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Women for NKU is a first-of-its-kind effort to harness the collective power of women’s philanthropy at NKU. Women are encouraged to invest in Women for NKU above and beyond their existing support for the university to raise at least $200,000 per year in support of President Short-Thompson’s priorities.
Graduating adult student walking during commencement

Gift the Norse Experience

Reflecting our President’s passion for access and opportunity, the Cady Short- Thompson Presidential Scholarship will provide significant support for students who demonstrate high potential for success in college, but who lack the resources not only to attend but to obtain the full on campus collegiate experience.
Group of adult students sitting in a classroom

Support Excellence

Dedicated, creative and caring faculty have always been at the heart of NKU. Recruiting, retaining and nurturing this talent with funds for research, professional development, and innovation is a core component of our mission to deliver an excellent education to our students.
Two students giving a science lesson to P-12 children

Pave the Pathways

Education at all levels has recently experienced unprecedented upheaval. NKU can support the needs of our P- 12 partners to rebuild and innovate to ensure a teaching workforce that is dynamic, flexible, digitally savvy and responsive to a diversity of learning styles, while also demonstrating pathways to higher education and the value of the NKU experience for tomorrow’s Norse.
Group of female student soccer players posing

Elevating Competition

Norse women student-athletes are leaders in competition and in the classroom, powering NKU’s reputation for academic and sport excellence. Norse women student-athlete alumnae are also leaders in the community and in business, fueling the vibrancy and economic success of our region.