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Hours of Operation

The Supply Swap is open during the same hours as Surplus and based on the Student Assistant's schedule. Please call ahead to make sure it's open, 572-5119.

What is the office supply swap?

The Office Supply Swap is an opportunity for NKU Faculty and Staff to swap new and gently used office supplies instead of buying new. This initiative not only helps to save valuable university resources but also creates a circular system for supplies and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.

how does it work?

1. Bring your new and gently used office supplies to the Swap Shop, now located in Surplus in the Landrum Annex (near Mail and Distribution Services). There is a designated shelving area inside the main area. The student worker can assist you. If you have large items or a high volume of items, you can submit a Service Request to have them picked up for you.

2. When dropping off and/or picking up items, list your items and estimate poundage on the check in/out sheet. This is for sustainability data tracking purposes only.

3. "Shop" for as many supplies as you need! We encourage you to always stop by the swap shop for items before buying new!

Please remember that all supplies must remain at NKU and be used for NKU work purposes only!

what should i bring?

Participation in this event is free and you are not required to bring items in order to take items from the shop. However, in order to maintain inventory, we ask that you try to bring unused office items to donate when available.

Common supplies swapped at the event:

  • Ink and toner
  • Binders and folders (new or used)
  • Pens, pencils, markers
  • Desk organization and storage items


The supply swap has changed from its previous arrangement so that it is now available to access at all times when the Surplus area is open. Please call ahead before visiting: 572-5119. If you have questions about the new set up or where to access the swap shop, please email Tiffany Budd, Sustainability Operations Coordinator.