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University Police

To protect, serve, and educate.

Our mission is to serve, educate, and protect the public through community collaboration, problem recognition, problem resolution, and police action.

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New Text to University Police Ability

Text to University Police is a free program for sending a text message, as well as photos and/or videos, instead of placing a phone call. Text to University Police is useful for any situation in which it is dangerous or impossible to speak. It also allows for improved technology for our deaf population on campus.

New features include:

  • Geolocation – the app will prompt a user to share their geolocation if the feature is not enabled on the user’s phone.
  • Text Chat with the police is now available with the ability to attach a picture or video.
  • Message application is included with this tile to allow the police to view the all-card photo and name of the person contacting them.
R.A.D. Class

Self Defense Training


University Police

NKU Police

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, educate, and protect the public through community collaboration, problem recognition, and police action.

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We recognize that policing an institution of higher learning often calls upon officers to be many things to many people. We accept our role willingly and strive to serve the community to the best of our ability, regardless of circumstances.

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We are courageous not just physically in the face of hardship, pain, or other threats; but also morally in our ability to act rightly where unpopular or when others cannot or will not act.

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We acknowledge and embrace the diversity in the community we serve and strive to ensure diversity is reflected in all levels of our organization.

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Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.  It is the consistency between values and actions, and holding ourselves to a higher standard.

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Loyalty is a commitment to this department, to NKU, and to the community at large. We do not stand idly by as anyone attempts to harm any of the above nor do we act in opposition to our mission or goals.

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We recognize that we represent ourselves, our department, our university, and our profession. We carry ourselves in a manner positively representing all of these.




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