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Kentucky Hall

Building Number: 0370
Building Code: KY
Assignable Square Feet: 19,742
Gross Square Feet: 27,565
Construction Year: 1982
Original Cost: $2,046,600
Replacement Cost: $8,062,500
Ground Breaking Date: September 23, 1980
Occupancy Date:
January 1, 1982

Kentucky Hall is part of the Leon E. Boothe Residential Village, conveniently located on the northwest side of the academic core, within easy walking distance of classroom buildings. This residence hall, along with Commonwealth Hall, was funded by the College Housing Loan Program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Completed in 1982, the buildings are constructed of heavy frame construction on concrete foundations and are equipped with sprinkler systems. The architectural plan consist of two complexes, Kentucky and Commonwealth, each containing a central lobby or commons area with three wings of three stories each radiating from the center. Each wing is designed in a traditional style, with students residing in 11 double occupancy rooms per floor, sharing common shower/toilet facilities. Each wing accommodates 66 students. Within Kentucky Hall are the Bluegrass and Laurel communities, housing 132 students, and a separate building, Cumberland, housing an additional 66 students.

The Leon E. Boothe Residential Village was dedicated in honor of Dr. Leon E. Boothe who served from 1983 to 1996 as the university's third president.

Project Team:

Architect: Fisk, Rinehart, Keltch, & Meyer, Inc. 

Mechanical Engineer: Central Associated Engineers, Inc. 

General Contractor:  Monarch Construction