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Box 3

Beemon Family Bible

Bible containing the following records of the Beemon (or Beaman) family:


  • James M. Barlow and Mary J. Acra was Married the 26 day of December 1867
  • William P. Beemon and Laura B. Barlow was married Jan 4 1893 at bride home.


  • James M. Barlow was Bornd Oct the 10th 1874
  • Mary Jane Acra was Bornd Sept 9th 1844
  • Laura Bell Barlow Born Oct 21 1872
  • Beulah Elmora Beemon born Nov 1 1893
  • Myrtle Jane Beemon born Dec 4 1895

Box 4

Scott Family Bible

Holy Bible belonging to Moses Scott, containing the following records of the Scott family:

Marriage Certificate:
Moses Scott of Boone Co., KY to Wiltha An [sic] Ryle of Boone Co., KY on March 22nd, 1870 at St. Berkshire's by Rev C S Carter - Witness: C R Scott, Whit Ryle


  • Moses Scott and Wiltha Ann Ryle Was Married March 22, 1870
  • Frank Leslie Scott and Addie Stephens was Married February 28th, 1901


  • Moses Scott, Born August 27th 1844
  • Wiltha Ann Scott, Born January 22nd 1852
  • Frank Leslie Scott, Born May 27th 1872
  • Charley Berkshire Scott, Born July 15th, 1880


  • Charles Berkshire Scott Died September 7th, 1887
  • Moses Scott Died February 15th, 1924
  • Wealthy Scott Nov 18, 1925

Box 5

Gaines Family Bible

Holy Bible belonging to Milton Gaines, containing records and photographs of the Gaines family.


  • Milton Gaines and Mary E. Cropper were married Jan 19th, 1864
  • Henry Clay Jasper and Laura B. Gaines were married Nov 13th, 1895
  • Milton Gaines Jasper and Pauline Driver Clark were Married in Memphis, Tenn. July 16, 1925


  • Wm [William] Gaines was born March 16th 1794
  • Henrietta Gaines was born June 23 1799
  • Peter T. Cropper was born April 1st 1809
  • Sallie Cropper was born Dec 11th 1816
  • Milton Gaines was born Sept 13th 1834
  • Mary E. Gaines was born June 5th 1844
  • Elbert Gaines was born March 18th 1865
  • Laura Bettie Gaines was born April 26th 1871
  • Henry Clay Jasper was born April 18th 1865
  • Milton Gaines Jasper was born Dec 27, 1896
  • Mary Katherine Jasper was born Oct 10th 1900
  • John Gaines Born Aug 6th 1791, Died May 4th 1878
  • Polly Gaines Born Dec 25th 1804, Died May 16th 1870
  • Stephen G. Gaines Born Jan 9th 1819
  • Washington W. Gaines Born April 30th 1820
  • Joseph A. Gaines Born Sept 6th 1822
  • Alonzo Gaines Born Sept 20th 1825
  • Maria W. Gaines Born Dec 12th 1828
  • Oscar Gaines Born March 19th 1831
  • Templeton Gaines Born Aug 14th 1838
  • Milton Gaines Born Sept 13 1834
  • John Cropper was born Dec 15th 1839
  • Edgar Cropper was born Feb 8th 1842
  • Mary E. Cropper was born June 5th 1844
  • Cassius N. Cropper was born Jan 15th 1847
  • Wm [William] T. Cropper was born Jan 18th 1853 (Uncle Buddy)
  • Hubert B. Cropper was born Oct 2nd 1858
  • Abraham Souther born Aug 8--1776
  • Elizabeth Souther was born [illegible] 1779
  • Abraham Souther and Elizabeth Wilhoit were married Dec 10th 1799
  • Rosy Rouse was born Aug 30th 1783


  • Wm [William] Gaines Died Nov 24th 1866
  • Jennetty Gaines Died Nov 18 1863
  • Milton Gaines Died Aug 19 1894
  • Mary E. Gaines Died April 29 1922
  • Elbert Gaines Died Aug 13th 1879
  • Sallie Cropper Died Feb 14th 1886
  • Peter T. Cropper Died March 30th 1892
  • Abraham Souther died Sept 10 1843
  • Elizabeth Souther died May 3d 1832 - Sallie Cropper's parents
  • Washington W. Gaines Died May 26th 1885
  • Alonzo Gaines Died Jan 26th 1886
  • Stephen G. Gaines Died June 13th 1891

Family Portraits:

  • William Gaines, Grandpa
  • Jeannette Gaines, Grandma
  • Peter T. Cropper, Grandpa
  • Sallie Souther Cropper, Grandma
  • Washington Gaines and Wife
  • Susan Gaines
  • Stephen G. Gaines and first wife
  • [unnamed]
  • Alonzo Gaines and first Wife
  • Mary Christy Gaines
  • Charles and Maria Gaines Graves
  • Oscar and Letha Gaines
  • Milton Gaines
  • Mary E. Cropper Gaines
  • Mollie Clore

Folder 14

Items removed from Gaines Family Bible

Soper Family Record - Marriages:

  • Benjamin Franklin Soper to Louisa Walden Dickerson, October 15th 1867

Soper Family Record - Births:

  • Benjamin Franklin Soper, Son of James and Elizabeth Soper, Jan 1st 1838
  • Charlie Elbert, Son of Benjamin F. and Louisa W. Soper, Sept 11th 1872
  • Louisa Walden Dickerson, Daughter of John and Paulina Dickerson, March 9th 1843
  • Frank Walden, Son of Benjamin F. and Louisa W.Soper, December 28th 1874
  • Louis Edgar, Son of Benjamin F. and Louisa W. Soper, Sept. 27th 1868
  • [unnamed], Daughter of Benjamin F. and Louisa W. Soper, Sept 22d 1877
  • Nora Lee, Daughter of Benjamin F. and Louisa W. Soper, Sept 20th 1870
  • Borris, Son of Benjamin F. and Louisa W. Soper, April 29th 1881

Soper Family Record - Deaths:

  • Infant Daughter of Benjamin F. & Louisa W. Soper, Sept 23d 1877
  • Louisa Walden Soper 4:30 P.M. Thursday, May 25th 1899, Age 56 years, 2 mos. 16 days
  • Benjamin Franklin Soper, October 11th 1917, Age 79 years, 10 mo 9 days
  • Nora Lee Soper, Daughter of Benjamin F. and Louisa W. Soper, June 24th 1924, Age 53 years, 9 mo. 4 day

Pamphlet entitled "Encouragements to Pray" by Rev. J. C. Ryle

13 Feb 1887 - Handwritten list of Bible topics and passages

Funeral poem written for Jeanette, daughter of Richard and Jennie Perkins, by Mary A. Thompson of Burlington, KY

Funeral poem for Elbert Gaines, written by Mary A. Thompson of Burlington, KY

Dickerson family records; four typed pages.

Box 6

Rouse Family Bible

Parents' Record:

  • Father: William Rouse, Born Boone County Ky., August the 18th 1814
  • Mother: Susan Rouse, Born Somerset County Pa., February the 6th 1817
  • Note: Susan Rouse was born at the time above mentioned to wit Feby 6, 1817, in the County of Madison and State of Virginia and her maiden name was Susan Crigler.


  • Benjamin Noah Rouse. Born November the 29th 1836
  • John Jacob Melanithon Rouse. Born August the 24th 1838
  • Emmaline Mary Ann Rouse. Born August the 14th 1840
  • Aaron Fredrick Rouse. Born August the 8th 1842


  • William Rouse Son of John Rouse was maried [sic] to Susan Crigler Daughter of Rev. Jacob Crigler on 20 of August 1835
  • Aron Fredrick Rouse Son of William Rouse was Married to Angie Tanner Daughter of Ephraim K. Tanner on the 24th day of Dec 1873


  • Benjamin Noah Rouse departed this life October 15th, 1860.
  • Emmaline Mary Ann Rouse departed this life October 21st, 1860.
  • John Jacob Rouse departed this life 20th day of July 1866.
  • William Rouse departed this life 11th day of February 1886.
  • Susan Rouse departed this life 14th day of March 1888.