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Tuition and Fees are due August 20, 2018 for students who register prior to that date.
Students who register after August 20, 2018, tuition is due at the time of registration.

Priority Registration Schedule Begins Thursday, March 22nd, 2018. Click here for the schedule


August 20 - December 7

Priority Registration begins for current students

March 22 (Thurs)

Open Registration begins

April 9 (Mon)

Classes begin

August 20 (Mon)

Last day to drop with a 100% tuition adjustment
Last day to add a course
Last day to change grading option (letter grade, audit, pass-fail)

August 27 (Mon)

Labor Day - University Closed/No Classes

September 3 (Mon)

Last day to drop a course without a grade appearing on a student's transcript
Last day to drop a course with a 50% tuition adjustment

September 10 ( Mon)

Faculty begin submitting full session mid-term grades

Undergraduate students and academic advisors may access full session mid-term grades

October 1 (Mon)


October 13 (Sat)

Fall Break - University Open/No Classes

October 15 – 16 (Mon-Tues)

9:00 a.m.: Faculty deadline for submitting full session mid-term grades

October 17 (Wed)

Deadline for filing application for degree candidacy for Spring graduation with the Office of the Registrar. Late fees applied after this date.

October 22 (Mon)

Last day to drop a course with a grade of W

October 29 (Mon)

University Open/No Classes

November 21 (Wed)

Thanksgiving Holiday - University Closed/No Classes

November 22 – 23 (Thurs-Fri)

Last day of classes

December 7 (Fri)

Final Examinations

December 8 – 14 (Sat - Fri)


December 15 (Sat)

9:00 A.M.: Faculty deadline for grade submission

December 18 (Tues)