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Women for NKU promotes investment in the future of Northern Kentucky University, inspires and uplifts women as philanthropists, and creates meaningful opportunities for women to connect with one another and with the people and programs that drive the university’s success.



Women will lead NKU’s future transformation as powerful, informed and engaged advocates, increase their collective philanthropic impact as they invest in the success of the university, and inspire others to follow their example.  

Female student excitedly holding up diploma


  • Leadership: We are NKU donors who inspire other women to invest in NKU.
  • Engagement: We build meaningful relationships to create a broader network of support.
  • Education: We educate prospective and current donors about university programs, opportunities, outcomes and results. We inform them about ways to invest and the impact of their investments.
  • Diversity: We are representative of the NKU community. We reflect a variety of backgrounds, lived experiences and perspectives. We continually widen our circle of donors and promote a spectrum of meaningful opportunities that make an impact on NKU students.