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Curriculum Process  

NKU curriculum is controlled by the faculty. To support this, there are several faculty-based committees that are involved in curriculum creation and changes.

The system we use to facilitate the curriculum process is Curriculog.  Curriculog automates the process of curriculum approval, helping colleges and universities to approve course and program changes and improve communication about the curriculum across campus.

We have provided a link to the Curriculum Manual in a .pdf format, along with other resources.  You may access the manual and those resources by clicking the appropriate menu option on the left of this page.


Committees included in the Curriculum Approval Process are:

Faculty Senate: a committee comprises one member per academic department plus at-large members from each college. The Senate has oversight of the University Curriculum Committee and the General Education Committee. The Senate is also involved in approving new programs, substantive program changes, and changes to the general education program.

University Curriculum Committee (UCC): a Faculty Senate subcommittee whose membership is primarily composed of one faculty representative from each academic unit plus a member from each program in the School of the Arts. See the Curriculum Committee Bylaws for more detail.

Graduate Council: a committee charged with handling all graduate program affairs including curriculum. Curricular changes approved by Graduate Council also require approval by the University Curriculum Committee.

General Education Committee: a Faculty Senate subcommittee whose structure and membership is controlled by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The General Education Committee is tasked with overseeing the General Education program including assessment, policies and curriculum. Any changes to the curriculum must be approved by the General Education Committee and the University Curriculum Committee.

Teacher Education Committee (TEC): a committee housed in the College of Education and Human Services which oversees curricular changes that, by state requirements, must be specifically approved by a committee of this college. Any changes to curriculum overseen by this committee must also be approved by the
University Curriculum Committee.

College curriculum committees: every college has its own curriculum committee comprised of faculty from each academic department (and in the College of Arts and Sciences, representatives from each department in the School of the Arts) and a member of Steely Library. This committee is responsible for approving all curricular changes from programs housed within the college. Any such changes must also be approved by the University Curriculum Committee.

Departmental curriculum committees: departments have the option to have their own curriculum committees as desired. These committees might oversee the curriculum for the entire department, or there might be or there might be a committee for each of the department’s academic programs.