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There are a plethora of ways for faculty and staff to work with sustainability initiatives on and off of campus. Browse through the following departments and organizations to find ways to get involved!

Sustainability Tips for Working at Home

  1. Change out lightbulbs to LEDs and reduce your energy usage up to 40%. Check the Duke Energy website to see if your residence qualifies for a free pack of LED bulbs.
  2. Turn off your work computer and monitors during the weekend. Even in sleep mode they are using energy. (The same goes for all appliances that can easily be unplugged, e.g., coffeemakers.)
  3. Do not flush any items other than toilet paper, including "flushable" wipes as these do not biodegrade fully and clog up the sewer systems.
  4. Turn off lights in rooms that you are not actively using.
  5. Depending on the day, open your windows instead of running the heat or air conditioning.
  6. Make smart use of blinds and curtains. Block out the sun to keep your house cooler or open the blinds to let the sunlight warm up your space.
  7. Take note of how much you’re NOT printing these days and try to continue that as much as possible when you return to the workplace.