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Student Engagement

  • Campus Recreation

    Find more information about NKU Campus Recreation, including programs, facilities, membership, and information about our staff.

  • Student Union Operations

    The Student Union serves as the campus community center for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of Northern Kentucky University. The Student Union facilitates the mission of the college experience by providing opportunities for members of the university community to participate in a variety of programs and services that enhances learning and fosters an appreciation for college life and diversity.

  • Upward Bound

    Upward Bound, a TRIO Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education, was established in 1989 at Northern Kentucky University. It's a challenging, preparatory program for students who demonstrate the ability or desire to attend college.

  • University Housing

    Find more information about University Housing, including how to apply for Housing, how to submit a maintenance request, information about living on campus, information about residential dining plans, and other services and resources.

Student Wellbeing & Support

  • Empower Learn Create

    The Early Learning Campus at NKU serves a diverse population of children and families of Northern Kentucky University and the community by providing a high quality, inclusive, educational program sustained through a professional, nurturing staff.

  • Health Services

    Student Health Clinic

    Health Services provides services that help NKU students, faculty, and staff achieve and maintain optimal levels of physical functioning.

  • Counseling Services

    Counseling Services provides services that help NKU students, faculty, and staff achieve and maintain optimal levels of emotional functioning.

  • Norse Violence Prevention

    Norse Violence Prevention promotes the vision of a violence free campus by engaging the NKU community in innovative prevention strategies and support-centered advocacy. We seek to mobilize every member of the NKU community to be a proactive part of the solution in reducing violence on campus through our values of empowerment, social justice, activism, community engagement, authenticity, and advocacy.

  • Student Accessibility Services

    Student Accessibility Services ensures that qualified students are provided equal access to academic and co-curricular programs through reasonable accommodations, appropriate to their disability, and student-centered assistance. We seek to empower students with disabilities through self-advocacy and developing independence to the fullest extent possible. Student Accessibility Services strives to increase disability and access awareness amongst all members of the campus community and is committed to the full participation of individuals with disabilities as defined under Federal law.


Student Inclusiveness

  • African American Student Initiatives

    African American Student Initiatives serves as a space where students, faculty, and staff can support each other while navigating their educational, social, and career journey.

  • Latino Student Initiatives

    Latino Student Initiatives takes great pride in providing the best academic, social, and cultural activities. We sponsor and support programs that provide students service learning opportunities in the local community and other countries. // Initiativas de Estudiantes Latinos se enorgullece de ofrecer las mejores actividades académicas, sociales y culturales. Patrocinamos y apoyamos programas que brindan a los estudiantes oportunidades de aprendizaje en servicio en la comunidad local y otros países.

  • LGBTQ Programs & Services

    LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives

    LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives is committed to offering programs and services to increase visibility, awareness, and advocacy for LGBTQA+ students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Northern Kentucky University.

Student Affairs

  • Health Services

    Dean of Students

    The Dean of Students office at NKU respects and focuses on the interconnectedness of the NKU student experience. By aligning with NKU's goals for coordinated care, University Housing, Community Standards and Care, and the Student Conduct offices seek to enact our values of accountability, caring, equity, fairness, and well-being in alignment with the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management's vision and mission.

  • University Police

    University Police serves, educates, and protects the public through community collaboration, problem recognition, problem resolution, and police action. We value adaptability, courage, diversity, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism.