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President Cady Short-Thompson in front of NKU sign.

It's Time!

As we celebrate the formal installation of our first permanent woman President, Dr. Cady Short-Thompson, it’s time for women across our region to rise as leaders in support of her vision for the university’s future. Join us as we launch Women for NKU
Empowering Women’s Philanthropy

Women’s contributions to NKU are growing in significance each year, leading the way to the university’s successful future. At the forefront of this charge, Women for NKU harnesses the power of women and their networks to focus on meaningful involvement and bold investment in the NKU Experience. NKU women open doors for future generations of Norse!

Three women posing at Alumni Awards

Who We Are

We are a diverse network of alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends of NKU who, in support of President Short-Thompson, engage and inform women with and about the people, programs, and successes of the university. Our primary goals are to support the President’s priorities, and to help drive the university’s successful future by enhancing the collective involvement and financial impact of women giving to NKU.

We seek new ways to engage women of varied interests and accomplishments in the life of the university. Women for NKU encourages women to connect with one another, university leaders and NKU’s exceptional professors and students as they invest their time, talents and resources.

For More Information

Shelly Deavy

Assistant Vice President of Development

(202) 286-3011