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Q.P.L.U.S. Scholars


Q.P.L.U.S. (Queer, Perseverance, Leadership, Unity, Service) is designed for mentoring queer students, developing your voice, leadership, & communication skills, and fostering intercultural understanding, community building opportunities, and an inclusive environment.

The LGBTQA+ SI office has adjusted the format of the program to include different roles designated by each letter in QPLUS.  The adjustment is our attempt to cater to our students' specific needs and time demands as you attend our gatherings, programs, and events.  You are not restricted to one, but if you are only interested in one area, please let me know at the first meeting. 


Scholars will have a mentor from our partnership with SAFE.  Several of you
benefited from the mentoring with our staff and faculty. This will
continue if you choose to be assigned a mentor, keep yours from last year,
or opt out of this portion. 


Scholars will serve a lead QPLUS students to serve as liaisons
to our clubs and coordinate other QPLUS Scholars and assisting in the
office.  If you want to be visible and enhance your leadership
skills, please consider this option.  


Scholars will serve as our point of contact for new
students.  You will serve as mentors to any student that needs to
meet others, join clubs, navigating our queer community, etc.  We
will actively recruit these students early in the term through an email
and text campaign.  If you would like to serve as a mentor, this is for

Scholars will be our primary scholars that help host LGBTQA+ SI programs, tabling,
and events.  You would serve as the FACE of our office with publicity
and engagement. 

If you are interested in applying to be a QPLUS scholar, please reach out to Dr. LaVette Burnette at or stop by the Center for Student Inclusiveness (Student Union 309).

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