Moses Moore, Esq. Sheriff of Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Folder 138

9 July 1808 - DS - Governor Christopher Greenup appointing Joseph Hough and Benjamin Pope Justices of the Peace in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Folder 139

8 November 1811 - DS - Governor Charles Scott appointing Christian James Saunders, Esq. Sheriff of Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Folder 140

19 October 1813 - DS - Lieutenant Governor Richard Hickman appointing James Samuels Justice of the Peace in Bullitt County, Kentucky to "fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of Henry Robb out of said county". The document was printed for Governor Isaac Shelby whose name is crossed out. The Lieutenant Governor's name is written in at the side.

Folder 141

27 December 11813 - DS - Governor Isaac Shelby appointing Guy Phelps an assistant judge of the Bullitt Circuit Court.

Folder 142

24 May 1819 - DS - Governor Gabriel Slaughter appointing William Hill Justice of the Peace in Bullitt County, Kentucky "in addition to the number now in commission in said county".

Folder 143

14 November 1820 - DS - Governor John Adair appointing William Caldwell Coroner for Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Folder 144

14 November 1825 - DS - Governor Joseph Desha appointing William Caldwell Sheriff of Bullitt County, Kentucky to complete the term of office of the deceased Sheriff James Alexander.

Folder 145

10 January 1831 - DS - Governor Thomas Metcalfe appointing John Samuels Sheriff of Bullitt County, Kentucky to "fill the vacancy occasioned by the failure of the County Court to nominate according to Law".

Folder 146

27 December 1833 - DS - Governor John Breathitt appointing William Hill Sheriff of Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Folder 147

7 April 1838 - DS - Governor James Clark appointing Austin Hall Justice of the Peace in Bullitt County, Kentucky. He was an "additional Justice allowed by act of assembly".

Folder 148

12 April 1843 - ADS - Land grant for Anderson Blair granting land in Morgan County, Kentucky. Signed by Governor Robert P. Letcher.

Folder 149

20 April 1843 - DS - Governor Robert P. Letcher appointing George W. Miles Justice of the Peace for Bullitt County, Kentucky to "fill the vacancy occasioned by the appointment of John Graham Esq. Sheriff".

Folder 150

29 October 1846 - DS - Governor William Owsley appointing Peter Browne Sheriff of Washington County, Kentucky.

Folder 151

9 December 1850 - DS - Governor John L. Helm appointing Jonathan D. S. Peacock Notary Public for Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Folder 152

11 May 1855 - DS - Governor Lazarus W. Powell appointing M.L. Chappell Justice of the Peace for Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Box 5 - Trustees Records, Washington, KY

Folder 153

Trustees Records, Washington, Kentucky. The records cover the beginnings of the town in 1793 through July 1849. Transcript is located in Folder 154.

Folder 154

Transcript of Trustees Records, Washington, Kentucky located in Folder 153.