New Academic Program Approval Process

CPE - New Program Submission Requirements - Effective July 2017.

According the the CPE revised Academic Program Approval Policy, page 7 states, the institution will post to the online Notification of Intent (NOI) system. The notification will then be shared with the chief academic officers at the other public institutions.

If no issues are identified with the NOI, the institution will then post a pre-proposal to KPPPS within six months. Institutions and Council staff will have 30 days to respond to the pre-proposal.

If no issues are identified with the pre-proposal, the Council staff will notify the institution that it may continue the process for developing the program. The institution should submit a full proposal, which has been approved by the institutional governing board, to the Council within six months of approval of the pre-proposal.

The following resource materials are provided:

  • NKU new program and new certificate step-by-step process - Flow Chart - must be entered into Curriculog for internal processes
  • CPE Templates: NOI,  pre-proposal and full proposal.
  • CPE policy regarding new academic program approval