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Box 5

Realia and ephemera and book/ledger

  • Charge Plate and Case - small metal case marked "Charge Plate" and metal plate issued by Charga-Plate Associates of Cincinnati. Plate is in the name of Miss E. (Ernestine) Taliaferro.
  • Pen nib - on short (less than 2 inches) plastic or bakelite handle.
  • Postcards, Explanation sheet and printed Envelope. 6 Black and White postcards of paintings by Thomas Gainsborough in Cincinnati (i.e. in Cincinnati collections). All published and apparently sold together by Cincinnati Art Museum. Date: N/A.
  • Leather bound ledger - approximately 7 in x 9 in. 300 pages. Title: Advances by James Taylor to His Children to be Accounted for with Each other at his Death. The book is divided into sections for each of James Taylor's children indicating what was loaned to them while he was alive. His children for which there are sections are: Mary K and Thomas T. Jones, Lucy and James Abert, John B. Taylor, Dr. R. W. and Martha Saunders, and James Taylor, Jr. First entry is in 1849, last entries are in 1882.

Box 6

Women's Magazines

  • Ladies Home Journal - 1899 - February, April-June, August, September, November, December
  • Ladies Home Journal - 1900 - January, February, April, May, October, November
  • Ladies Home Journal - 1901 - January-December

Box 7

Women's Magazines

  • Ladies Home Journal - 1902 - February, May, October
  • Ladies Home Journal - 1903 - January-March, Easter, May, August-October
  • Ladies Home Journal - 1904 - January
  • Woman's Home Companion - 1899 - March, May
  • People's Home Journal - 1915 - October