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Box 2

Folder 69:

May 13, 1862 - DS - Officers Commission - a commission for Henderson F. Donnely, as a First Lieutenant in the Fourth Infantry Regiment of the Virginia Volunteers, in the service of the United States. The commission was issued by the Unionist faction in the portion of Virginia, which became the state of West Virginia in 1863. It is signed by F. H. (Francis Harrison) Pierpont as Governor. Additional information concerning this document, but not part of this collection, can be obtained from the Curator. Preprinted document with filled in blanks.

Folder 70:

Short essays

  • 1 handwritten sheet, 2 pages. Entitled: "The Blackboard Complaint". Juvenile subject and handwriting. n.d. Author: N/A.
  • 1 handwritten sheet, 2 pages. Entitled: "The History of the Ft. Thomas Schools". n.d. Many corrections and strikethroughs. Author: N/A.


Folder 71:

Photographic images of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church (1851-1900), Fort Thomas, Kentucky. This church and congregation were predecessors of the Highland United Methodist Church (see Folder 72).

  • Approximately 5 x 7 sepia tone print mounted on black card stock Identified as Highland Methodist Church South on label added to picture some time after it was made.
  • Small print of above image cut from unknown publication.
  • Large negative most likely made from 5 x 7 print above.


Folder 72:

Items pertaining to the Highland United Methodist Church, Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

  • 150 Years - A Celebration. 1830 - 1980. Sesquicentennial Celebration Program held September 14 21, 1980. 32 page brochure describing history of church and related information current at the time of publication. Brochure Compiled and Edited by Esther E. Trautwein.
  • Color postcard of Highland United Methodist Church.
  • 1 sheet program from the Centennial Celebration of Highland United Methodist Episcopal Church for September 23 - 24 - 25, 1931.
  • Snapshot type photograph of Highland United Methodist Church. According to the 150th Celebration brochure above, this building was erected in 1900. No date, but horses and buggies are visible in front of the church building, indicating early 20th Century.
  • August 7, 1980 - Newspaper page. Page 7b of the Campbell County News. Article titled: "From Logs to Stained Glass - Ft. Thomas Congregation Carries On", about Highland United Methodist Church. Also included is photographic copy of article.


Folder 73:

Church related records. Notebook. 20 pages extant plus remnants indicating last 2 pages removed.
Heavy paper cover.
Church related records 1861 - 1864 - page 1-12
No church name given.
W.H. Winter, Pastor
List of members - 1861 page 2-6
List of members - revised 1864 page 7-12

Pages 13 - 20 and inside back cover contain records of payments received by W. R. Taliaferro from Frank Wunnen. Includes rent and payment on notes. Does not appear to be related to church records.


Folder 74:

Guest Book - approximately 6 inches x 5 inches. 12 sheets plus heavy paper cover. Each recto page has month name or abbreviation along left edge. Cover is hand decorated and booklet is secured with a ribbon. Names of ladies who visited are written on the first two months only. n.d.

Folder 75:

April 20, 1846 - Deed - handwritten on deed form between John Doxon and his wife and Mary Meacham.

Folder 76:

Documents pertaining to Military Land Warrant No. 4766.

  • February 28, 1853 - Form headed Register's Office Greensburg, La. Warrant is in the name of Ashford Addison. Notes that Addison has been located by James M. Andrews.
  • February 28, 1853 - Form headed Receiver's Office Greensburg, La. James M. Andrews purchases the warrant land from Ashford Addison.


Folder 77:

Envelope - Addressed to:

Mr. William D. James
Puddler - (occupation - one who puddles iron or clay)
Globe Rolling Mill
Nth America

Postmarked May 10, 1870
Three pence English postage cancelled and intact.
No letter.


Folder 78:

December 16, 1888 - ALS - 1 sheet, 1 page. From "Papa" in Lake Howell, Florida to "Walter". Appears to be letter from grandfather, uncle or father to a child.

Folder 79:

Stock certificates. Two stock certificates for the Higgins Manufacturing Company of Newport, Kentucky.

  • December 2, 1929 - Certificate No. 774 for 6 1/2 shares.
  • March 21, 1930 - Certificate No. 825 for 5 1/2 shares.


Folder 80:

June 30, 1930 - Speech - 2 sheets, 2 pages - Presentation of Commission as Colonel on the Staff of Governor Flen D. Sampson of Kentucky ("Kentucky Colonel") made to Ralph H. Quinn, Business Manager of The Cincinnati Post by Colonel Elmer H. Dressman. Presentation made at Coney Island Amusement Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. Includes preservation photocopy.

Folder 81:

February 16, 1971 - TM - 1 sheet, 1 page essay concerning the author's experiences in an earthquake, which occurred on February 9, 1971. Author is apparently in California. Author and precise location are not included. Connection of author to this collection is unknown.

Folder 82:

Christmas Card - from Julie Caroline O'Hara (cousin) to Ernestine (Taliaferro). Dated Christmas 1943. Includes poem attributed in print to sender clipped identified as clipped from Cincinnati Times Star on July 30, 1943.

Folder 83:

December 8, 1939 - Plat of Survey - 1 sheet black on white and 1 sheet blueprint. Survey of Lot 25 and Pt. Lot 26 of E. Williams Subdivision, Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Folder 84:

Plat book page of Wm. R. Taliaferro Subdivision. n.d. No street names. Printed on cloth material.

Folder 85:

Composition style notebook. Contains handwritten Christmas poems of unknown authorship and other poems. No dates. Handwriting appears juvenile. Inserted in back of the composition book is page of Cincinnati Post newspaper, believed to date from March or April either 1939 or 1940.

Folder 86:

1 sheet printed photograph of Samuel Woodfill. Samuel Woodfill was a World War I veteran from northern Kentucky who received the Medal of Honor.

Folder 87:

Small print of Lincoln's Birthplace cut from a book or possibly a card.

Folder 88:

Christmas Card - from the Morris'. n.d.

Folder 89:

Cancelled U.S. stamps on paper

  • $0.06 stamp - The American Legion - 50 years.
  • 2 - $0.05 stamps - Christmas - postmarked January 19, 1965.


Folder 90:

February 20, 1981 - Newspaper Page - The Falmouth Outlook. Page 18. Article: "Campbell County History 1795 - 1978". Preservation photocopies included.

Folder 91:

Pamphlet - Proposed Amendments to the Charter of the District of the Highlands, Campbell County, Ky. 16 pages. n.d.

Folder 92:

June 22, 1921 - Program for 27th Annual Commencement of Highlands High School, Fort Thomas Kentucky. Graduates include Cassandra Taliaferro.

Folder 93:

July 10, 1957 - TLS- 4 sheets, 4 pages- photocopy. From Harry (?) McGinness address given Kensington, Maryland, but some connection to Northern Kentucky based on letter to Mrs. Ross. Letter includes much personal reminiscence, mostly in answer to questions concerning the Fort Thomas Schools and the author's father's involvement with them.

Folder 94:

Items related to the Fort Thomas Bellevue Bank

  • June 30, 1971 - 3 fold brochure with pictures of branches. Condensed statement. Ernestine Taliaferro is Assistant Vice-President in list of bank officers.
  • December 8, 1966 - 8 page brochure for Appreciation Dinner - The Fort Thomas-Bellevue Bank. Inside is a tribute to Ernestine E. Taliaferro for forty years of service.
  • 1 sheet 1 page Fort Thomas - Bellevue Bank Highlights for 1969 - 1970. Includes preservation photocopy.


Folder 95:

Pages from small notebook containing minutes of meetings of the North Fort Thomas Welfare Association. Pages were ripped from notebook and much writing near the edge has been lost. Dates appear to be in either 1913 or 1915. Also included is envelope in which pages were found. Envelope has preprinted return address of E.K. Taliaferro, Nurseryman.

Folder 96:

August 16, 1926 - Stock certificate for The Fort Thomas Community House. 10 Shares.

Folder 97:

Annual Report 1970 - The City of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. 12 pages including cover.

Folder 98:

Photograph of Watertower Monument, Fort Thomas, Kentucky attached to paper. Torn from card or brochure.

Folder 99:

Fort Thomas Centennial - Special Events List. 3 fold brochure. List of events for June 25 to July 1, no year given but believed to be 1967.