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Summer 2020: Email all faculty about the assessment
cycle and share SLOs with faculty currently on the schedule to teach in the Gen Ed categories that will be assessed that year. A reminder is included that the Gen Ed SLOs should be in every Gen Ed syllabus.

Fall 2020: Gen Ed program assessment cycle requests artifacts from courses in the Written and Oral Communication categories as well as the Culture and Creativity category.  A repeat email was sent out in the first week of September to catch any late instructor assignments.

Sept 16, 2020: Instructors were emailed the randomly selected names of the students and their identification code who are to be assessed.  If instructors need more information or new names (because a student is no longer in the class), please email Connie Kiskaden (

December 16, 2020: Artifacts and a copy of the assignment should be uploaded to the General Education Canvas site, located under Assignments. For a copy of the direction sheet click on Directions.

Spring 2021: Recommendation: develop a plan to provide assessment data at the course level to complement the data the Gen Ed Committee will provide for the Gen Ed category as a whole.

Summer 2021: All NKU Instructors will be invited to participate in scoring the Gen Ed artifacts. By the end of the summer, the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs will share the Gen Ed findings for the Communication and Culture and Creativity.

Fall 2021: Each Gen Ed course in the Communication and Culture and Creativity course will need to submit a “Close the Loop” form documenting how instructors of each Gen Ed course will use assessment data (both from summer scoring as their own course level data to improve student learning. 

Due: November 1, 2021.